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Julia Calvert

Transperth Get on Board Incursions

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On Wednesday, 6 December, Room 6 & 8 were visited by Mr McMahon from Transperth. He explained that there will be a new Transperth app so you can plan and track your journey which was pretty important for our students who are heading off to high school and possibly using public transport next year. Mr McMahon also informed students on ways to stay safe while using transport which included safety around stations but also what to do if you needed help. Students also learned about Smart Riders, how to put money on them and how to use them.


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Julia Calvert

Your Move at Assembly

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On 9 November our Your Move committee presented the findings of the Travel Survey to the school. They reported that travel by car had decreased, however we still have 55% of students coming to school this way. We want to decrease that number more, so we have created a Your Move Suggestion Box. We asked student to come up with ideas on how we could encourage them to choose more active methods of getting to school. We are now eagerly awaiting the suggestions. Stay tuned!

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Julia Calvert

Your Move Survey Results

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On 7 November, students from Room 8 conducted a Your Move Transport Survey of students from PrePrimary to Year 6. The survey found that more student are walking (30% more) and cycling (66% more) to school than the previous year. However, there are still 55% of students travelling to school in cars. Not only does the number of cars cause congestion outside the school but also contributes to pollution. We would like to see more students walking or riding to school and will be looking at ways we can encourage this in the future. To help with this a Your Move suggestion box has been put next to the Highway Hero box for students to submit their suggestions on ways to promote active transport. Parents are also welcome to make suggestions.
Room 8 Students

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Julia Calvert

Banner competition!

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This term we will be holding a banner competition to promote our committee. We will be using 140 of our 446 points. In this competition, students are asked to design some artwork that will be judged by our school committee. The artwork is to focus on Your Move and ways of getting to school without a car. We will choose a winner from each group. Younger school K-PP, middle school 1-3 and upper school 4-6 will be the years that we will be selecting from. The entries will be due by the 7th September, 2017. We will use the banner at our school events and promote the hard work that we do for Your Move!

Written by Jesse and Ella from the student Your Move Committee

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Julia Calvert

Best Dressed & Obstacle Course

IMG_5216.JPG (1)

At the end of Term 2 we hosted a Dress Up and Obstacle Course activity. We were celebrating the bicycles 200th birthday. Students were to dress up a mode of transport that did not run on electricity or have a motor, such as bikes, scooters, skateboards and shoes.

We spent time designing an obstacle course on our netball court. In the obstacle course we had to weave, limbo under a pole, follow lines, go around objects, and just be awesome!

An important part of the day was dressing up your mode of transport and wearing a helmet.

This was a not for profit day. The reason we hosted it was to celebrate bikes and to have fun.

The day ran very smoothly, although there are some things that we will improve on next time. We had over 80 students participate and family and friends join us. This day was very successful!

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Julia Calvert

Getting started

This year the Winterfold Your Move Committee is trying to decrease the amount of people who take cars to school. Our awesome committee members consist of: Ffion, Mischa, Jasmine, Abigail, Jesse, Maurice, Noah, Liam, Ella, Elise and Jazmia.

The first event we will be holding is the celebration of the bicycles 200th anniversary. We will run a lunch time activity where students dress up a vehicle that doesn't run on electricity or fuel. There will be an obstacle course also. We will be holding this on the netball court at lunch time on the 29th June. Community members such as family and friends will be invited.

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