We can help you get moving in the right direction

Enjoy arriving at work feeling healthier, less stressed and more productive for the day ahead. We can also work with you and your team to find ways to save on fleet and parking costs while enhancing your corporate reputation.

Build your own network

Create a buzz around your workplace by inviting your co-workers to get involved. Check out what other businesses are doing for inspiration. See how you compare with others on the leader board.


Discover how your workplace moves

Understand how staff get to work with our straightforward surveys. Get an instant snapshot of where you're at and what things you could do to achieve your goals, like tackling parking issues or boosting your team's well-being and productivity.


Make it happen

Choose from our tried and tested selection of activities, or create your own list. We've found it's best to start with 'quick wins' so your team can see the results and will have the desire to achieve more. Before you know it, everyone will want to get involved.


Share your stories

Celebrate what you've achieved in your organisation by sharing your story. Tell others about your successful activities and earn points for each post. Adding photos and videos will earn you bonus points, so get snapping!

Be rewarded

Redeem the points you’ve earned in our online shop. Choose from our selection of rewards like SmartRiders, bike repair workshops and walking tours. They’re all designed to motivate and inspire your colleagues  to find more ways to get to work.

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The benefits of signing up your workplace

Hear what other workplace champions have got to say about Your Move


“It feels good knowing that we’re doing our part for local air quality and Perth’s environment.” Emmie


“We’ve enjoyed a real boost to our reputation since we installed bike parking out the front of our building.” Ryan

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“We work with Your Move to make it easier for people to walk, cycle and use public transport” François


“Since we installed our new bike storage facility and change rooms so many more staff are riding to work.” Zarah

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