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Rick Eikelboom

Term finishes with prize givaways

This story is related to Run an active transport challenge

After a very big drive to encourage the students to cycle to school, the year six class has come up trumps. The challenge was set at the beginning of week 3 of 4th term, a challenge to change habits in how they came to school. Cycling was promoted and a record sheet was designed and made by some student for them to mark the days they cycled, scooted or walked to school.

Today we came to the end of the challenge and a collective total of 282 day were recorded by the 16 students in year six. WOW, an average of nearly 18 days each. 5 students cycled a total of 31 or more days out of a possible 33 school days, days we were at school after the challenge started. One student managed 32 days. These students were relatively close to school, within a 5km radius, while other students made great efforts and arrangements to be dropped off at a friends place as they lived out of town on farms.

Earlier this term the school was gifted a 'Bike Promotion Package Voucher' from the Department of Transport, with the voucher spent buying bike related accessories from Passmore Cycles. As rewards the students were able to choose a prize for their outstanding commitment to change travel habits, choosing a healthier way to get to school. prizes included speedometers, lights, pedals, floor pumps, tools, riding gloves, drink bottles, bike cleaners and hand grips. Below are the happy students with their rewards. Thanks to Your Moves for the initiatives and we look forward to continuing next year with healthy habits.


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David Paddon

Term 4 Walking School Bus

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Thank you to the Woodland Grove Community who participated in our Walking School Bus on Friday 7th December 2018 to promote healthy living and active transport to and from school. Every classroom has been discussing the positive benefits active lifestyles have to our health.

Woodland Grove.jpg

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Julia Calvert

Transperth Get on Board Incursions

This story is related to Transperth Get on Board incursion

On Wednesday, 6 December, Room 6 & 8 were visited by Mr McMahon from Transperth. He explained that there will be a new Transperth app so you can plan and track your journey which was pretty important for our students who are heading off to high school and possibly using public transport next year. Mr McMahon also informed students on ways to stay safe while using transport which included safety around stations but also what to do if you needed help. Students also learned about Smart Riders, how to put money on them and how to use them.


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Leon Ebbelaar
City of Melville

Macrae Rd and bike safety

This story is related to Suggestions to Local Gov for pathway improvements

Macrae Rd, running parallel to Canning Hwy in Applecross has long been a Perth Bike Network route providing bike riders with a direct route through local streets while avoiding dangerous traffic on Canning Hwy.

As journey times on Canning Hwy increased drivers started to rat-run along Macrae Rd making Macrae rd at Ardross St the second most dangerous place to ride a bike in Perth. Crashes between bike riders and drivers were also very high along the length of Macrae Rd. (See photos below).

A pre-deflection was installed at Perth’s second most dangerous intersection (Ardross St at Macrae Rd) and this intersection has not seen a single bike rider crash in the 4 years since it was constructed.

A cul-de-sac of Macrae at Gairloch has further reduced crashes along Macrae from 9 crashes in the three years before the closure to 4 crashes in the three years since the closure.

The proposed cul de sac treatment divided public opinion however after a one year trial using rubber kerbing and extensive before and after traffic surveys the works were made permanent.

Evaluations continue to ensure safety remains a priority and interestingly some residents who opposed the works are now supportive because the quieter streets are much more family-friendly.

Macrae before and crashed bike.jpg (1)
Macrae Rd after people.jpg (1)
Cul de sac and pre deflection of Macrae aerials.jpg

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Elaine Lewis

Fun Choosing Rewards

This story is related to Reflection

Our Your Move Team meet today to select reward prizes worth 350 points, before they expired! We chose prizes that were very popular with students throughout the year, such as, bike bells, mini torches, the $50 Rebel voucher, backpacks, reflective wrist bands and an apple slinky machine. What fun for 2019!

DSCN2056 (Small).JPG

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Elaine Lewis

Reflections on Your Move in 2018

This story is related to Reflection

Members of the Term 4 Your Move team completed a group PMI about Your Move in 2018. Some of the Positives were: Your Move is fun; getting more people involved; giving out prizes; less pollution; helping people to be healthy; making posters; and doing PA announcements. Only a few Minuses were identified: Your Move team having to get to school early on Your Move special days; suspicion that some children weren't truthful about using active transport or were confused when we did the HUS; and giving up our lunchtimes to do Your Move jobs. Some of the Interesting Ideas included: teaching people how to care for their bikes; having a bike race under controlled conditions for safety; and having different raffles depending on how far away from the school you live. Great reflections!

DSCN2058 (Small).JPG

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Nadine Radin

Rockingham Hospital joins Your Move

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RockGHb0158.jpg (2)

Rockingham Hospital has recently signed up to Your Move, with the hope to commence a number of access and active transport activities and promotions to staff in 2019.
With over 1,000 staff members at Rockingham Hospital the Healthier Workplace Working Group decided to join Your Move and start with an access survey to investigate current ways individuals are getting to work.
With this access survey, the plan is to assist more staff to travel to work via active transport, cycling or walking. The plan will also encourage staff to be physically active whilst at work by using a number of walking trails around the hospital site.
Stay tuned for more stories in 2019.

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Leon Ebbelaar
City of Melville

Can positive stimuli improve driver behaviour?

This story is related to Special contribution to a project

Melville, like everywhere, has many streets where residents complain about the speed of drivers. When 85th percentile speeds are 10km/hr or more above the posted speed limit traffic data is sent to the Police who consider using speed cameras to moderate speeds.

However we have many more streets where drivers are travelling between 1 and 9 km/hr above the speed limit causing concern for residents but not enough to trigger attention from the Police.

Speeding drivers impact on how residents use the street and has serious implications for road safety. A study of Western Australian car crashes showed that 32% of pedestrians killed would have survived if the driver was driving just five kilometres an hour slower, and one person in 10 would not have not been hit at all! (Source: Office of Road Safety

The 'Safe Speed Check' signs have an inbuilt radar allowing the sign to display each drivers individual speed, a corresponding smiley face or a frowny face and a reminder of the posted speed.

For engineering staff the Safe Speed Check signs record 2 speeds for each vehicle that passes. The V1 speed is recorded when the vehicle first enters the radar beam and a second V2 speed is recorded when the vehicle is adjacent to the sign after the driver has responded to the sign.

Like getting a sticker at school for good behaviour it seems that as adult drivers we still respond to positive stimul and reminders! Drivers can be seen to be reducing their speed to match the speed limit while the signs are in operation.

Currently signs are operating on Preston Pt Rd, Bull Creek Dve and Bateman Rd. In a few months we’ll relocate them to three new locations on some of our ‘speedier’ streets. The footings will stay in place and be re-used as needed.

The signs quantify driver speed reductions and we will also do speed / traffic counts along the roads while the signs are in place and after they have been removed to see if there is a residual effect on driver speeds after the signs have been removed. Typically we have been getting a reduction in 85th percentile speeds of around 4km/hr.

Already the signs have been valuable in terms of managing resident expectations for vehicle speeds in their street. At around $6,000 installed the signs are cost effective. If they prove to be effective in the long term there is the potential to replace traditional Local Area Traffic Management - being more cost-effective than chicanes / roundabouts and more palatable than speed cushions.

We’ll continue investigations however the Safe Speed Check signs appear to be doing a good job to date............. and we have ordered 2 more!

Safe Speed Check Sign Montage.jpg (1)

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Healthy Competition Between Councils

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\Downloads\How do you get to work 3.PNG

The City of Fremantle and the City of Cockburn share a border and also share drive and passion to make their city and their workplaces more bike, walk and public transport friendly. I used healthy rivalry to encourage more staff to participate in our annual travel survey.

We hope to earn 50 Your Move points by doing so and hopefully the satisfaction of being the top Your Move workplace for 2018 and beat the City of Fremantle who were currently sitting in top place! Initially I emailed the survey link to staff, but since I posted on the intranet, the number of people completing the online survey have doubled. 73 staff have completed the survey so far, so I am hoping it encourages a few more to do so.

We have completed a number of travel surveys over the years. Everyone that completes the survey will go into a prize draw. I will distribute some of the rewards we have earned via Your Move.

I will use the survey data to help plan the workplace travel strategies for 2019.

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Jillian Woolmer
City of Cockburn

Installing Public Bike Racks for Visitors

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\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Bike shed bike parking.jpg

Bike Lockers are fine for staff to use when they ride to work. We also have bike racks for visitors next to the library and a bike fix station. Bike parking is closer than car parking and it gets used pretty frequently as you have good passive surveillance as it is near a window and also adjacent to the main access from the car park.

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike racks at library.jpg

We have been installing racks for staff and separate racks for visitor access at our newer workplaces at the Operations Centre and Cockburn ARC. Bikes for visitors tend to be outside the fence so they are easy for visitors to access while staff racks are within the fenced area. They are covered by electronic surveillance as well as passive surveillance as they are near main entries.

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\bike racks for visitors.jpg

Visitor racks provided at the Cockburn ARC (Aquatic Recreation Centre) have electronic surveillance and are near the main entry. Additional racks are also available nearby.

\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Cockburn ARC bike parking.jpg
\\\userdata\Home\jwoolmer\My Documents\My Pictures\Bike Parking Omeo Reserve 2018.jpg

Demand for bike parking is increasing at workplaces and also various places we want to go throughout the City of Cockburn. The latest place that we installed public bike parking is at the northern end of Coogee beach - ready for Summer. This location is primarily for visitors to Port Coogee to look at the Omeo Diver Trail and is adjacent to the new stairs at Omeo Reserve. As more and more people ride, we will be adding more bike parking.

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