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Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

More Staff Bike Parking and Key Learning

As a New Year present our Facilities team have freed up a storage container at the City’s temporary Administration Centre for additional staff bike parking. Keeping to our port shipping and maritime roots, the Facilities team converted a shipping container surplus to the City cleaning team requirements, to provide additional bike parking. The current bike parking container has the wall mounted racks, which work great for lighter bikes or if you are strong – but not for heavier e-bikes, cargo bikes or kid-carriers. The new container caters for staff with these types of bikes, has charging points, will have shelves and hooks for helmets and clothing and frees up community bike parking in front of the library. Key learning – bike parking is not generic anymore! The bike containers are great but we are all looking forward to using the end of trip facilities in the new Administration building in Kings Square in 2021, which we hope will get more staff out of cars and into active transport.

New Staff Bike Parking Container1.JPG
New Staff Bike Parking Container.JPG

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

New Bike Map for Curtin

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Curtin Bike Map 2020 Internal_Print_HR.jpg

A new bike map that clearly shows where the end-of-trip facilities are located has been produced. There are 2 sides, the back side gives information on all transport modes and they fold up into a pocket size! It is hoped this will more clearly show new staff and students, as well as those thinking of changing commuting habits, that there are quite a few locations to securely store your bike.

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Joanna Webster

Newsletter Articles: Term 4

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We have been promoting Your Move heavily in our school throughout Term 4, with student leaders speaking at assembly or on the PA system and visiting classrooms to hand out posters for our events (Motor-Free Mondays & Dress Up Your Bike Day). They even came to school at night time to speak to the school board!

In addition to this, Mr Clarke, Ms Druce and Ms Webster have been talking about Your Move in each newsletter, as well as many Facebook and Connect posts.


It was a big month for Your Move at LGPS and we can’t wait to hit the ground running in 2020!

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Joanna Webster

First Parent Survey!

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In the final week of a Term 4, our Your Move Champion, Miss Webster, sent out a parent survey to gauge parent perceptions of active transportation. We are new to our Your Move journey and we wanted to uncover some of the barriers to walking or riding to school, since our first Hands Up survey showed that around 70% of our students arrive at school via car.

The survey was a digital version of the template found here on this website, and was answered in detail by 76 Lake Gwelup Primary School families!


Out of the 76 families who answered the survey, 67 of them live within 2 kilometres of the school. All families believed that using active travel was a good idea, particularly due to the health benefits.

Some of the main barriers to using active travel was the safety, particularly with regards to crossing the very busy North Beach Road. Other families are very busy themselves and parents need to rush off to work immediately after drop off, or attend sporting activities after school.

Still, the response has been great so far and we look forward to tackling these barriers more in 2020!

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Joanna Webster

Dress Up Your Bike Day 2019!

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The last Monday of Term 4 was our fourth and final “Motor-Free Monday” for the year! The Transport Troopers also decided to make it a festive themed “Dress Up Your Bike Day” and dish out some of our awesome new Your Move prizes to the keen riders!


We had so many participants all the way from Kindy to Year 6! The biggest turn out by far was the Year 2 cohort.. Well done Year 2s!

We had over 50 participants and gave prizes out to the top 2 from each grade (voted by the Transport Troopers). Our favourite bikes featured flashing lights and some creatively placed tinsel!

Well done all... We can’t wait to see what else the Transport Troopers come up with next year to keep this ball rolling!

Below are some pics, but you can also view the post on our Facebook page: Lake Gwelup Primary School


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Leanne Lee

Walking School Bus 2019

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Victoria Park Primary School was very pleased to continue the Walking School Bus in 2019. We were able to offer this service on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings with the help of our amazing parent volunteers. We are so grateful for your ongoing support and could not do it without you! Looking forward to continuing this valuable service in 2020.

Some of the children have shared what they enjoy most about the Walking School Bus (WSB)…

“I get to see my friends and talk to them on the way, and it gives me lots of exercise so I enjoy it.” Josie

“I like the WSB because it’s healthy, and I like to talk with my friends.” Matteo

“It is relaxing and I like to talk to anyone I see on the WSB.” Zoe

“I like to hang out with Matteo on the WSB.” Jasper

“I like the WSB because you get more exercise and it helps your body.” Millie

WSB_2019 Image.jpg

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Leanne Lee

Constable Care Safety School

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Victoria Park Primary School students from Years 4-6, were delighted to attend the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands. What an outstanding, realistic environment for students to learn and practise vital pedestrian, bicycle and public transport travel safety skills. A very big thank you to Victoria Park Primary School P&C who funded this amazing opportunity! And thank you to the fabulous team at Constable Care for making the experience one to remember!

Here is what the children had to say…

“From today’s excursion at Constable Care I learnt that you need to go to a pedestrian crossing if it is only 20 metres away from you. Also I learnt that when exiting a roundabout you should put your left hand out to indicate you are exiting.” Siddhanth

“A key message I learnt today is that if you are given the choice you should not sit on the front seat as it is more hazardous.” Riddhi

“First of all I really enjoyed visiting the Constable Care Safety School. I really enjoyed riding the bikes and answering the questions on the iPads. The thing that I’m always going to remember is that if you are 20 metres from a road crossing, you have to use it.” Medhansh

“I learnt how to use an indicator when riding around a roundabout… right when riding, left when exiting.” Arya

CC 1.jpg

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Jessica Truss

Hands Up Survey results

Having just completed our Term 4 Hands up Survey, we have seen a fantastic effort in terms of the increase in active transport contributing towards lowering our carbon footprint at BSC. Since the start of this year, we have seen a 12% decrease in driving, a 5% increase in walking, a 6% increase in public transport and a 15% increase in cycling at our college! We are looking forward to smashing our goal of having over 70% of our students actively travelling to school in 2020. For the Year 7 students who are starting at BSC in 2020, we have a number of resources ready for you to use to get to school on foot, bike or bus safely! Our Access Map which outlines the most common walking, riding and bus routes is available on our website and also below. We also have our footpath stencils located around the estate which identify the time, direction and distance to the college if walking and cycling. We wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and we are looking forward to actively travelling into 2020!

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.20.22 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.36.09 pm.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 1.36.18 pm.png

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Sharnie Stuart

"Move It" Competition!

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The P&C's school Traffic Management Group organised a school competition called 'Move It, Move It' to draw a picture and promote traffic safety and alternative transportational modes. These designs will then be used for the future stickers we intend to create to acknowledge those who are taking on board good traffic behaviours.

Look at these excellent 1st, 2nd & 3rd place competition winners. We were so thrilled with these entries. Excellent work MLPS students!

Move It Competition.JPG

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Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

New Fremantle Urban Bike Explorer Maps

We are excited to announce two Fremantle additions to Tourism Western Australia’s Urban Bike Explorer series of cycle trails maps that encourage visitors to explore Perth and surrounds by bike.

Fremantle Highlights takes in all the key places visitors like to explore in Fremantle. The trails starts at Fremantle Visitor Centre in Kings Square, Fremantle Prison and up to Monument Hill, Fremantle Arts Centre, Victoria Quay and Fishing Boat Harbour. The Indian Ocean Ride follows on road paths and bike paths though Fremantle and along the coast to Cottesloe and past some of Perth’s iconic beaches.

Wendy O’Shaughnessy, Senior Economic Development Officer said “Tourism Western Australia released the first Urban Bike Explorer cycle maps earlier this year and we were excited about the opportunity to add two Fremantle trail maps to the series. They are simple, easy to follow and show points of interest in and around town, and they fit in your pocket.”

The maps will be available at WA Visitor Centre in Perth and Fremantle Visitor Centre in Kings Square, hotels and bike shops in Fremantle. A pdf version will also be available on

This is a great initiative to get more locals and visitors on bikes and to show case our great city and coastline. A big thank you to Tourism WA for this latest collaboration with the City of Fremantle’s destination marketing team.


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