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Rachael Mackey

Basso launches bike repair station!

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Some of you may have seen that we had a piece in the Eastern Reporter over the weekend highlighting the installation of our new bike repair station at the top of Whitfield St in Bassendean.

Shout out to @[] for his excellent recommendation of supplier. The station looks excellent and really stands out to passersby!

Pictured below are Cr Renee McLennan and CEO Peta Mabbs tinkering with one of the Town's brand new e-bikes.


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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

Main Streets Masterclass

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As you may have heard (or attended) we had a Your Move workshop out at the Town of Bassendean earlier this month that focused on practical ways you could revitalise main streets and make them thrive.

It consisted of two parts; presentations by our guest speakers, Ben Kent from element and Dr Rodney Tolley, and a practical walk shop around the Town to identify assets that we could leverage in creating a more liveable, vibrant and walkable place.

Mayor Renee McLennan opened the workshop with a recognition of the rich history of the Town followed by Dr Rodney Tolley who gave a distilled overview of all that he has learnt on why and how we can make streets more walkable with case studies from around the world.

It was nice to have it tied back to a local context with the inclusion of Ben Kent and his 10 ingredients to making main streets thrive, with quick wins and good considerations including thinking about organic human behaviour within spaces and how streets could be used at night, not just during daylight hours.

It was a really engaging day and well executed via the partnership between Your Move and the Town of Bassendean.

mayor.jpg (1)

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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

VIP End of Trip tour

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Town of Bassendean staff were invited to attend a very special unveiling of their VIP end of trip facilities (key access only for confirmed cyclists to the community hall bathrooms) and the new bike parking (a converted gated storage area next to the hall that was unused).

We chatted about the barriers that were presented for staff and gathered any feedback about the EOTF in terms of how we could further add to it, apart from the bench, mat and (planned) lockers.

Below is a photo of the first bike that appeared in the cage the very next day!


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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

CWA rode into ToB during Bike Week!

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Last week we had the pleasure of having the Executive Committee of Cycling Without Age (CWA) come and do a demonstration with our Mayor, CEO and elected Town officers.

CWA is proposing a new model with LGA's that means they'll be embedded within the local government and able to leverage a variety of existing programs to reach the less-able and isolated in communities.

They were able to share some uplifting anecdotal stories and gave a passing by resident a test ride as well as the CEO and Mayor, pictured below.


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Nour Pavy
Town of Bassendean

First Your Move Workplace Forum for 2019!

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i love bikes.jpg
On 27 February I with fellow Your Move Champion @Rachael Mackey attended the first Your Move Workplace Forum for 2019. Christina from People on Bikes, Fiona from DoT cycling team and Leon City of Melville shared fantastic insights into Your Move, Bike Week and getting comfortable cycling.

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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

Ready, steady, go!

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On Wednesday, 30 January our ToB champions held a workshop led by David from the Your Move team to assist us in planning out our workplace actions and creating a travel plan.

We started by looking at the main findings of our travel survey which as per my previous post indicates that most people were driving and hardly anyone was using public transport which is pretty normal behaviour when there’s free and ample parking around the Town.

We then began identifying some opportunities and challenges for staff when reconsidering their travel choices. In this case having a person from HR present was a real asset when attempting to think of existing strategies we could leverage to get the ball rolling on workplace activities.

Although a few barriers emerged that needed immediate attention; lack of access to end of trip facilities and lack of secure bike parking around the Town.

This led us to brainstorm some quick wins that we could put in place as soon as possible. As there’s no point in encouraging people to ride when there’s no place to shower or park their bike during the work day! No one want to be sweaty and get their bike stolen – am I right?!

At the moment we are currently in the process of finalising the action plan and can’t wait to let you know what we come up with.

Train, PSP, Busport - Best.jpg

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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

Results are in..

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Last year we ran the travel survey across November/December to assess how the Town’s staff are currently getting around and the determine the potential for change within the cohort.

We incentivised the travel survey by having a random prize draw offering either a voucher to a local café or The Tasty Pear, an art collective store that’s in the area. This seemed to be quite effective with 48 employees taking part in the survey.

We plan to award the prize at our workplace launch event in the coming weeks.

the daily.png

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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

We wheelie like prizes!

I’m not sure about you guys but we’re at the tail end of finalizing Australia Day 2019 which is one of our biggest events of the year.

Historically speaking it’s attracted upwards of 15,000 people (and a lot of cars!)

Therefore, as part of our event planning we try and offset the expected congestion and confusion caused by road closures by promoting travel choices to our residents.

One way we do this is by letting them know that Bike Valet is onsite, incentivized by the Prize Wheel (pictured below).

If you’re not sure how it works, the concept is pretty simple – once you’ve parked your bike with Bike Valet you get a spin on the wheel and win a prize from the corresponding number.

Prizes we’ve had previously include bike lights, bags, bike locks and more.

Next year we hope to stock the prize wheel full of Your Move merch!

Bike Valet prize wheel.jpg

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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

The move towards mixed mode travel

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I spent yesterday morning with my fellow ToB Your Move Champion, Tim, at the quarterly Your Move workplaces forum with a bunch of likeminded people all asking the same thing – there’s got to be more ways to get to work?!

Luckily we had Shannon Savage, Curtin University, Kate Debenham, Uber State Manager (WA & SA) and JJ O'Brien, Business Development at Liftango to let us know our options in regards to the future of car and ride sharing in the workplace, mobility as a service and how automation might impact the future of transport.

YM forum.jpg

One major revelation from my perspective was Uber Business as a possible solution to parking issues at events or even (as suggested by an attendee) to supplement a community bus service.

At our table we had a brainstorm with Kate around the possible negative side effects of mobility as a service and how we could mitigate them, leading to the idea of increasing public transport patronage through mixed mode travel. We came to the conclusion that education and breaking down perceived barriers was a key piece of the puzzle in changing behaviour and ensuring sustainability.

Thanks for organising this YM team, it was a very interesting way to spend a morning!

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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

ToB is getting on board!

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Here at the Town of Bassendean we pride ourselves on having a strong focus on sustainability, preservation of our natural environment, and embracing our rich cultural history as we are so connected to the natural environment that surrounds us.

In case you didn’t know, the Town was settled in 1839 and is located approximately 10 kilometres north-east of Perth and 5 minutes from the Swan Valley vineyards (convenient if, like me, you love wine).

Off the back of our Bike Plan being finalised earlier this year we decided embedding a program like Your Move within the council would be a great start in increasing the connection and commitment we all have to seeing the area thrive by encouraging staff to reconsider their travel choices.

We are super excited to get up and running and have the following planned for the rest of 2018:
• Running a travel survey - which we aim to kick off at the end of November.
• Attending the final Your Move Forum for the year.
• Investigating E-Bike options for possible implementation in 2019.
• Begin to develop a 2019 Travel Plan for the Town.

Stay tuned!

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