Wow, what a wonderful Walking Safely to School Day we've had today. That's how you do it St Bernadette's.

For our small but wonderful school community we counted 233 student walkers today during a stand up survey at our assembly. Aaaaamazing!! We exceeded all of our expectations. We can attribute some of the success to the advertising our event, including school pin-up posters, a newsletter item, faction captains delivering personal motivational messages to individual classrooms in the lead up week, as well as uploading our event on the school facebook page and sending out a whole school sms to parents the night before.

Today, there was most certainly a community buzz in the air with our Faction captains leading the way at the crosswalk and main gates handing out stickers and free apples to everyone who participated. Many thanks to the Rockingham council for the money to purchase our healthy breakfast apples and a big shout out to David from the Your Move office who added extra excitement at our Friday assembly that followed. Dave enthusiastically introduced the Your Move program to our staff, parents and students which was greatly appreciated.

We are already looking forward to our next activity and reducing fumes, staying healthy and building more community spirit at our beautiful school.

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James (Your Move)

I think there must be a few clones of David on the loose at the moment as he seems to be everywhere at the same time! I'm glad he made it to witness what sounds like an amazing event at St Bernadette's. I've linked the story to the WS2SD event which has earned you 40 points, plus I've uploaded your collage as an image so all can easily see it (another 15 points for the 5 images within). Plus you got a bonus 5 for your reflection on success and another 5 for reporting the total participants. Yay!

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James (Your Move)

Oh, I forgot to mention you also got a bonus 10 points for the detailed nature of your story.

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Hi Kirsty. What a fantastic morning you had last Friday. Thanks for the detailed story, sharing great tips with the Your Move community on how to run a super successful event. The big smiles on all is evidence of the fun had! Great work to all involved.

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