Bassendean, this year we want to help you get moving!

Your Move is a free program providing information, useful tools and one-on-one support to people living in Bassendean, Ashfield and Eden Hill. Together, we’ll work towards a healthier, more active and connected lifestyle by encourage walking, riding a bike and using public transport more often.

When is the program happening?

Your Move will be buzzing in the Bassendean community between February – May 2019. We'll be working with individual residents, schools and workplaces to encourage them to walk, ride a bike or catch the bus or train instead of always driving.

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How can I sign up?

If you are currently living in the Town of Bassendean, you can either call us on 08 9463 2391, or you can schedule a call-back by registering your interest online. Otherwise you can just wait and our team will give you a call or visit your house sometime in February or March. 

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Why the Town of Bassendean?

Bassendean is a well-connected community with good public transport links to the city. Through a detailed analysis, Bassendean was selected as a local area that has a good opportunity to increase walking, cycling and public transport use.

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Participating Schools and Workplaces

Apart from residents, Your Move will also be working closely with local schools such as Bassendean, Ashfield, and Eden Hill Primary Schools. We'll also be working with the Town of Bassendean as a workplace.

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The benefits of signing up to Your Move

There are lots of great reasons to make your move today - hear it from those who've done it.

older lady.png

"Chatting to other Movers on the bus made me feel like I’m part of a growing community.” Barbara


"If it wasn't for Your Move, I never would have taken that first step.” Rhonda

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"Your Move is helping me and my family lead a more healthy and active lifestyle." Rob

Young Woman.png

"I’ve started catching the train to Perth, then I walk to the bus stop and bus it to Nedlands." Katey

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