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North Perth Primary School Wayfinding

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North Perth Primary School will be launching their Access Map and Wayfinding signs in the very near future. The signage on footpaths around the school will help students find the safest routes to walk, ride or scoot to school. These signs will be on the streets very soon. They will point students in the right direction as well as give an estimation of how long the journey will take from each sign. The North Perth P&C will be conducting the launch with some activities for students. More to come soon.

This process has been supported by the City of Vincent and the Department of Transport. Students participated in supplying data to determine the most common routes students are taking to school. This guided the creation of the Access Map and best locations for signage on the footpaths. We have seen a steady increase in the numbers of students walking, riding and scooting to school in the past few years and anticipate the new signs and map will encourage more students to join in. We have also included a number of Park and Walk points around the school to inspire parents to get some extra exercise by walking with their students for part of the journey to school. This would also help alleviate traffic congestion around the school during drop off and pick up times.

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Andrew Streeton

Ride2School Day 2018

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North Perth Primary School participated in the annual National Ride2School Day this morning. We celebrated by putting on a free healthy breakfast for all those that rode, scooted or skated to school. It was, once again perfect weather, and great to see so many children and families getting active and riding to school.

20180323_075913 (2).jpg

They day was sponsored by the P&C Canteen and the City of Vincent. We hope to see more bikes in the bike racks in the future.


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Andrew Streeton

North Perth Primary School Wayfinding Project Update

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In 2017 the school was able to secure a grant from the City of Vincent and Department of Transport. Some of those funds helped subsidise the Bike Education program in Term 4 last 2017. The remaining funds will be used to create and place signage around the North Perth area to direct students to school using the safest routes. Not only will signs be painted on the footpaths but an access map will also be developed to clearly show the safest routes to school.

Routes to school have been developed in consultation with students, parents, the City of Vincent and the Department of Transport. We are currently finalising placements for signs but hope to have the project rolled out before the end of Term 1. The aims of the project are to encourage more students and parents to walk and ride to school each day. The City of Vincent will also identify possible locations for parents to park and walk within a close distance of the school.

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Andrew Streeton

Wayfinding Project

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The school was lucky enough to secure a grant from the City of Vincent. This grant was used to subsidise the Bike Education lessons and will also be used to fund the Way Finding Project. This project involves putting signs around the community to direct students towards the safest routes to school. The school in consultation with students and the P&C hope to have the project finalised before the end of the year.


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Andrew Streeton

RAC Road Safety Workshops

Our Pre-primary, Year 1 and Year 2 students participated in RAC’s Road Safety workshops. The Pre-primary workshop was titled Explore Road Safety where students pretend to be a Little Legends Club character and practise road safety. The Year workshop was titled Pathways to School where students used a large road mat to reinforce the ‘stop, look, listen, think’ concept. The Year 2 workshop was titled Crash Scene Investigation where students become crash scene investigators to understand bike, pedestrian and passenger safety.


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Andrew Streeton

Bike Education at North Perth Primary

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During Weeks 2-4 this term our Year 3-6 students had the opportunity to participate in Bike Education lessons. These lessons were run by qualified instructors through the People on Bicycles company. Students attended three lessons and covered topics and skills such as:

How do we fit a helmet properly? What other clothing do you want to keep an eye on? What is an ABC check? What is an ABC check? What happens if we don’t use the brakes correctly? How do we mount, dismount safely? How do we walk the bicycle? How do we push off best? What is precision and emergency braking? What is scanning and why could this be challenging? Why do we need to be able to ride with one hand?

Room 15.jpg

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North Perth Primary School is an inner city school with a rich and proud history. Over the years there have been many renovations and extensions, reflecting the needs of a growing and changing community. The school now hosts over 460 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

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