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Brendan Fung

MSPS Baseline Survey

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In Week 7 Malvern Springs PS completed their baseline survey with some interesting results!

Out of 436 students surveyed nearly 60% of them were driven to school and only 15% cycled. Nearly 30% of students walked to school and 2% caught public transport.

From this data it looks like we have a big task of changing both student and parent habits when it comes to their mode of transport to and from school in 2019!!!

Would be great to get some feedback from other schools on their percentages to compare... even though each school is different!

Much appreciated :)

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Brendan Fung

Let the baby steps begin!!! (1)

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Today I attended my first ‘Your Move’ forum and had a blast! Leading up to the forum I didn’t know what to expect as Malvern Springs PS were a newly registered school to the program and wanted to know more about it!

A massive thank you to all the speakers today Jane, Arlene, Amy and Elaine for sharing your previous experiences and ideas. It really simplified and put things into perspective for me 👍

Thank you to David and Carol-Ann for organising and hosting today and I’m sure you will be hearing from me soon 😊

All the best to the other new schools on your journey and was great to meet you all!

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At Malvern Springs we have a high quality physical education program and a specialist teacher who provides a timetabled program. In line with Commonwealth Government policy, all students will receive a minimum 120 minutes of physical activity comprising PE lessons and weekly sport as well as Fundamental Movement Skills as a basis of the Early Learning program. Students are encouraged to wear footwear and sports gear as appropriate. Faction T-shirts may be worn on those days students are timetabled for PE lessons.

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