Bike Week Selfie Comp

Clare Kenward
City of Gosnells

To celebrate Bike Week 2018 the City of Gosnells Switch Your Thinking and Leisure Services team encouraged staff to send in a selfie of themselves riding their bike to go in the draw to win an wellness pack.

The competition provided a great opportunity to encourage the use of the City of Gosnells bike fleet and E-bikes. The Switch your Thinking team also provided tips to staff on switching from four wheels to two.

Bike Selfie Collage 2018.jpg

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Clare, what a great way to encourage staff to ride to work and to normalise it by sharing their stories. I love it. I gave you 15 activity points for 'Promoting Active Transport' (you can find this on our activity list) but it has made me think that we need to need to add a new activity to our list - 'ride to work competition' or 'active transport competition'? What do you think? And do you know how many staff took part?

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Sounds like a great idea Kylie! We only had a handful of staff take part in this activity but it was still a great way to get some of the staff on board.

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