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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Public transport

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At Westminster ESC we do quite a few community access trips using public transport. This gives the students the opportunity to practice social skills in a public setting as well as learning how to use a smart rider and route planner to access public transport.

These skills will allow our students to travel independently and have easier access to community life in the future.


We are now looking forward to using the TransPerth bus to take us to the Art Gallery.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Modified Bikes

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At Westminster ESC we have been participating in bike education for 3 years. We have used a modified version of the 'Let's Ride' Program with our wonderful cycling coach.

Initially, we were using the facilities at a nearby school which had a large selection of modified bikes. Recently we have decided to purchase our own fleet of modified bikes to allow for more regular and easier access for the students.

We used some funds from the Sporting Schools grant as well as school funds to purchase the bikes and then put on the modifications. An organisation called TADWA, who assist people with disabilities, attached specialised training wheels to the larger bikes. This provides the stability and support some of the older students need and allows bike education to be an inclusive activity.

Now, most of our students are able to participate in a bike education lesson once a week. We are looking at ways to increase our fleet of modified bikes and source grants to provide funding to do so.

Modified bike.jpg

One of our bikes with the extra-large training wheels and support for our older riders.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Walk to School Day

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Westminster ESC joined together with Westminster Primary School and Westminster Junior School to hold a walk safely to school event.

2 local parks were selected as meeting points. We then walked together to school. It was wonderful to see all the social interactions that took place among the parents and students. Often this does not happen when the students come to school by car.

When we arrived at the school there was a healthy breakfast waiting, kindly prepared by staff and volunteers.

There was a huge turnout and the picnic breakfast was enjoyed by all.

We used prizes from the your move points we had collected as part of our raffle.


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Westminster Education Support Centre is located on the the same campus as Westminster Junior and Westminster Primary School. It caters for students from k-6 who have special needs. The current enrolment is 56.


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