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Sue James
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Ride2School Day 2020

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We had a very successful National Ride2School day on Friday 13 March 2020. Members of the Your Move committee greeted students as they arrived with a ticket in a raffle. If they were wearing a helmet then they got a second ticket as positive reinforcement for doing the right thing.

We had 78 students who rode to school on their bike or scooter. There were 15 students who got a second ticket for wearing a helmet and 86 tickets were given out. Some students chose not to participate in the raffle. We are not sure why.

The raffle was made up of prizes that had been donated by Anaconda (a new Vision Street Wear Fat Whip Street Scooter), Mr Chris Tallentire MP of Gosnells (2 x $25 bike shop vouchers, the Manolas family (2x $10 canteen vouchers) and the Nelson family (bike lock).

At recess we had a morning tea for the Your Move committee and the student councillors and Mr Chris Tallentire MP drew the raffle and presented the prizes to delighted students who were in year 7 to year 11.

We would like to thank our donors, Anaconda, Mr Chris Tallentire, the Manolas family and the Nelson family for making our Ride2School day very special.

We are looking forward to conducting more activities to promote more active travel to school once the COVID 19 pandemic has resolved. Until that happens we will promote riding to school at the moment as a way of getting some exercise while gyms and swimming pools are closed!

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Sue James
Thornlie SHS

Hands Up Survey for 2020

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Wow! The Your Move committee surveyed 713 students today with the help of our student councillors and faction captains, during homeroom. We found that 44% of students travelled by car to school, 11% rode their bike or a scooter, 14% travelled on public transport and a big 32% walked to school. It is interesting to see the year level with the greatest percentage of car travel was year 9 at 51%. The year level with the least percentage of car travel was year 10 at 36%. The year level with the most percentage of bike/scooter travel was year 9 again, at 17% and the year level who travel by bike the least was the year 11's and 12's at only 5% of them travelling by bike/scooter. The most active year level is the year 10's, over 52% of them walk, ride or scoot to school. What an awesome effort year 10's.

Planning is well under way for Ride2School day on Friday. It will be interesting to see how many students ride or scoot to school on Friday. We have some great prizes to give away to those who ride or scoot to school. We are looking forward to celebrating the day with morning tea with our local Member of Parliament, Mr Chris Tallentire.

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Sue James
Thornlie SHS

Your Move committee

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We had our inaugural Your Move committee meeting on 25 February 2020 with 5 passionate students, one teacher, one P & C representative and one Community Health Nurse. We brainstormed ideas and jobs for our first activity, Ride2School Day on 13 March 2020. Before we celebrate Ride2School day, we will conduct our Hands Up Survey in week 6. We have lots to do but lots of helpers. Our next meeting is in a weeks time. Stay tuned for our next story.

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Sue James
Thornlie SHS

Were excited to join Your Move

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Thornlie Senior High School is very excited to have joined the Your Move community. We are looking forward to working with a group of students and parents in 2020 to conduct lots of activities promoting more physically active ways of getting to school. Planning is underway for 2020. The first thing we will do in 2020 is form a working party of interested students and parents. We have completed our first hands up survey and found that 41% of our students come to school by car, 34 % of our students walk, 15% catch public transport and 10% ride a bike or scooter to school. Our aim is decrease the number of students who come to school by car, improving physical health, mental health and decrease congestion around our school during the school day.

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Sue James
Thornlie SHS

First newsletter article

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Health Centre news

Your Move

Here at Thornlie Senior High School, we are pleased to be implementing the Your Move Schools program. Your Move Schools is a community- focused program that supports schools and students to use active and sustainable transport options to and from school more often. As part of this program a range of fun and rewarding activities can be chosen from the Your Move schools program activities list or students can even designed their own exciting activities. Every completed activity which is posted online in the Your Move community will earn reward points. The more creative the activity the more points we can earn. These points can be redeemed at the Your Move online shop for a huge range of exciting prizes like a $5 Coffee Club vouchers, or even a $50 voucher for The Bicycle Entrepreneur, stickers, tattoos and much more. Last week we conducted the first step towards earning points by undertaking ‘A hands up’ survey to provide a benchmark to track our schools progress.

I am looking for volunteers to create a student team to assist with planning and implementing activities and writing stories online. If you are interested in joining Your Move team please put your name on the list in Student Services or see us in the Health Centre.

Here is a link to the school newsletter.

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