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The Town of Cambridge has partnered with Bike Smart to deliver the highly engaging Let’s Ride bike education program to local primary school students.

The Bike Smart program provides a comprehensive, all-inclusive course that is simple to implement as bicycles and helmets are provided. Where possible, children are also encouraged to bring along their own equipment, which is checked for safety.

Cycling safety, road awareness and key riding skills are all covered together with actual scenarios incorporating real traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. Practical sessions are reinforced with post session emails, online worksheets and family orientated activates so that it is not just the student that is inspired and learning.

The Town of Cambridge has found there have been a number of positive outcomes;

  • Reduction in congestion and pollution at schools

  • Increased focus on health, fitness, confidence and well-being in children

  • Development of road safety and situational awareness

  • Family and community participation in cycling

By the end of 2019, the Town of Cambridge support will have enabled more than 900 children to complete the course.

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The Town of Cambridge is a local government authority which stretches from the city to sea. The Town offers a diverse range of environments for active journeys. There are excellent shared paths for walking and cycling along the coast, good cycling routes from the city to the beach and scenic walking trails through Bold Park, Perry Lakes and Lake Monger. The main bus transport centres on the high frequency route along Cambridge St while rail passengers can access the Town via train stations Leederville and West Leederville.

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