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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Ride 2 school

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Our ride to school day was an in school event in conjunction with Westminster Primary School. Students were able to bring their scooters or bikes to school and participate in a ride around the campus. Different courses were set up so students could choose according to their ability and confidence. The day was a great inclusive opportunity for all students.

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SCOTT Tapper

Police - Road and Bike Safety Visit

In preparation for the upcoming school holidays and develop our whole school approach to promoting physical activity, community safety and better transport awareness, all kindergarten to year 12 students engaged in special workshops following the establishment of a new partnership with our local policing team.


Each class presentation was tailored to promote a different element of our Your Move plan - encompassing everything from developing greater road awareness, utilising bikes and scooters vs cars and greater physical activity as a whole.


This initiative follows from a spike in students not wearing helmets or choosing to arrive to school via car ....... all behaviours which have since changed upon joining the Your Move program!


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SCOTT Tapper

Your Move Cross Country Day @LGDHS!

The LGDHS 'your move' themed Cross Country event this past Wednesday saw all Kindergarten to Year 12 students engaged in physical activity as they navigated new cross country tracks designed by students for students.


Parents and spectators were encouraged to join in the fun, many of which, walked to the event and participated on the day - with students designing posters to promote physical activity, greater use of bikes, scooters and walking with the aim to reduce the use of cars as a whole.

IMG_1076.JPG (1)

Our new Your Move team recorded parents mode of transport upon arrival and were pleased to see 75% arrive to school without use of a vehicle. Last year nearly all parents drove to the event.

This year saw special 500m, 1km, 2km, 3km and 4km tracks used depending on the age level of the students - making use of the beautiful natural terrain of the local area.


Students wore new coloured visibility vests to identify students of all different year levels and our start and finish lines were adapted so that all competitors could start and finish the race together - meaning that no student would feel that they were 'last'.

IMG_1137.JPG (1)

It was an inspiring sight to see all students, irrespective of ability, take part in the event - many working together to finish the family friendly race.

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David Chia

Tuart Hill PS inaugural planned active day: Walk to School Wednesday

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THPS geared up for its first planned active travel day held on Wed 1st July 2020.

As a newcomer to the YM program, the school was eager to make a splash on a promoted active travel day before term 2 ended. Having seen the stats from the Hands Up survey it was evident car use was the most used form of transportation to school (as evident by car congestion at drop off times)

A week prior to W2SW, messages were posted on the P&C facebook page, school e-newsletter and various parent group chat forums to promote the day. Creative and enthusiastic parents Wendi & Noah created an awesome promotional digital flyer !

W2SW flyer.jpg

Our awesome principal Bev provided great encouragement and resource to the day. She made up participation certificates for those students who would walk, scooter or bike ride to school. Bev made the call for yr 6 student leaders to help write and distribute certificates on the day (staff, parent & student leader meeting to be held early term 3). An influx of student leaders raised their hands for leadership which was a great sign.

W2SW was a roaring success! It was a site to see a sea of students (and parents) pound the pavement, scooter or bike ride to school with happy smiles on their faces. The morning felt different from the usual, there was energy in the air from physical exercise. Car congestion was non-existent. Lester, our legendary lollipop larrikan commented he has not been this busy manning the crosswalks ever! I said to Lester he should expect to work a lot harder from now on :)

W2SW certificate.jpg
W2SW #3.jpg
Scout scooter.jpg
W2SW #4.jpg
W2SW #1.jpg (1)
W2SW #54.jpg
W2SW Gryffn.jpg

Parent and student feedback about the promoted active travel day was very positive, they loved it! WS2W has now been declared every Wed from the beginning of term 3 onwards with incentives planned for students.

*note: respective parents of children featured in close up shots have consented to have their image/s posted here

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Julia Calvert

Transport Graphing by Year 1

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Year 1, Room 5, did a survey on how we travelled to school on Wednesday. We tallied the number of people who travelled by - car, bus, walk or bike. We recorded the data in bar graphs. Although there was a high number of children who travelled by car, I think it may have been due to rainy weather on the day we did the survey. We will repeat the survey next term when the weather has improved.

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Julia Calvert

All right, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up!

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Capture.PNG (1)

So this just happened!! It was extremely exciting to be chosen as part of the Your Move promotion video. The students were super excited to be acting and interviewed. We made the perfect choice in parent to be interviewed, Alex Murray, who happens to own his own bike shop! 5 students were selected to do individual interviews while the rest of the Your Move Committee were filmed for various parts in a group. The most nervous out of everyone was me! I stumbled over a few words but got there eventually. I was so excited about the recognition for our Your Move program that I even posted it on Facebook teaching pages! We are all looking forward to seeing the final product!

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Elaine Lewis

Fume Free Friday Fun 2

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Last Friday our YM team organised another Fume Free Friday acknowledgement event. The team greeted all students who came to school in an active way with a choice of rewards - stickers, badges or tattoos. The students didn't know this was a planned event so they were rewarded for being active without the lure of a reward!


This FFF event went well and active students were very pleased to be welcomed to school with a surprise offering.

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Gill Strange

Gold at Inglewood Primary School.

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Last year we were very fortunate to have an excellent group of parents, staff and students who got behind the ‘Your Move’ program. This meant that we became eligible to receive a Connecting Schools grant worth up to $2400. By the end of the year we had 45% of our students using active transport where the national average was 34%.

With the grant money, the school installed 2 new scooter racks and 1 bike rack, all of which was being well used within the first day of installation. A big thank you to “Your Move". This week the students enjoyed a scooter lunchtime session, the scooter racks were a great success for storing the extra scooters at school. Stay tuned for photos and the story behind the scooter day.

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Julia Calvert

Competition Winners, Planning and Celebrations


Today was a busy day for Your Move at Winterfold. It was the due date for our Finish the Drawing Competition and we had to choose the winners. We had an abundance of entries and it was definitely difficult choosing winners. We eventually were able to choose a winner, runner up and two honourable mentions from each block.

In addition to choosing winners, announcing them and delivering prizes we also held our wrap up the term meeting. We looked at what we had achieved and penciled in an agenda for next terms planning meeting, which included our next Winterfold It's Your Move newsletter.

Finally, we celebrated all we had achieved so far this term with some tasty treats. Despite COVID interrupting our plan, we have still managed to achieve Gold accreditation and are hoping to get to Platinum in the first half of next term - we are only about 70 points off and have one further story to post this week!

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Andrea Smithson

Looking ahead + great HU survey news

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As this crazy term comes to a close and some certainty returns, we've finally had a chance to do some planning for the rest of the year - and there's some great stuff coming up! We'll be able to restart our regular TravelSmart Tuesdays in Term 3, and will be working with our Year 6's to plan an active transport transition to high school. Beyond that, Term 4 is also looking like a cracker with some Bike Ed sessions planned and linking in with the incoming kindy and PP parents to promote our active transport message. Alongside all this, we'll be on the lookout for some parents/family members who are keen to come on board and get involved in our active transport initiatives.

We've also had some really positive news from our Term 2 Hands Up survey, which we conducted earlier in the term. As well as tracking our overall progress, we have looked specifically at the Year 5/6 cohort over the last couple of years. In Term 1, this group cracked the 50% mark for AT - and in Term 2 they went even higher to 52%. This is such great news and shows that with growing independence we can really see the uptake of active transport. Onward and upward!

Capture.PNG (2)

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