Is your organisation relocating staff to a new work site? Travelling to work can be a big concern for your employees. Your Move can help manage the change in how they travel to work and support options such as walking, cycling and public transport.

Relocation is an opportunity

The way we commute between home and work often becomes a habit. An impending relocation means people can be open to considering alternatives to driving to work.

Top tips for making Your Move

  • Choose an accessible location – If your organisation is in the early stages of a relocation plan, consider how staff could commute to work when assessing alternatives. A site where it is convenient and safe to walk and cycle, situated close to frequent public transport and where car parking is limited would be ideal.
  • Provide workplace facilities and introduce practices to support active travel choices – Secure bicycle parking, shower and locker facilities, pool bicycles, limited car parking for staff and flexible working hours will all help.
  • Engage staff – Transport is likely to be on their minds. Keep employees informed about the relocation including transport aspects and give them scope to ask questions, raise concerns and offer ideas.
  • Promote travel options – Ahead of the move and in the following weeks, inform staff and clients about active transport at the new site. This can include a workplace access guide, information on end of trip facilities, promoting the Your Move journey planner and holding a Transperth information session.
  • Help people give it a go – Provide staff with opportunities to try active travel. Run site visits to the new office where employees travel on bus or train. Help staff ‘buddy up’ to try cycling to work.

Plan your approach

Make the most of the workplace relocation by including promoting active transport as part of the change management process. A workplace travel plan offers a good framework for this and there are lots of activity ideas on the Your Move website.

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