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Kristy Watson

We've endorsed our Your Move sign!

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Our brand new Your Move endorsement sign has been presented to our school and with the agreement from our Principal the sign has been mounted on a wall at the entry of our school for everyone to see. We are so proud to be a Your Move school and are excited to begin term 2 with our new sign on show! Thanks again Your Move for inspiring us to find healthier, happier ways to school!

Your Move Gold Star.jpg

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Kristy Watson

Bernie's Get New Racks!!

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At St Bernie's last year we were very, very excited to receive a Gold medallion from the Your Move team. Achieving a gold medallion meant that our school had the choice of several amazing bike, path or scooter infrastructure initiatives to choose from. We chose to install a brand new lockable scooter rack and new bike rack to add into our existing bike rack area. Our students are now able to lock up their scooters in their own designated area which they were never able to do before and we can also cater for an extra 10 bikes to be locked up with the addition of the new bike rack. We were so excited about our new racks that we placed pictures and a little story up on facebook to our school community and we received an amazing response from many grateful parents. Thanks again Your Move, these new racks have had such a positive impact and we are now encouraging more students to ride scooters and bikes to and from school.

St Bern CS.jpg

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Kristy Watson

St Bernie's get riding for Freaky Ride2 School Day

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To kick start our healthy habits, our school students went freaky for National Ride2School day last Friday 13th March.

Our sensational year 6, Your Move team organised this event with the help of our staff and leadership team. Our team collaborated and first worked out their event plan in lead up to the event. First, we registered our school with the National ride2School program and received free school posters and stickers to help with our advertising. Newsletter and Facebook pages were also filled with ads prior to the big day. Our team wrote speeches for the assembly and decided on 3 prizes to be given from our Your Move prize box to students who rode, walked or scootered to school that day. Upon arriving at school on their freaky bikes or scooters, the Your Move team handed out raffle tickets and then presented the award winners with their prizes at assembly.

The students conducted a hands up survey at assembly and we more than quadrupled our numbers for riding, walking or scootering into school. What a massive achievement. The Your Move team cheered and congratulated everyone on successfully filling our bike racks to their biggest levels ever!!

Events like these take a huge amount of pressure off our carpark, reduce congestion and create a wonderful positive vibe for our school community. Many thanks to the organisers, all of our participants and our incredible Year 6 Your Move students for their pride and power in setting up this event.

National Ride2School Day.JPG

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Kristy Watson


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Hello, we are the St Bernadette’s YOUR MOVE committee and we have a new and exciting announcement.

We have started FUME FREE FRIDAY’s. Our FFF commenced in week 2 and will run for the rest of the term, with the potential to also run every Friday in 2020.

What are our Fume free Fridays?

Fume free Fridays are about trying to reduce car fumes and carpark congestion around our school and also encourage students who ride, walk or scooter to school on Fridays.

We give away raffle tickets to anyone who walks, rides or scooters to school starting on Friday’s. Students look out for us at the main school gates, in our bright yellow hats on Friday mornings to receive their ticket.

Once students receive their ticket, they write their name on it and place it in the brightly coloured FUME FREE box in our undercover area.

We later draw out 3 raffle tickets from our YOUR MOVE prize box on Monday morning assemblies. Students are then able to pick a prize.

We have had great success and a huge boost in numbers of students walking and riding to school. The community spirit and seeing families together hand in hand is one of the biggest rewards to see, as well as the reduced cars in the carpark. Our hands up survey will follow in the weeks to follow and we have posted our pictures in the school newsletter and facebook pages as well as asked for parent feedback on ways to improve our Your Move events. The team are very excited and more eager for Friday’s than ever before!!

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Kristy Watson

Feeling Inspired

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Wow what an amazing day we've had at the Gary Holland Centre today!!! Our team had an inspiring day at the Rockingham Your Move forum led by the Rockingham Council, Dept of Transport and the Your Move team. We were on the edge of our seats while listening to the motivating guest speaker Dr Jane Gevese. Dr Jane provided us with many confidence boosting hacks, tips on getting your point across, learning how to strike a power pose and turn your mindset from 'unlucky' to 'lucky' with an abundance of positive strategies.

Our team of Your Move faction captains in year 6 were one of 3 schools to present to over 60 participating students, teachers, parents and local government officials. They were confident and full of joy whilst on stage explaining how we have started the Your Move program at our school.

We learnt many new ideas from schools such as Warnbro Primary school and Baldivis Secondary College and we hope to run similar events as theirs, such as Wheelie Wednesdays and or Footprint Fridays. Watch this space for what's install next at St Bernadette's.

A huge, thank you to Your Move and Penny McCall for organising a fantastic collaborative event. We feel connected and ready to tackle term 4 with new ideas on how to reduce traffic congestion and get our kids moving more and more. We hope our tips and examples have helped encourage other non-participating schools in our area to join the fabulous Your Move program.

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Kristy Watson

Gearing up to Connect

The St Bernie's Your Move team have been working hard on preparing lots of tips and Your Move tricks this past two weeks. We are one of 3 local schools to be asked to present at the inaugural Rockingham Your Move showcase which is happening tomorrow, at the Gary Holland Centre.

Our team have put a lot of time into their 'How to get started' with Your Move presentation. Tomorrow they will present to many surrounding schools in the local area, provide them with a checklist and lots of tips on how to get Your Move into their schools.

Here's the team, in action, at their final presentation practise. Looking forward to connecting with our community and collaborating as much as we can tomorrow.

ST bernies.png

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Kristy Watson

Walk-A-Thon at St Bernie's – Winners are Grinners

Last Friday, the St Bernie’s Your Movers went whacky with excitement for a whole school walk-a-thon. This event was a beautiful fundraiser for much needed families at our school. During the event our leaders led with confidence and took on the roles of setting up equipment, making announcements prior to the event, stamping the student lap cards, handing out high five’s, water and sunscreen on the day. They also provided entertainment acting as crazy clowns and singing to the pumping music on the oval during the event.

Today, the Your Mover’s team confidently wrote a shared event recount speech and were extremely excited to deliver this at our Friday assembly. The 4 team members shared speaking to the whole school and were sooo excited to announce 4 very lucky winners to select prizes from the Your Move rewards shop gifts.

The winning students chose from stickers, pens, torch and a bag and were given a huge round of applause by the parents, students and staff at assembly! The enthusiasm was uplifting and winners were certainly grinners today! So proud of the team for pulling together another wonderful event.

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Kristy Watson

YM Champions Gearing up for our Walk-a-thon

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This coming Friday we have a whole school walk-a-thon coming up to raise much needed funds for some families in need at our school. Each class will walk as many laps of our oval in 45mins and receive stickers and stamps for each lap walked. Our 'Your Move Champions' have been gearing up the school and getting them excited about the event spoken at our last two assemblies and today, have also brainstormed some ideas on how to use our YOUR MOVE goodies as rewards for some students at the event. See the team in action at our June meeting below!! During our meeting, the students and I discussed the prizes on offer (loving the slap bands by the way!) and a competition idea for the walk-a-thon. Some ideas were to reward students for participation, most laps walked, and offering a whole-class award for the first class to return their completed stamp cards and fundraising amounts. We can't wait for our exciting event this Friday and to keep you all posted on how our Your Move Champions go at assisting in running the event. Go team!!!

St Bernadettes Walkathon planning.png

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Kristy Watson

Maps on the Move!!

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Hello Your Mooovers,

This week our fab Your Move team met and brainstormed some ideas on what to do with the newly printed 'Your Move Rockingham/R South maps' we kindly received.To start, we spoke to our wonderful office staff and we discovered that we have a problem at mission control!!! Many new families who start their journey at our school are asking about safe bike path entries, the best routes to travel to and from the school and ways to access the public transport options that service our school.

YES, "YOUR MOVE can SOLVE the problem" we said excitedly!...So, armed with action...the team have hand delivered the useful maps to our friendly office staff members, as well as place them in the office display cabinet for parents and families to view too. See our attached photos!

A second idea was to tell teachers to promote and use the maps as valuable resources in their Geography, Maths and Health lessons. As such, every personal classroom teacher was gifted with their very own copy of the maps today as well as an 'all of staff' email explaining how the maps show everything from walking trails, bike trails, skate parks, public art, sports and bike path information in the Rockingham and South Rockingham area. Aaaamazing!

Once again, we feel this is a fantastic and useable resource provided by the Your Move team and Rockingham council. We can't thank you enough for helping our school promote safe transport options and active ideas to into our community.

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Kristy Watson

Walking Mania at St Bernadette's

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Wow, what a wonderful Walking Safely to School Day we've had today. That's how you do it St Bernadette's.

For our small but wonderful school community we counted 233 student walkers today during a stand up survey at our assembly. Aaaaamazing!! We exceeded all of our expectations. We can attribute some of the success to the advertising our event, including school pin-up posters, a newsletter item, faction captains delivering personal motivational messages to individual classrooms in the lead up week, as well as uploading our event on the school facebook page and sending out a whole school sms to parents the night before.

Today, there was most certainly a community buzz in the air with our Faction captains leading the way at the crosswalk and main gates handing out stickers and free apples to everyone who participated. Many thanks to the Rockingham council for the money to purchase our healthy breakfast apples and a big shout out to David from the Your Move office who added extra excitement at our Friday assembly that followed. Dave enthusiastically introduced the Your Move program to our staff, parents and students which was greatly appreciated.

We are already looking forward to our next activity and reducing fumes, staying healthy and building more community spirit at our beautiful school.

St Bernadettes WS2SD.png

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Kristy Watson

Our 'Your Move Champions' gearing up for our Walk Safely to school day

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Today our faction captains were in high spirits during their lunchtime Your Move meeting. We discussed the planned events for our Walk Safely to school this Friday, individual roles on the day, and agreeing on hot spots for handing out our FREE apples and stickers to students who walk to school on Friday. Our champions also decided that the start of this week would be a good time to get started on our first hands Up survey, so they are very eager to finish before this before Wednesday. Healthy minds and active hearts are pounding at St Bernadette's. Go Team!!!

St Bene 3.png

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Kristy Watson

St Bernie's are excited to join 'Your Move'

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Hello my name is Kristy Watson and I am our St Bernadette's Primary School Your Move champion. I am very excited to join the 'Your Move' program and can't wait to begin promoting positive, safe and healthy messages and events (with the help of our teachers and sports leaders) to the entire school this term. Our first 'Your Move' event includes preparing and pinning up posters around the school, such as this one seen in this story, advertising on our school facebook page and letting the wider community know in our newsletter all about our Walk Safely to school initiative on Friday 17th May. If our students walk to school on 17 May they will receive a free delicious red or green apple as a yummy breakfast treat as they arrive at school. We hope to give out as many apples as possible and speak with our crosswalk attendant in providing stamps to students who use the crosswalk and not the middle of the road opposite our school. Students using the crosswalk will be given an additional reward (stickers) as we need to try new preventative techniques in this area. I am looking forward to regularly reading all of your stories and especially excited about the lead up to our first event. Stay tuned - as I will be updating you all on how our Walk to School day goes, hopefully the rain holds off or it will turn into a raincoat and gumboots walk to school day :)


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