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Joanna Webster

Newsletter Articles: Term 4

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We have been promoting Your Move heavily in our school throughout Term 4, with student leaders speaking at assembly or on the PA system and visiting classrooms to hand out posters for our events (Motor-Free Mondays & Dress Up Your Bike Day). They even came to school at night time to speak to the school board!

In addition to this, Mr Clarke, Ms Druce and Ms Webster have been talking about Your Move in each newsletter, as well as many Facebook and Connect posts.


It was a big month for Your Move at LGPS and we can’t wait to hit the ground running in 2020!

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Joanna Webster

First Parent Survey!

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In the final week of a Term 4, our Your Move Champion, Miss Webster, sent out a parent survey to gauge parent perceptions of active transportation. We are new to our Your Move journey and we wanted to uncover some of the barriers to walking or riding to school, since our first Hands Up survey showed that around 70% of our students arrive at school via car.

The survey was a digital version of the template found here on this website, and was answered in detail by 76 Lake Gwelup Primary School families!


Out of the 76 families who answered the survey, 67 of them live within 2 kilometres of the school. All families believed that using active travel was a good idea, particularly due to the health benefits.

Some of the main barriers to using active travel was the safety, particularly with regards to crossing the very busy North Beach Road. Other families are very busy themselves and parents need to rush off to work immediately after drop off, or attend sporting activities after school.

Still, the response has been great so far and we look forward to tackling these barriers more in 2020!

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Joanna Webster

Dress Up Your Bike Day 2019!

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The last Monday of Term 4 was our fourth and final “Motor-Free Monday” for the year! The Transport Troopers also decided to make it a festive themed “Dress Up Your Bike Day” and dish out some of our awesome new Your Move prizes to the keen riders!


We had so many participants all the way from Kindy to Year 6! The biggest turn out by far was the Year 2 cohort.. Well done Year 2s!

We had over 50 participants and gave prizes out to the top 2 from each grade (voted by the Transport Troopers). Our favourite bikes featured flashing lights and some creatively placed tinsel!

Well done all... We can’t wait to see what else the Transport Troopers come up with next year to keep this ball rolling!

Below are some pics, but you can also view the post on our Facebook page: Lake Gwelup Primary School


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Joanna Webster

Student Meeting to Choose Prizes

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Today, our Transport Troopers had a meeting at lunch time to choose how to spent our hard-earned reward money from Your Move! This was our first time using the rewards shop and we loved it. We will soon have many prizes to use for our Motor-Free Mondays, Dress Up Your Bike Day and spot prizes for people on other days.


We decided to buy: LOTS of slap bands (amazing value at 2 points each), 500 I Love My Bike stickers (for dress up your bike day!), lots of stainless steel drink bottles and lots of bicycle bells!

We can't wait to receive them and use them to motivate more students to walk, ride or scoot to school! Thank you YOUR MOVE!

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Greg Clarke

Your Move and the School Board


Two Year 5 students attended the School Board meeting last night to update the Board on Your Move at Lake Gwelup Primary School. The students, supported by teacher and LGPS Your Move Leader Ms Joanna Webster, outlined our journey so far. The Board were amazed that so much had happened in just a few months and were excited about the school's journey ahead! Students and parents coming back in the evening to talk about Your Move; now that is commitment!

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Joanna Webster

Students Bring Your Move to the School Board!

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Last night was a landmark event with our Transport Troopers, James and Benji, speaking at the school board!! This is the first time students have EVER presented at a LGPS school board meeting... and it was all about YOUR MOVE!


Ms Webster introduced the initiative and explained what the Your Move Lab in October was all about.

Then, it was up to James and Benji (Year 5 students) to explain their ideas and what they have done at school since returning from the lab.

They have created an action plan, launched an active travel day and already active travel has increased at our school. We have made so much progress in the last month, so we will be ready to start 2020 with a BANG!

Here is the presentation that Ms Webster had on the eBoard while we were talking:

Awesome work, Transport Troopers!

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Joanna Webster

Our first Motor-Free Monday!

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Today, we had our first Motor-Free Monday! It was a beautiful morning for it. Many people commented on the large groups of people riding their bikes together or walking in a big group.

Students coming to school via active travel received raffle tickets upon arriving at school.

We had 270 people using active travel to get to school today, which is over 50% of the school! We are hoping to increase number this Monday.

During the day, our terrific Transport Troopers then went to all classes to collect the raffle tickets and drew a prize winner from each year level!


It was so much fun... We can't wait to do it all again next Monday!

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Joanna Webster

Motor-Free Mondays starts tomorrow!

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We are very excited because our first Motor-Free Monday starts tomorrow!

Lake Gwelup is a ‘Your Move’ school! We are working with the City of Stirling and the Department of Transport to reduce traffic in the local community, which helps the environment and keeps our bodies active. In a recent survey by the Transport Troopers (Year 5 student leaders), we found that 60% of Lake Gwelup students arrive at school by car.

The Transport Troopers have come up with a plan to reduce this, starting this Monday with a new initiative: MOTOR-FREE MONDAYS!

Each Monday, we would like people to try to arrive at school via ‘active travel’, which could include walking, cycling or riding a scooter.

Students who arrive at school via active travel will receive a raffle ticket and go into the draw to win a prize, drawn each Monday. There will be one prize drawn from each year group.

If you live too far away from the school to walk, you may consider a ‘park and walk’, being dropped off near the school and walking.

We have promoted this event via the school space on Connect.


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Joanna Webster

Our First Hands Up Survey!

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Today, our Transport Troopers were very excited to conduct our first Hands Up Survey at LGPS!

We created an Excel spreadsheet to make it easy for the Troopers to input data at each classroom. The students divided themselves into five groups of two and surveyed four classes each. Using Office 365 meant that we could all add the data simultaneously.


We found that 60% of people arrive at school by car!

Now that we have collected our baseline data, we are super excited to launch new initiatives such as Fume Free Fridays!

I have added our spreadsheet in case anybody else wants to use it for data collection.

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Joanna Webster

RAC Incursion!

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Last week, Kindergarten to Year 6 students at Lake Gwelup Primary School learned ALL about road, bike, passenger and pedestrian safety with the RAC Little Legends incursion!

We had eight engaging sessions across two days:
Intro to Road Safety
Road Safety
Traffic and Road Sense

This knowledge will sure come in handy, as more and more of our students use active travel to get to school when our Your Move program is launched to the whole school this month. Thanks RAC!


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Joanna Webster

Your Move Student Conference 2019

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Last week, our ten Transport Troopers and Miss Webster attended a two day student conference, run by Your Move and Millennium Kids. Throughout the two days, we collaborated with 50 children from other City of Stirling schools and spoke to some real life experts, including the Mayor of Stirling, Mark Irwin.

Our mission was to unpack some of the problems surrounding transport in the local area and come up with innovative solutions to get our schools using active travel to get to school.

Check out the video below for a few highlights.

Some of the activities we completed included: Transperth info sessions, Millennium Kids workshops on how to pitch your ideas, calculating our own carbon footprints with Dr Vanessa Rauland (ClimateClever app designer), filming advertisements with the City of Stirling’s ad team, learning about what has worked in other schools and leadership activities.

Thank you so much to Your Move, Millennium Kids and the City of Stirling! We can not wait to complete our first Hands Up survey and start making a change in our community!


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Joanna Webster

Introducing the LGPS Transport Troopers!

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Two weeks ago, Year 5 students at LGPS wrote persuasive letters expressing their interest in becoming a Transport Trooper! They will be our student leaders for the Your Move programme, working hard to get our community using active travel as the preferred transport to school. We have joined the City of Stirling's Living Green initiative this year and have been working hard to make our school more sustainable.

It was a tough selection process, but we managed to narrow it down to 10 passionate Year 5 students, who will continue their roles into Year 6 and form a sub section of our student sustainability leaders, the Gwelup Green Thumbs.

The first item on our agenda was the two-day Your Move student conference. We had our first meeting afterwards to generate an action plan. Next week we are conducting our first Hands Up survey and we will be speaking at the school board meeting next month!

Big things are coming. Watch this space...!

- Transport Troopers & Ms Webster

ym_studentteam.jfif (1)

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