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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Car Parking Myths Busted!

Our August forum on managing car parking was a sell out! This hot button issue has got people thinking about how we could do things differently.

Car parking is free myth.JPG

Jacob Martin, from Cardno, kicked off with a presentation exploring “Parking and Behaviour Change: QEII Case Study.” It was fascinating to explore the close relationship between parking supply and behaviour. It solidified for me that we need to make conscious decisions about the behaviour we want to encourage and then create an environment that supports or discourages that behaviour.

Next was Car Parking Myth Buster, Dean Cracknell, from the Town Teams movement. Dean demonstrated that when it comes to the provision of car parking we are basing a lot of our decisions on myths. The standout fallacy for me was “Abundant parking is always good.” In fact, providing copious parking can degrade the amenity of place and make it a less attractive place to visit. Check out Dean’s presentation here.

What was your key insight from the Forum?

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Ten ways to improve your commute


If you're looking for ways to reduce stress, save time and improve your commute? Here's 10 great ideas from the the ABC Life blog to get you started.

How do you manage the commute? Share your travel hackswith us in the comments below.

For more information and handy tips, check out our 'Your Trip to Work' resource.


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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

How to move office using cargo bikes!

I thought I’d share this with you all as it’s such an innovative way to move office.

Sustrans are a bit like Scotland’s version of Your Move, but instead of being part of a government department, they rely on funding from a variety of sources including charitable trusts, lottery funding, government and the private sector. Sustrans began life as Cyclebag, a charity set up in July 1977 in response to an energy crisis that was encouraging the whole world to look at different ways of travelling. Since then, they have been making journeys safer and empowering people to make travel choices which are good for them, their neighbourhoods and the environment.

Sustrans moved all equipment and belongings for their 53 strong London-based workforce sustainably, a distance of 2.7 miles across the capital. Using electric cargo bikes they transported a 117kg printer, 100 storage boxes, 50 crates full of IT equipment, three cupboards and two smoothie bikes!

Pretty cool huh?

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David (Your Move) Wake

World Environment Day - how will you mark it?

WED2019 tile.png

Wednesday June 5 is World Environment Day. The theme for the day this year is air pollution. This is a great opportunity to promote walking, riding a bicycle and catching public transport as low or no pollution ways to get around.

Transport is a significant source of air pollution. While air quality in Perth is good most days, being in and around cars exposes us to pollutants that we can breathe in.

How will you mark the day? Here are a few ideas:
1. Post a story on your work intranet about the day (use this post if you like). Encourage people to 'beat air pollution'.
2. Put up an air quality poster in your work kitchen or common room to raise awareness.
3. Hold a morning tea on the day and have a chat about air quality and how our transport choices affects it.

Please share what you do on the Your Move website. For more information see the World Environment Day and BreatheLife websites.

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Track your bus with the all new Transperth App

Transperth App.png

The new Transperth app launched last week, makes catching public transport in Perth even easier, with users now able to track nearby buses using GPS.

The next generation app, which has been trialled by about 4,000 regular public transport users for two months, is now available to the public on both iPhone and Android operating systems.

Thanks to the team at Transperth, Your Move have been beta testing the all new Transperth App for the past few months and we're really impressed with how fast, responsive intuitive and useful it is for any public transport user in Perth.

A massive 98 per cent of the beta testers surveyed said they would use the updated Transperth app when it was launched and reviews on the iTunes and Google Play stores are glowing!... we definitely agree.. it’s awesome!

The app builds on the Transperth Journey Planner by enabling commuters to track their bus on the in-built map in real time, manage their SmartRider account details and arrange SmartParker and bike shelter access.

GPS trackers have been installed in all 1,481 of Transperth's metropolitan area buses, so passengers will know when their bus is due to arrive, where it is on its journey and what route it will take. This app is truly a game changer to help make catching your bus, train or ferry so much easier.

In the words of Molly Meldrum, "do yourself a favour" and download the Transperth App today.

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David (Your Move) Wake

Gear Up for Bike Week and beyond

We had a great forum yesterday looking at how to support people to cycle and planning for the year ahead. Thanks to everyone who joined in.

Bike Week is a great time to run activities to encourage cycling in your workplace or community. Christina Neubauer of People on Bicycles spoke about how we can build people’s confidence to ride. “Riding a bicycle requires knowledge and skills and, if people have not been on two wheels for a while, they may need some help, Christina said.

Champions using Your Move activity planner at February 2019 forum.jpg

Running a cycle skills workshop or a social ride in a safe environment or matching people up with regular riders they could do initial rides with are all good ways to build skills and confidence. Showing staff end of trip facilities, making pool bikes available and profiling people who ride in (at a staff meeting or on the intranet) can help too.

“Building infrastructure for cycling is important, but we also need to encourage its use,” said Fiona Goodbody of the Department of Transport’s Cycling team. You can help ‘activate’ cycling infrastructure by holding activities in your workplace or community during Bike Week, which runs from March 15 to 24.

Leon Ebbelaar of the City of Melville drew on his experience to suggest how to make Bike Week events successful. These include: go where the people are (e.g. well used public place or on a commuter route), provide food (a great engagement tool), hold themed rides to engage different people (e.g. a ride to places of historical interest or a glow ride at night for families) and promote routes people might not know of (the way we drive is not usually the best route to cycle).

There are resources on the Your Move website to help you 'gear up' for your Bike Week activities like peddling a winning breakfast. And you can use the Your Move calendar and concise activity plan to plan your activities across the year - boost employee health, reduce emissions and earn rewards for your workplace to boot.

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Walking to the Bus could Save Your Bacon? New Research Reveals Incredible Statistics

Walk to the Bus Stop [Optimised].png

Staying fit, keeping healthy, getting exercise and eating the right foods. All of these are common themes in today’s hyper health-conscious society.

In pursuit of better health, we dissect our diets, exercise habits, stress levels, and lately, our psychological health.

But among all the hubbub of today’s health-conscious society, it seems the health impact of one part of our lives has been completely underestimated.

So what is it? ...  The daily commute.

That’s right. New research is revealing that people who use more ‘active’ modes of transport are much healthier than those who go by car. Basically, people who commute to work by foot, bike, bus or train are much healthier than those who drive in. How much healthier? You’ll be surprised.

A striking example is this Japanese study comparing bus/train commuters with those who drive to work.  Compared to drivers, public transportation users were:

  • 44 percent less likely to be overweight
  • 27 percent less likely to have high blood pressure
  • 34 percent less likely to have diabetes

These numbers are pretty hard to ignore. Why are they so extreme?

Well, so far the direct link between exactly why public transport users are so much healthier is unclear - but the research suggests that part of the reason is because public transport involves walking - and this walking replaces a sit-down drive that can be pretty unhealthy.

Indeed, one of the biggest differences between drivers and those who walk, bus or train is the “little” walk from home to station, and from station to workplace.

The reason we put “little” in quotes is because (get this!)...

Bus commuters can walk a distance equivalent to a marathon (26.2 miles) every fortnight.

New research from Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK has shown that bus commuters walk a distance equivalent to a marathon (26.2 miles) every fortnight by simply riding and walking their regular route to and from work.

That’s right, simply walking to the bus or train can replace a sedentary car commute with one marathon per fortnight.

So what would happen if we all walked to the bus?

Well, for starters we might all get almost half of the weekly recommended cardiovascular exercise - without breaking a sweat.

If you walk 12 minutes every weekday to get to your stop, that walk adds up to 40% of the weekly cardio we need, according to the World Health Organization.

In fact, Perth research has found that public transport commuters get an average of 30 minutes extra physical activity a day! That’s well over 40% of the recommended amount of cardio.
Luis Fernando Gomez, a professor with the School of Medicine at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, looked at the difference between bussing and driving:

“We have conducted several studies: people who use the car in Colombia are more likely to have abdominal obesity,” says Gomez. (That’s the medical term for having a pot belly.) “Sitting is very bad, it’s very bad.”

What can you do? Ways to Consider Public Transport

Better physical health. Better mental health. Plus (of course) the savings on petrol and parking. The benefits are clear, but it isn’t always easy to make the switch.

Employers - Offer SmartRiders to Staff:

SmartRiders are a really tangible way that workplaces can provide employees with an incentive to get to work by public transport.

Interested? We can help! Have a look at our tips for getting started with workplace SmartRiders:

Employees - More Reasons to Try It:
If you’re looking for a little boost personally to use public transport, we’ve got heaps more reasons to try it on our online portal at

And if you want to spread the word to your coworkers, here are a few tips:


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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Bike Week Grants Announced!

Congratulations to the 30 recipients of the 2019 Bike Week grants!


It is great to see so many Your Move schools, workplaces, universities and local governments represented. For a full list of the recipients and too see how to register your event, even if you didn't receive a grant, head to

And don't forget our February Your Move Forum, Gearing up for Bike Week (and the year ahead), is fast approaching. This forum has been designed to help you make the most of Bike Week to encourage cycling at your organisation, and will be full of great tips to take your events to the next level.

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

Handy New Resource: Activities Table

workplace activities table.JPG

Happy New Year 2019!

The Your Move team has been busy over summer preparing resources to help you gear up for a great active year at your workplace.

Check out our Workplace Activities Table, a handy new resource that makes it easy to see all our activities at a glance. Use this as an inspiration to help plan activities to encourage colleagues to walk, ride a bike or take public transport. You can choose from our range of suggested activities, and see how many points you could earn for each activity.

Have a great idea that’s not there? You can create your own on the activities page of the website – we always love to hear creative new ways workplaces are encouraging active travel.

We suggest printing the Workplace Activity Table in A3 and keeping a copy handy for easy access.

Come along to our February forum to have take a closer look at this and other planning resources… more details coming soon!

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

Get Your Move On - Winners Announced!

The Your Move team drew the Get Your Move On competition winners for schools and workplaces this morning!

We had a bunch of fantastic competitors in the running. Each workplace had posted at least three stories about activities, and each school had posted at least two stories about activities and completed an End of Year Hands Up Survey. We are pleased to announce the winner for schools is… John Calvin School Albany!! And the winner for workplaces is… the City of Fremantle!

John Calvin School Albany ran a successful Dress Up Your Bike Day, ran an active transport challenge where students chose prizes for outstanding commitments to walking or riding to school, and completed their End of Year Hands Up Survey.

The City of Fremantle launched their first staff electric bicycle, followed up on staff feedback and upgraded staff bike parking, and ran a bike maintenance workshop to build staff confidence.

The two winners received 700 points each to be spent on promoting active travel in 2019. Stay tuned early next year to find out how they’ve used their points to boost active travel!

Congratulations to John Calvin School Albany and the City of Fremantle!

Active Transport Team - City of Freo.jpg
john calvin school.jpg

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

We Tracked 5 Perth Workplaces Encouraging Public Transport - This is What Happened

Workplaces Encouraging Public Transport.png

Public transport in Perth is kind of a big deal. Perth has an incredible, world class public transport system that's currently being improved greatly with Metronet now under construction. We’ve also got significant urban sprawl, so theres no doubt that a lot of people could use that system a bit more often to get around.

Right now, many of those people drive into work - and that’s fine if you absolutely have to, but it also creates more congestion, and impacts negatively on your health, as sitting in traffic has been found to be far more sedentary than catching public transport. This is because you actually have to walk to and from the stops, which allows you to fit in more physical activity as part of your daily routine!.

On the flip-side, when workplaces encourage people to bus, train, bike or walk, to work we get:

  • Reduced traffic congestion in our fair city
  • More exercise
  • Better public health
  • Increased productivity at work
  • Reduced emissions
  • Economic benefits

That’s why at Your Move, a big part of what we do is help workplaces encourage employees to bus, train, bike and walk to work.

Sounds like a great idea in theory - and you might be interested - but what happens when a Perth business actually DOES something?

What do they do? How do they promote public and active transport?

And then... does it work? Do people get behind it? What are the benefits?

Well, we went and found out. Here are five examples of Perth workplaces that did something - plus how it went and how it worked.


Fremantle offers staff SmartRiders

The City of Fremantle ordered a few office SmartRider cards, and kept them at the front desk for employees to use for business trips.

Over the last 18 months, around 260 trips were made using the SmartRiders. The most popular journey? Catching the train into Perth city for meetings. That’s 260 fewer cars on the road, and a considerable savings on petrol  and parking - which the business would have had to pay for otherwise.

It was easy, it remains popular, and it makes a difference - to our city, to the company, and to its employees. Check out their story about it here.


Subiaco’s sustainable travel allowance

The City of Subiaco did something a bit crazy in 2006 - they offered staff a choice between a parking permit, and a ‘sustainable travel allowance’ (STA).

Basically, employees can choose between a parking pass at work, and an allowance of $9 per day to be used on public transport. The program has been running ever since, and uptake has been good - surprisingly good. At last count, 40 - 50% of eligible staff choose the STA. Read all about how they did it here.


EMRC - Introducing new staff to travel options

Having an Information Sheet and informative map allows for employees to gain an understanding of their new surroundings and provides opportunity for them to explore their travel options.

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council  created an Information Sheet on how to get to the EMRC, which is  included in the EMRC’s Induction Pack that’s sent to new staff via email prior to starting. Read more.


Heart Foundation - Give car the boot on PARK(ing) Day

Eight staff at the Heart Foundation gave up their car bays and caught public transport to work for the day. This event really gave staff an opportunity to start thinking about what you could do with all that car parking space. Did you know that cars are parked for 95% of the day?

Check out how they made it happen here.


Arup commits to change in 'Wellness Month'

Here’s a good example of a change that’s more about action than physical objects.

Design and engineering firm Arup challenged employees to make a commitment to wellbeing during the month of May. The challenge covers nutrition, exercise, and even a focus on spending quality time with friends and family.

So Arup started Motivation Mondays, 2-Litre Tuesdays and Walk It Wednesdays - check out their story for some inspiration if you wanted to do something like this.


Want to try something in your workplace?

We’ll make it easy for you. We’ve got heaps of ideas & inspiration on our site.


Your Move stories of change

Have a look at what other Perth businesses (and schools, and people) are doing.

If you like, you can become a member on the site (totally free) and start posting updates of your own.


We’ve answered a lot of questions about how to dive in and have a go with promoting public and active transport at work.

Good luck! And we hope to see you around!


Join Your Move today

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Your Move Awards - what did you think?

We held our biennial Your Move Awards in late October and while you certainly looked like you were having a good time. We like to dig deep with our post-event surveys and this is what we found.

IMG_2786 (2).JPG

You loved hearing examples of Your Move action by other local governments, schools and workplaces.

Are a result of the Awards 65% of you are keen to increase your organisation’s Your Move activity.

The event itself was “Well organised” had “interesting guest speakers” and “fun activities.”

You did wonder if it was possible for the winners to receive actual trophies? Which left the Your Move speculating what would a Your Move trophy look like?

To read about the winners, check out the nominated projects or watch the case study videos head to the 2018 Your Move Awards page.

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Bike Week Grants Close Friday!

The Bike Week grant program offers $$$ to local councils workplaces, schools, community groups and cycling clubs or run events in their community. Applications close this Friday 2 November.

IMG_3572 - Copy.JPG

The grants program for Bike Week 2019 will follow a different format from previous years and there will be three types of grants:

  • Community Events – up to $2,000 – open to any organisations or groups applying to host a community Bike Week event that is open to the public.
  • School Events – $200 – open to all schools and can be used for school activities, such as bike breakfasts, led bike rides, volunteer-led skills sessions, etc.
  • Workplace Events – $150 to $250 – open to workplaces wanting to run a Bike Week event for their staff.

Bike Week promotes and encourages riding for transport, fun and health. Bike Week runs from Friday 15 March through to Sunday 24 March 2019. To find our more head to the WestCycle website.

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Bikes as a Business Tool: Why Perth is Missing Out

Bikes as a Business Tool [Optimised].png

This is the first in a series of posts from the Your Move team around how to encourage walking, cycling or public transport use in your workplace.

Bikes as a business tool: Why Perth is missing out.

The bicycle has always been viewed as a ‘great alternative’ mode of transport. It’s green, it’s healthy, it saves on petrol. Most people are clear on the benefits, but in terms of business use, the bike has not historically been considered a widely applicable source of profit or innovation by workplaces.

However, that’s all changing.

The business bike revolution has started disrupting Perth already. In the last few years we’ve seen businesses harnessing bikes as a way to get things around the CBD and surrounding suburbs. Have you spotted the Deliveroo bikes? The Uber Eats bike deliveries? Those are the most visible examples, but bikes are being used by heaps of other businesses too.

What’s starting in Perth has been exploding in Europe. Could Perth be next? We’ve certainly got the weather and relatively flat topography to favour bikes. Read on to have a look at what’s going on, and decide for yourself.

Bikes for Cargo & Logistics

The rise of cargo bikes is a real thing in Germany. Food orders, mail parcels, employees, Amazon orders - you name it, you’ll see it being carted around city streets by cargo bikes built to carry items that delivery vans usually do.

Financial incentives, new models of cargo bikes, problems with Co2 emissions and a desire to go green have all paved the way for what has become an exploding industry.

Industry data (that’s right, there’s industry data for cargo bikes now!) showed sales of electrically assisted cargo bikes surged 42 percent from 2016 to 2017 in Germany.

Meanwhile in the UK, cargo bike service Zedify has branches in Norwich, Glasgow, Cambridge and London. Their delivery service has been making end-user delivery cheaper and greener for businesses for 10 years now.

And even big players like UPS and DHL are exploring cargo bikes. The industry is young, but growing fast. It’s certainly a space to watch for the savvy business.

Bikes for Employee Health & Productivity

Numerous studies have proven that bike riding improves overall health - especially when it’s done on a regular basis, such as on the daily commute to work.

Better health means higher productivity, improved performance, and fewer sick days. In fact, a recent study in Denmark found that the nationwide number of sick days would fall by 267,000 if the annual amount of bike riding increased by just 10 per cent. Economic gains of 152,000 euros (AUD 239,652) would result, and time spent stuck in traffic would decrease by six per cent in the capital region.

“It is no surprise bike riding is generally a good thing for Denmark. But I was not expecting that the effect on economy, public health and road traffic would be so great. It gives food for thought,” said Michael Svane, director of the Federation of Danish Transport.

What could more bike riding mean for Perth and Perth businesses? Potentially a lot.

About 40 percent of WA adults are insufficiently active, with many working sedentary jobs that can increase risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

Considering this, a bit more bike riding could have a bigger impact for Perth than it did for Denmark - which is more active than most EU nations.

Proof of this concept is already shaping up closer to home. A recent study in Brisbane, with over 11,000 participants, found that bike riding to work is associated with 41% lower risk of dying overall.

What Can You Do?

Thankfully, there’s a simple answer here: Encourage more bike riding at your workplace!

There’s literally no downside here. As a motion to improve your business and/or take care of your employees, bicycles are a win-win.

Learn More about - How to Encourage Active Travel at Work:
Read up on some of these great ideas for encouraging active commutes.


The Your Move team


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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Active Australia Innovation Challenge

Could you do with $10,000 to get your community moving? The Heart Foundation, funded by the Australian Government, are inviting tertiary education students, school communities, community groups and councils to pitch their bright idea to get Australian moving.

get your ideas moving.png

Register interest in the Active Australia Innovation Challenge by outlining barriers to physical activity in a chosen community and your idea to overcome them in 250 words or less.

A panel of judges will choose a list of finalists who will be invited to explore their idea further and pitch it in a public forum.

The best idea from each state receives $10,000 to help bring the idea to life.

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

Lisa scores the prize!

And the winner for the Your Move forum survey draw is… Lisa Jooste from Urbi Bike Share!

Urbi is providing Bike-share services at Joondalup Health Campus, and joined Your Move just last month to complementing their work and support active travel initiatives there. Check out their story here.

Lisa cycles to the 10 minute ride to work some days (and walks other days!) and uses her bike for weekend rides, shopping and errands. When travelling up to Joondalup to visit the urbi projects there, Lisa takes the train and grabs an urbi Bike-share to get to and from the Health Campus.

Lisa is looking for a new bike basket, so we hope she finds the $50 voucher for the Bicycle Entrepreneur useful! Thanks to Lisa and everyone who completed the feedback survey.

Here is Lisa pictured with an urbi Bike-share bike!

lisa urbi .jpg

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

Engaging Others: Forum Resources

Wednesday 15 August we had a fantastic forum with Dr Jane Genovese, exploring how to build momentum for Your Move in your workplace or school.

Jane took us on a whirlwind tour, with heap of create ideas about how to motivate people to change and give active transport a try.

Key messages that we took away from the forum:

o To motivate and inspire people, you need to make a personal connection and engage them emotionally
o Focus on what people gain, not what they have to give up
o We need to hear messages over and over again to turn behaviours into habits
o Share stories and be open and honest about your active transport challenges
o Keep Your Move activities positive, fun, and fresh.

Check out Jane’s summary with all the key points in the attachment below.


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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Bike Share Master Class

The Your Move team had the pleasure of hosting a Bike Share Master Class today, delivered by Dr Elliot Fishman of the Institute for Sustainable Transport and Australia's resident Bike Share expert.

elliot 2.JPG

This was a great opportunity for interested local governments and cycling groups to think about how Bike Share can impact our streets and users would really like. Bike Share is not about cycling ... its about creating successful vibrant cities.


By reallocating the road space we are able to move people using less space. If you would like to find out more check out Elliot's fantastic presentation.

Have you used a Bike Share service? What did you think? 

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Shop Restocked!

The EoFYS elves have been busily restocking the shelves of the Your Move shop full of goodies to make active transport an easy choice.

YM Torch.JPG

We now have handy Your Move mini torches to illuminate you in the winter gloom – they are easily attached to bikes and backpacks to suit both bike riders and walkers.

To help spread the #bikelove we have restocked with plenty of ‘I ♥ my bike' bells. We’ve added pens, at the request of the schools’ community, to stop you having to dip into your stationary budget when doing Your Move activities. Our dry and fluffy Your Move towels are also back in stock, perfect for your workplace locker.

By the end of the month Your Move umbrellas will be available to keep you dry during August.

Have you been wondering how to keep staff, students or visitors motivated to keep walking, riding or catching public transport during winter? Other workplaces have organised Winter Warmer campaigns to stoke that motivation to move with a bit of healthy competition. You could even consider putting together some winter warmer prize packs jammed with items for our shop such as backpacks, mini-torches, towels, umbrellas and back pack covers. 

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

Your Move Forum - Engaging Others: how to build momentum at your school or workplace

Do you want to create change in your workplace? Join us for a morning of skill building, inspiration, networking with other champions, and delicious morning tea!

This forum will focus on building the practical skills needed to work with others to create a positive movement for change. Come away with new ideas on how to engage others in your workplace. Discover how to build momentum in an established Your Move program or how to create a Your Move program in your workplace that is fun, appealing and makes others want to get on board.

When: 9.30 – 11.30am, Wednesday 15 August
Where: 140 William St, Perth
Who: Anyone involved (or interested!) in Your Move in your local government or workplace.

Gain new ideas about how to enthuse others in your workplace and create a dynamic Your Move program that people want to get involved in. Our guest speaker Jane Genovese will lead a fast paced, practical session exploring how to create a movement for change.

Register now to join us!

About Jane: Dr Jane Genovese has spent the past seven years engaged in research on behaviour and value change. She has worked extensively in schools, local government, and in her community to help create shifts towards more sustainable ways of living. As part of her PhD, Jane designed and implemented the educational intervention Smart Busy: Live Better, Feel Free and Stress Less to help busy people reclaim a sense of control over their lives. Jane is the co-convener of the grassroots group Transition Town Guildford, and lectures on behaviour change and sustainable living at Murdoch University.

WEB Jane Genovese 7 (002).jpg (1)

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

oBike to leave Melbourne after crackdown on bicycle share company

In new just in - oBike announces it will no longer operate its dockless yellow bike share scheme in Melbourne. The Melbourne Bike Share program, which requires you to pick up and drop off blue bikes at stations dotted around the city will continue.

obike melbourne.png

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said "We've learnt a lot from the experience with oBike." If your local government would like to benefit from some of those learning and prepare for the arrival ob bike share in Perth then come along to our Bike Share Masterclass on Tuesday 24 July.

You can read the full story here.

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

Survey Draw Winner!

The winner of the survey draw for the Copenhagenize Your Workplace forum follow up survey is… Julia Christensen from the city of Subiaco!

Julia has won a $100 voucher for The Bicycle Entrepreneur bike shop. Congratulations Julia!

Julia commutes to work by bicycle one or two times each week, and rides socially on weekends. We hope that she's able to buy yourself some great gear to help out with those rides! See Julia below, and her bicycle parked at the office.  

Thank you to all those who completed the follow up survey. We really appreciate your feedback and we’re glad you enjoyed the forum as much as we did!

Julia photo.jpg
Julias bike.JPG

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Forum Wrap: cycling is for everyone

Well the feedback is in, and the Your Move community loved the May forum! Copenhagenize your Workplace or School focused on communicating cycling as a great way for everyone to get from A to B, not just the lycra-warriors. 

james and michael.jpg

According to one participant: “Listening to James and Michael from Copenhagenize is a reality check about how and why we ride or don’t ride – it gets you thinking about getting back to basics and how riding is an easy normal thing to do day to day – something that has been lost in Australian cities.”

If you couldn’t make it on the day some of the key take-homes included:
• Copenhageners ride, not because they are passionate cycling enthusiasts, but because it is convenient.

why copenhagneners ride.png

• Over the last decade, town planners and engineers have increasingly realised the need to make cycling for transport an easy choice by providing safe and dedicated cycling facilities. The $129 million earmarked in the WA state budget for cycling facilities confirms this tendency.

budget bikes.png

• Now is the time to focus on marketing cycling as an everyday activity, not a dedicated sport or recreational hobby.
• Our campaigns should be aimed at the 20% who could be cycling but aren’t currently. Let’s nudge them in the right direction.
• Don’t take a subcultural approach that assumes that everyone wants to be a ‘cyclist’ but just doesn’t know it yet. There is a danger when you do this that you will come across as insular, protecting, defensive and arrogant. This is not a good way to mainstream any product.
• When it comes to marketing cycling the key words are: liberating, modern, elegant, effortless, social and convenient.


vienna campaign.png

A big thank you from the Your Move Team to James Thoem and Michael Wexler from the Copenhagenize Design Co for such as inspiring session! In the words of another participant, “This forum reenergised my views on bike travel and the need to make the bike choice the easy choice.”

And lastly the Your Move team would like to thank everyone who came along to be inspired! We think our network of Your Move champions is simply awesome.

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

Copenhagenize Your Workplace or School - Register Now for our May Forum!


The May Your Move forum is not to be missed! James Thoem from Copenhagenize Design Co – world leaders in bicycle planning, design and communication, will be presenting on creative ways to promote a cycling culture.

In Copenhagen over half the population use a bicycle every day. Many people ride to work or education. How can we make riding a bicycle a more common way of getting around in Perth?

James will inspire us with his entertaining presentation on how to market cycling as an everyday means of transport. We will explore constructive bicycle communication strategies, focusing on marketing bicycles for the 99%, rather than as a subculture or for lycra wearers only. 

Date: Thursday 10 May 2018

Time: 9.30am – 11.30am

Where: Level 3, 140 William Street Perth 

Join us to network with other Champions, be inspired by Copenhagen stories and get creative about how we can create a cycling culture in our workplaces. 

This forum is filling fast! Register now to avoid missing out. 

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

On Your Bike! Forum Survey Draw Winner!

This story is related to Run a simple activity

We are delighted to announce the winner of the recent forum follow up survey draw – Carley Robbins from the City of Canning!

Carley (pictured below) has won a $50 voucher for The Bicycle Entrepreneur bike shop.  Carley works as the Community Development Officer at Canning, and is a passionate cycling advocate. She will be involved at the Canning River Bike Week event this weekend, encouraging people to get on a bike and give it a go.

Carley rides to work most days, so we are confident that she’ll be able to put the Bicycle Entrepreneur voucher to great use!

Thank you to everyone who completed the forum follow up survey. Congratulations Carley!

Carley Bike.PNG

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

Bonus points for travel plans!

google planning 3.jpg (1)

To kick-start the year, Your Move is offering 50 bonus points to all workplaces who complete a travel plan by the end of March!

Travel plans are package of activities for enabling and encouraging active travel at your workplace. It’s a great way to brainstorm and capture ideas that you’d like to focus on over the year.

Our easy template will take you through a process of reflecting on the opportunities and challenges at your workplace, and recording activities that you will implement over the year.

Travel plans are a useful way to be strategic about what results you want to achieve in your workplace. We know that planning and committing to actions helps us to make them happen. Two heads are better than one – if there are others in the workplace who are interested, why not set up a meeting or walk to a café to brainstorm ideas together? It helps to engage others in the travel planning stage, so that they’re on board during the year to help implement activities.

Travel plans must be submitted by 30 March to redeem the 50 bonus points.

What you need to do to get the bonus points:

o   Complete our travel plan template

o   Write a short story about it on the Your Move website, selecting the ‘make a travel plan’ activity as completed

o   Email your plan to the Your Move team (

Good luck and happy planning!

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Justine (Your Move) Smith

Exciting Updates to Posting Stories

Hi lovey Your Movers!

If you have been posting stories over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that the Create Story page looks a little different. This is because we have now added the ability for you to upload documents! You can add a PDF, Word document, or Excel spread sheet, which are added automatically to the Resources page as user added content.

In addition, from today you may notice that after you hit 'Post your story', the page will go a little darker and a 'spinner' will appear on screen. This is totally normal and indicates that the website is working on posting up your story.

That's it! Stay tuned for more updates coming during the year. :)

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Amy (Your Move) Thom

On Your Bike!

Don’t miss Your Move’s first forum for 2018 – On Your Bike! Practical Ideas to Active Cycling

This forum we’re focusing on all things cycling to Gear Up for Bike Week! You’ll come away with new ideas and practical tips to encourage bike riding at your site.

When: 9 – 11am, Wednesday 28 February

Where: 140 William St, Perth

Who: Anyone involved (or interested!) in Your Move in schools, local government or workplace.

Take part in our Bike Stops sessions! You’ll be able to take part in up to three short, small group sessions on practical topics to activate cycling. Choose from topics like: 

  • Bike to Work breakfasts
  • Social rides
  • Setting up and managing pool bikes
  • Cycle skills training
  • Bike Boulevards
  • Bike Week activities
  • Bicycle User Groups

Learn from the experts, hear champions share their successes and lessons learnt, be inspired with great ideas, and share morning tea! 

Register here!

Amber VAC Ebike (2).jpg

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David (Your Move) Wake

Plan ahead with the Your Move calendar

Your Move calendar 2018 snapshot for webpage.PNG

The year is full of opportunities to promote walking, cycling and public transport. You can use our new Your Move calendar to plan events around promotional dates like Bike Week and World Environment Day. The calendar also includes prompts to run travel surveys and consider applying for grants.

A highlight this year will be the Your Move Awards - a great way to have your efforts to promote active travel recognised. Plan ahead to implement activities in your local council, school or workplace and you could be a winner.

Let's make it a great year for active transport and the many benefits it brings to our communities.

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

The commute revolution


Hi everyone, happy new year! ... this article below is a really interesting read about the value of our time and how we could make better use of it through embracing new technologies like electric bikes. I particularly like this quote.

"Time is the single most precious thing we humans have. It’s the one thing money can’t buy".

And I also really like the idea of "Time Hygiene "The quality of our time depends mainly on personal choices. Yet, many of us lack what one could call “time hygiene.” Hygiene understood as a set of practices conducive to maintaining a certain quality of health. Likewise, we could think of time hygiene as practices conducive to quality of time: an optimal time balance, preventing stress and promoting happiness, through conscious choices".

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Rachael Mackey

Levels reset reminder

1. Part2. Get a new hobby3. Try rock climbing4. Be more creative (2).png

Don't forget that your level (bronze, silver, etc.) will reset in January but you will not lose your points from 2017.

As a reminder - you earn points by completing activities and sharing stories about them. The points you've earned over the course of the year makes up your accreditation level.

Points remain for two years and you can redeem them for workplace rewards from our online shop.

So challenge your organisation next year and see how high you can climb!

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

The more you Burn the more you Learn

Thirty eight Your Move Champions descended on 140 William Street for our November Your Move Forum.



We put together a panel of diverse and informative speakers to inspire:

Nicky Ridgers, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) at Deakin University. Nicky reminded us of the crucial role a walk or ride to school plays in kid’s overall activity levels, not only does it create an activity synergy whereby if you’re active on the way to school, you will be more active throughout the day but being active for the school commute burns more energy than a 2 hour PE class!
Graeme Hartnett, from PwC, provided us with some top tips to help us make the case to management for workplace health and well-being, including the benefits of active travel.
Tash Butcher, from Corporate Bodies International, provided us with fun, practical and easy strategies to increase physical activity in the workplace.

As part of the day we also ran a couple of focus groups seeking your feedback on the website, inducted some newbies to Your Move and provided some of our school champions with some great PD. And we even went away with a new catch phrase, which applies to both adults and kids, thanks to Nicky Ridgers – The more you Burn the more you Learn.

If you feel like you missed out then you can provide your feedback and check out the presentations below.
• Your Move Website User Feedback Survey
• Feedback Form for the November Forum
Nicky Ridgers presentation
Graeme Hartnett presentation
Tash Butcher presentation

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Your Move wins Australian Web Award


On Friday night (3rd November), the Your Move website was awarded Best Government Website at the Australian Web Awards, hosted and announced by the Australian Web Industry Association at Frasers Restaurant.

As many of you would be aware, during 2016 many months of hard work went into planning, running user centric workshops, procuring, designing, building and expanding on the concept of the previous Your Move and TravelSmart to School websites. Incidentally, the genius of the TSTS team cant be underestimated for pioneering a ground breaking points based reward system on the TravelSmart to School’s ‘Ning’ platform way back for zero budget, which proved the concept works, and laid the foundations for the points based system that we have today on the Your Move website.

There are currently 116 schools and workplaces signed up to the website with 38 of those highly engaged, and more coming on board all the time. Were so chuffed with this level of recognition for this vibrant user centric online platform we have created... with all your help.😀

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Why Getting Active Makes Us Feel So Good

Don’t forget to register for the final Your Move Forum of 2017! Come along to find out ‘Why Getting Active Makes Us Feel So Good.’


To wrap up 2017 the Your Move Local Government, Schools and Workplace networks are coming together to find out how to build an unshakeable case for the multiple benefits of staff and students who walk, cycle and catch public transport more. The evidence is in - daily activity has health, wellbeing and productivity benefits not only for the individual but also for their workplace or school.

When: Wednesday 22 November @ 9.15 am
Where: Department of Transport, 140 William Street, Perth

We’ve put together a panel of diverse and informative speakers to inform and inspire:
• Nicky Ridgers, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) at Deakin University. Nicky will be reminding you of the ripple effects of your work and sharing learnings from active travel report cards.
• Tash Butcher, from Corporate Bodies International, will run us through 5 fun and useful strategies to increase physical activity in the workplace.
• Graeme Hartnett, from PwC, will help us make the case to management for workplace health and well-being including the benefits of active travel.

Participants in Your Move Workplace and/or Local Government can register for the combined Forum here, running time 9:15 am - 11:15 am.

Participants in Your Move Schools can register for their deluxe extended version here, running time 9:15 am - 1:30 pm. The Your Move Schools Forum includes additional professional development workshops.

Feedback from our August Forum – Making Two Wheels Work: Workplace Pool Bikes and Salary Packaging

“Thanks for another great forum helping us to create a more balanced spread of transport modes at our workplace. It’s also great to speak with staff who share similar challenges in their work.”

“Very positive workshop with practical suggestion and plenty of time for Q & A.”

Francois Crawford Chrissy.JPG

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David (Your Move) Wake

Your Move pitched at Ride2Work breakfast

Ride2Work Day 20171018_074205 cropped.jpg

Today's Ride2Work Day breakfast in the city was a great place to pitch the Your Move program. The team promoted the program to riders at the event. Your Move offers support to boost active commuting including riding to work. More than two dozen people pledged to sign up their workplace (including the SMEC team pictured) and many more have now heard about Your Move.

Did you run any activities in your workplace for Ride2Work Day? Please share a story on the Your Move website. If you need help you getting your workplace active let us know.

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy
Your Move Workplaces Team

Winners Announced!

Woohoo we have a winner! Well technically two. Willetton Primary School and Fiona Stanley Hospital are the winners of our Get online with Your Move Competition. We had 35 entries in our competition where schools and workplaces had to complete an activity, post a story and complete Travel Survey to go in the draw.

20170922 Your Move Website Competition prize draw.jpg

Our Executive Director Simon Grieve had the pleasure of the drawing the winners out of a shiny red box on World Car Free Day. Congratulations Willetton Primary and Fiona Stanley on winning 1000 Your Move points to redeem in our online shop.

Alicia Talbot from Fiona Stanley Hospital’s Staff Wellness Committee says that, “Winning Your Move points is fantastic news for the Staff Wellness Committee at Fiona Stanley Hospital. This will help us promote active transport with hospital staff as we step into spring”.

Tracy Wilkinson from Willetton Primary School's P & C is also super excited, “I'm thrilled. We've been wanting to buy scooters racks for the school so this should mean that we can do that! Thanks Your Move!”

A big thanks to all entrants for being part of the Your Move online community and sharing your stories.

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara
Your Move Workplaces Team

Cycling announcement for $129 million of funding over four years


Great news for both casual bike riders and dedicated lycra clad cyclists!

The McGowan Government is delivering on its election commitment to crank up cycling infrastructure across Perth - providing the most significant investment in the State's history.

An investment of $129 million over the next four years allow at least 95 kilometres of cycling path to be added to the network - as well as a range of community cycling initiatives. The record funding includes $55 million towards filling gaps on the current Principal Shared Path (PSP) network around Perth and $29 million in grants for local governments. This represents a $46.3 million boost to cycling investment.

Click here to have a look at the map

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy
Your Move Workplaces Team

Two Wheels - electrified, salary packaged and ready for your staff

“As always, a fantastic, practical and interactive forum organised by the Your Move team!”

Two weels.jpg

Our August Your Move forum was packed with people keen to know more about e-bikes, pool bikes and salary packaging. And our team of presenters and panel members delivered!

Kent Kavanagh from E-stralian let us know that salary sacrificing an e-bike is a simple process for both the employee and the employer. I was surprised to learn that you only need 2 or more interested staff at your organisation to make it work.

Julie Passmore from the City of Albany made the room keen to book a trip to Amazing Albany with a presentation packed full of gorgeous photos. More importantly we found out how e-bikes are opening up cycling to a much broader demographic and how the City is supporting their uptake.

Two wheels 2.jpg

The panel discussion was wide ranging, covering:
• Providing pool bikes for business trips
• Offering a suite of bikes to trial commuting by bike
• Installing a bike pod at the front door for lunchtime leisure trips and team building
• Maintaining and promoting your bike fleet
• Addressing barriers to use and safety concerns

What our participants enjoyed learning:

“Learning about the QEII pool bikes and the success of the City of Albany e-bike program.”

“That pre-tax leases were such a low cost investment for employers. I thought it would be far more onerous.”

Click on the link to download Julie Passmore’s presentation

You can find out more about salary packing e-bikes on the E-stralian website.

The Bike Dr website has information on their corporate pool bike packages.

Share what your workplace is doing to boost bicycle use on the Your Move website. And feel free to get in touch if the Your Move team can help.

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

City of Joondalup launching trial of bike-share facilities

CofJ bike-share facilities.png

Do you work in or near Joondalup and keen to use a bike to get around, but don't own one? This two minute read about Urbi in Joondalup should be of interest. 

The City of Joondalup has partnered with Urbi for a 12 month trial of bike-share facilities. The Joondalup Health Campus will be one of the first sites to be established. This is the first collaboration between a local government and private operator in WA for a community transport initiative. You can book a bike using a smart phone app or one of the touch screens installed at the stations, which give access to a bike lock code.

Read the full story here:


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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Unlock the secrets to get more people cycling in your workplace

Have you registered for our August Your Move forum yet? This month’s forum is devoted to ‘Making Two Wheels Work’ and is all about workplace pool bikes and salary packaging e-bikes for the trip to work.

When: Wednesday 30 August 9:30- 11:30 am
Where: Department of Transport, 140 William Street, Perth

If you’ve been looking for practical tips on how you can get more people cycling more often at your workplace this Forum is for you.

Salary Packaging E-bikes
You will hear how the City of Albany became the first workplace in WA to offer their staff the option of salary sacrificing an e-bike for the trip to and from work. Then Kent Kavanagh, co-founder of E-Stralian will talk about how his company is helping make e-bike ownership simple and hassle-free via their unique e-bike salary packaging solution.

Workplace Pool Bikes
We’ve put together a diverse and expert panel primed for your questions on why they’ve introduced pool bikes, how they’ve done it, what are some of the pitfalls and conversely some top tips on how to get staff engaged and using those bikes.

Panel Members
• Julie Passmore, TravelSmart Officer, City of Albany
• Claire White, TravelSmart Coordinator, QEII
• Cindy Goncalves, Marketing and Customer Experience Manager, Central Park Management
• Julie McMinn, Program Coordinator, Switch Your Thinking

Register Here

20161008 - Caulfield Racecourse - IMG_2718.jpg

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

5-packs of SmartRiders now up for grabs in the shop

We have a new shop item to help you encourage people at your workplace to use public transport – a pack of five SmartRiders each loaded with $20 for 100 points.

SmartRiders are reusable smart cards which allow hassle free travel on Transperth services. These packs of five SmartRiders cards, each loaded with $20 to get you started, can be used as business SmartRiders for staff to use for work trips throughout the day or you could use them as staff give-aways to encourage people to try public transport for the work commute – it is up to you!

The City of Belmont has a long history of using SmartRiders for business trips. Belmont’s Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Cole, leads by example, using public transport regularly for business trips, including taking his Directors to meetings in Perth by train. If you would like some tips on how you can introduce office SmartRiders for business trips at your workplace then click here

Stuart Cole.jpg

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Justine (Your Move) Smith

Plastic Free July

2017 PFJ CPP Team.jpg

Here at Your Move, we’re all taking part in Plastic Free July 2017.

We’ve found that the social, environmental and hip-pocket benefits of walking and riding are often shared with that of reducing single use plastic waste in our day to day lives. If you’re a coffee drinker, lots of cafes in Perth CBD are now offering a discount for BYO cups. Find your closest here.

Most grocery stores also supply reusable bags for you to bring your shopping home in. There are lots of guides online for making your own produce bags; here’s just one page which describes it well.

Next time you hop on your bike, or prepare to go for a walk, have a prepared pack that you can grab and go. We recommend a metal water bottle (the Your Move bottle would work well), a keep cup for coffee, and a cloth reusable bag. Check out the Plastic Free July website to take the pledge today (perhaps on behalf of your workplace too). Lots more resources can be found there too, like their action picker. For more really practical tips and tricks on navigating the challenge, head to Treading My Own Path.

Search #PFJ to follow the story on Instagram and Facebook.

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Competition Now Open - Get Online with Your Move

Competition Your Move VISA (3).jpg (1)

Is your organisation or school online with Your Move yet? Well now is a great time to join up because if you join up and get active on the Your Move website your school or workplace could win $1,000 towards active transport initiatives! What’s not to love about that?

The competition is open to any school or workplace in WA that joins the Your Move program and takes action to promote walking, cycling and/or public transport among its students or employees.

Sounds good right? Here’s how you can be in the running for a prize. Before September 20 you will need to:
1. Register your school or workplace on the Your Move website.
2. Run a travel survey with your students or employees - see the website to find out how (if you can’t run a survey before then talk to us about arranging a later survey)
3. Complete at least one activity (choose from the many listed on the website)
4. Post at least one story on the website about what you did.

There will be one prize valued at $1,000 for a school and one prize valued at $1,000 for a workplace. Prizes will be provided in the form of reward points on the Your Move website and can be used to obtain goods or services listed (like Bike Dr maintenance or training sessions, bicycle or scooter racks, bicycle education sessions, SmartRider cards and merchandise such as bag and water bottles).

The winners will be drawn at random on World Car Free Day, Friday September 22, 2017 at the Department of Transport, 140 William Street, Perth, WA. We will contact the winners by phone or email and post an announcement on the Your Move website.

Please contact us if you need help, either through the website or email or phone 6551 6000.

By entering this competition you agree to these terms and conditions.

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Finding our way


Thirty members of our Your Move community came together on Wednesday morning to think about wayfinding. What works? What doesn’t work? How can you use wayfinding to support active transport in your community, school or workplace?

The morning started with a wayfinding scavenger hunt, done in small teams, to get us engaging critically with the many wayfinding signs between Elizabeth Quay Train Station and the new City of Perth Library.

After a quick debrief we heard from our panel of experts:
• Eden Shepherd, Principal Urban Designer with the MRA focused on the many cues we use to find our way – including landmarks, surfaces, signs and our phones.
• Ben Hames, Design Director at Axiom delved into the top five design elements to consider and five common mistakes.
• Darryl Butler, the Owner and Director of Total Signs, had some great local examples of wayfinding projects using on-ground signage.

It was great to see a number of local governments bring a small across-portfolio team to the event to inform their latest wayfinding projects.

There were lots of great takeouts from the morning’s session but here are my two:
• Eden and Ben emphasised the need to start early, involve relevant stakeholders and develop a framework. Wayfinding should be planned not ad hoc and works best when architects, engineers, designers and active transport planners talk together.
• Ben and Darryl reminded us that what looks fabulous in the board room may look totally out of place and illegible in its final real-world location – think about the user and the context (bigger may be better).

Let us know in the comment section below what your takeout was?

Click on the link to download the Axiom presentation


Click on the link to download the Total Signs presentation

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Parking isn't quite as important to a business as you might think!

It's a common misconception that if you remove parking from outside your business, your business will suffer. As reported by 'The Conversation', the opposite is actually the case!

Research was conducted in three restaurant precincts in Brisbane focused on verifying if car parking is as important as restaurateurs believe.

To understand more about the importance of car parking, customers’ mode of transportation to travel to the restaurant and their spend were investigated as well as restaurateurs’ perception on both aspects.


Read on for the interesting results..


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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

5 minutes with Julie Passmore, City of Albany

Albany front cover.JPG

The City of Albany is one of our 'frequent-posters.' If you've been wondering who is behind these great posts then come spend 5 minutes with Julie Passmore.

1. What is a recent active transport win you’ve had at work?
The City of Albany is the first organisation in WA to offer staff the option to lease e-Bikes via salary sacrifice. Two staff members have taken up the option already and often share the e-Bike love with people they meet on their work commutes. Our Mayor is also a new e-Bike convert and is regularly seen around town commuting by bike!
2. How do you try and cycle or walk more in your own life?
I cycle to work two or three days a week after putting my kids on the bus to school. On the days I drive in, once I’ve parked the car I try to walk or ride for meetings and errands – an easy choice thanks to the staff e-Bike fleet. As a family we’re walking our way through the shorter routes on the 10 Great Walks Albany map.
3. Why do you think e-bikes are proving so popular in Albany?
Albany is a beautiful place to cycle but the hills can be a challenge. With an e-Bike you get assistance up hills and into the wind while still enjoying the amazing views – it’s pedal power with boost!
4. Tell us about a challenge you’ve had in promoting active transport and how you tried to overcome it?

Active transport can seem daunting – some folks think it’s a good idea for others but too hard for their own busy lives. I try to encourage people to take small steps and start by choosing just one trip or part of a trip they can do without the car.

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Have you heard? We're holding a forum on Wayfinding


As part of the Your Move brand transition the TravelSmart Workplace Forums have been given a make-over and transformed into quarterly Your Move Forums. These forums are now open, and promoted, to our workplace, schools and local government Your Move networks. They are still held quarterly and they aim to provide you with skills, insights and inspiration to get your communities choosing active transport more often.

The May forum’s focus is ‘wayfinding.’ Helping people navigate their way is important to support active transport. Using the bus or bike is difficult if finding your way to the stop or bike cage is a challenge.

We have been getting a lot of queries coming through our inbox of late about wayfinding; be it schools wanting to use pavement markings to indicate safe routes to school, local governments encouraging road and path users to slow down and share the space or workplaces wanting to point the way to their bike parking facilities. So in response to those queries we have a designed an action packed 2 hour forum to help you find your way through the wayfinding quagmire. 

To find out more about the May 31st Forum check out the event invite.

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Support Cycling with great workplace bike facilities - forum report back

Last Tuesday we hosted our first official Your Move forum, 'Workplace Bike Parking: Plan, Build, Manage,' all about how to improve workplace bike parking so more people are encouraged to ride for their work commute.

web forum activity.jpg

We had two fabulous guest speakers. Jacob Martin from Cardno used local examples, including his own workplace and the Curtin University Bike Pods to talk about some of the challenges faced when putting in workplace bike facilities. He really emphasised the need for great wayfinding signs, for building quality facilities and for including as least some 'frills' such as drying cupboards, bike pumps and water fountains.

Tenille Teakle from Woods Bagot, a global architecture company, took us on a tour of two recently installed, top of the range bike facilities that demonstrated what a difference good design can make to getting ready for work. It seems they'd thought of everything from a towel service to e-bike charging stations, to lost property boxes and in-built hair straighteners and hair-dryers.

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