Mapping safe routes to school

Adam Marr

We've completed marking up 50+ lane-ways and road crossings, with the 'stop', 'look', 'walk' stencils.

Our massive thanks goes to:

  • The students and parents that helped with all the painting
  • Sue Waite, Sustainability Officer at the Town of Cambridge for all her support in completing the school and surrounds audit, parent survey and safe routes
  • WLPS School Faculty for helping formalise the safe routes
  • The school and broader West Leederville community for all of their fabulous feedback.
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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Love that the parents and students were involved in the painting process and the stencils are very eye catching and bright - excellent!

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Thankyou, took a while to complete and has been really well received by the community - makes the walk a little more interesting.

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Hi, Great story. You have really captured the spirit of getting the kids, parents and community involved here. The stencils are great for the kids, as they enjoy visual aids when learning. We would love to hear about how this works for your school. Perhaps conducting a survey after a period of time to see how it is going would be a great idea.

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Thanks for the suggestion Danielle. Our brilliant school faculty have just embedded 'sustainability' into the school's business plan and initiated a Climate Clever initiative for 2018 which will be a great avenue to involve and keep the student communication feedback loops active..

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