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Chloe Mallen

Year Group Assemblies

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This week a few of our amazing Green Team members spoke at the year group assemblies about the Green Team and the Your Move program. They not only presented to a whole year group (about 300 students) but the principal, deputy's and parents. The intention of this was to advertise and recruit new members. We have already had lots of students show an interest in joining and cannot wait to meet our new members on Wednesday. Well Done Brayden, Bella and Caileb!!

IMG_1746.JPG (4)

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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Off & running (& riding ...)

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The Team met for the first time today. The initial part of the session was for all of the leaders' groups to discuss what it is to be a role model; terms like integrity, connecting with others & being on the front foot with doing the right thing were key to that discussion.

From there each of the different groups set about establishing their responsibilities.

The YM Team set the scene by talking about being SMART with planning for events & campaigns. As is always one of the first tasks, I asked each member of our Team to think about their aspirations for their YM year. Next week we will get these down in print!

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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

SOY Hands -Up completed.

Pleased to say the tide may be turning in favour of Active Transport! Looking back over 2017 & 2018 SOY & EOY Active Transport results, this year's results are promising.

  • 2017 SOY 47% EOY 49%
  • 2018 SOY 46% EOY 53%
  • 2019 SOY 53%

This data will provide a benchmark for setting our AT goals for this year. I will take this information to the Team next week for a decision on setting SMART goals for this year.

It is heartening to see that our AT % from the end of last year has been maintained into the start of this year. This was evident with a walk past the bike racks early last week (plenty of bikes!) Sure & steady we ARE getting there; the challenge now is to MAINTAIN (or increase) the AT component of coming to school.

I am sure the Team will come up with some great ideas. Watch this space.

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Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

Ambassador Trikes

The City provides over 20 Ambassadors for visitors to the city and especially when a cruise ship is in port. They are stationed at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal, Visitors Centre and Parry Street bus shuttle stop. The volunteer Ambassadors are there to answer questions, hand out maps of the city and provide information and help to all visitors.
Last year, the centre purchased two trikes for our Ambassadors to use to get to and from the Passenger and to carry visitor info. Their maiden voyage was last week when the Queen Elizabeth was in port. Ambassador comments about the trikes include “they are great – the big basket at the back lets us carry all our gear plus water and lunch”…..”The bikes a big and bright and a bit unusual – they attract people, which makes it more engaging with visitors and passers by”.


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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Access Guide a Winner!

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For more information on how to do this, click here

A lasting legacy of our 2018 YM Team will be the creation of our Access Guide, hot off the press just yesterday. What a great addition to the beginning of the year information pack! This great little resource will be available to the school community through the SkoolBag App. It could also be used by classes as an educational resource, in any number of applications.

WPS map image.png

The time that we took to gather the information required to put the Access Guide together was well worth it. As soon as we read about the Access Guide, we knew it was a winner. We just had to have enough points (500) to get the ball rolling. So story by story, the Team beavered away, earning sufficient points to get started. Then to gathering the information needed to formulate the Guide, such as:

  • Popular routes to school
  • Guarded Crossings
  • Bike parking
  • Kiss & ride

The Team undertook a class survey to ascertain which streets seemed to be the popular routes to school. We then widened this by asking families to complete a map indicating their routes to school. This helped us to select the 4 major routes.

Next each of the Team was asked to write a testimonal of a specific number of characters; easier said than done sometimes! All of the testimonials hit the spot but only 2 (& that's how many were needed!) came in at the required number.

Then to map our information onto the interactive map. With that completed our side of the bargain was done. Now to wait for the magic to happen & await the draft to be checked before becoming the real deal.

We planned to allocate Term 4 to getting everything ready for our Access Guide so hopefully the finished product would be ready for the new school year. The time taken & planning paid off, when last week after checking through the draft, we had our school Access Guide.

A Team effort all round. A very big WELL DONE & thank you to our 2018 Team. You have done us proud.

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David Paddon
Your Move Schools Team

YM Schools Bike Week Competition

BikeWeek 2019 Promo Small.jpg

The Your Move Schools team is happy to announce the launch of our Bike Week Competition!

Here at Your Move we think Bike Week is the best. We want to hear about what your school is planning for Bike Week and the year ahead, and by doing so you can win big!

By entering the competition, you're in with a chance to win your school an Obstacle Course lesson delivered by the Your Move Schools team, a huge Bike Week Prize Pack, and 150 points to spend in the Your Move Rewards Shop!

To find out how to enter, Visit the competition website for more details!

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Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Welcoming new families to Your Move

This story is related to Provide maps and active travel information

For more information on how to do this, click here

Our amazing Albany Primary School P+C put together welcome packs for all families of kindy and pre primary students - which this year, included a copy of our Park + Ride/Walk map. A great way to get new members of the school community thinking about different ways to get to school, and setting up healthy transport habits from week 1!

welcome pack.jpg

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Arlene Yates
Warnbro Primary School

Ready to Go again!

Friday's Assembly moved to Monday, but the outcome is the same! The new Team has been introduced to the school community today. Welcome Lurren, Charlotte, Shyloh, Bryce, Ferdinand & Ashleigh. What a great start to what is going to be another busy ACTIVE year!

With YM shirts & badges, the Team is ready to go for Wednesday when we make a start on YM 2019.


Set to go!

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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

Ready, steady, go!

This story is related to Planning session with Your Move

On Wednesday, 30 January our ToB champions held a workshop led by David from the Your Move team to assist us in planning out our workplace actions and creating a travel plan.

We started by looking at the main findings of our travel survey which as per my previous post indicates that most people were driving and hardly anyone was using public transport which is pretty normal behaviour when there’s free and ample parking around the Town.

We then began identifying some opportunities and challenges for staff when reconsidering their travel choices. In this case having a person from HR present was a real asset when attempting to think of existing strategies we could leverage to get the ball rolling on workplace activities.

Although a few barriers emerged that needed immediate attention; lack of access to end of trip facilities and lack of secure bike parking around the Town.

This led us to brainstorm some quick wins that we could put in place as soon as possible. As there’s no point in encouraging people to ride when there’s no place to shower or park their bike during the work day! No one want to be sweaty and get their bike stolen – am I right?!

At the moment we are currently in the process of finalising the action plan and can’t wait to let you know what we come up with.

Train, PSP, Busport - Best.jpg

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