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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Ride2School Day - a week early

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White Gum Valley continued their annual tradition of celebrating Ride2School day a week early and rolling it together with anti-bullying day.

It was great to see the bike racks heaving this year. I also spotted at least 4 cargo bikes dropping off younger kids - way to go White Gum!

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Glenn Rondoni

How we get to Fremantle for Excursions.

Fremantle is a wonderful city to visit. There are many places to see and experience.

Recently a group of our students took the public bus from our local bus stop into Fremantle and visited a supermarket to look at the role of each of the Departments that handle farm produce including the: Dairy, Meat, Fruit/Veg and Bakery Departments. This was part of their theme on Farms, for the term.

Other classes have, over the years bused into Fremantle to visit the museums, harbour, and other points of interest. One class linked the bus with a train trip to Perth to visit the cultural precinct.

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After finding the correct place to embark and checking the time it left, our students boarded the bus for the return trip to school.

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Glenn Rondoni

School Newsletter Article-Term Three.

Image [First of two articles for our school newsletter after attending the 'Your Move' workshop with Department of Transport staff and Dr Jane Geovese.]

Our school is part of the Your Move’ program promoted through the Department of Transport. We are one of about 80 schools along with other groups and organisations which promote, varying the forms of transport to work places. At White Gum Valley the school provides a before school breakfast snack and free raffle three times a year to encourage families to explore other ways of coming to school. Our students have access to bike and scooter racks as well as a bike shed.

There are many health benefits to walk [all or part way], cycle or scooter to school, even if this is undertaken once/twice a fortnight. Less cars around the school perimeter during busy periods is also a benefit.

Our 40 Pre Primary students will be using public transport to travel into the City of Fremantle for an excursion before the end of term. This will give students the opportunity to learn about public transport options in the harbour city.

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Dressing up Walk2School Day

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The Perth weather wasn't the only thing putting on a show this Walk2School to School Day - so were our students!


We combined our Walk2School Day with a Free Dress Day. Students were encouraged to bring along a gold coin to donate to Canteen, as part of this term's fundraiser organised by the Year 6s.

Over half our school participated (142 students out of school population of about 260). I think making it fun helps. We also encourage children to ride and scoot as well as walk. This pre-primary student came to school on her balance bike dressed as a mermaid. What a great start to the day!

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Newsworthy Ride2School Day

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We have lift off! Our first Your Move Newsletter article was posted this week. It celebrated our Ride2School day, mentioned that we have a scooter rack in the mail thanks to Your Move and introduced Your Move to School.

Now we are busy planning for next term's Walk to School Day and thinking about how we can get more of our school community involved.

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

White Gum Valley Rides2School (a week early)

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We decided to run our Ride2School Day a week early to coincide with the national Day Against Bullying - because we all know riding to school puts a smile on your dial. :-)


Children who rode or walked to school could help themselves to fruit in the undercover area. They also write their name on our bingo sheet to go in the draw for a small prize. A quick count of the bike racks revealed 40 bikes. It would be great to get even more next time. Maybe we could encourage our school councillors to promote the event?

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy


White Gum Valley School’s Walk to School was a great success. Students walked to school from all different areas and when they arrived at school they enjoyed some fresh fruit and crackers.  A massive 70% of the school’s students participated in the event, from years 1 to 6. It was lovely weather and it was great to see the students enjoying themselves walking to school.

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