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Rachael Mackey
Town of Bassendean

Main Streets Masterclass

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As you may have heard (or attended) we had a Your Move workshop out at the Town of Bassendean earlier this month that focused on practical ways you could revitalise main streets and make them thrive.

It consisted of two parts; presentations by our guest speakers, Ben Kent from element and Dr Rodney Tolley, and a practical walk shop around the Town to identify assets that we could leverage in creating a more liveable, vibrant and walkable place.

Mayor Renee McLennan opened the workshop with a recognition of the rich history of the Town followed by Dr Rodney Tolley who gave a distilled overview of all that he has learnt on why and how we can make streets more walkable with case studies from around the world.

It was nice to have it tied back to a local context with the inclusion of Ben Kent and his 10 ingredients to making main streets thrive, with quick wins and good considerations including thinking about organic human behaviour within spaces and how streets could be used at night, not just during daylight hours.

It was a really engaging day and well executed via the partnership between Your Move and the Town of Bassendean.

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David (Your Move) Paddon

Points Balance Problems? Try refreshing you cache!


One of the most common problems we get contacted about here at the Your Move office is an incorrect points balance on your school or workplace profile. Perhaps you posted a story last week, and you've logged in this morning to notice that your points haven't changed? Maybe you want to make a purchase in the Rewards Shop, but when you get there, your points balance in the shop is different to the one on your dashboard?... Weird huh?

This problem is usually related to one of two problems:
1) You need to refresh your cache
2) You need to update or change your internet browser

Your cache stores previous versions of the websites you visit, which means the next time you go to those websites, they will load quicker. This is usually a good thing, however, sometimes the cached version doesn't pick up the changes that have been made since you last visited (i.e. it doesn't realise that points have been added or subtracted from your balance). This can often be a problem on computers that don’t get updated and patched regularly.

The good news is, it's very easy to refresh your cache. Just check out this handy web page to find out how to do it on all types of computers and browsers.

Finally, we have found that Google Chrome works best as your default 'Your Move browser'. It shouldn't matter too much if your computer is regularly updated but, if you're experiencing some issues, try using Chrome first to see if it makes a difference.

Have a great week and keep posting those stories!

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Jacinta Thompson

Ride2SchoolDay 2019

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Ride to school day on the 22nd of March was fun for everyone. The Your Move team handed out sticker’s at the front gate for people who rode to school. It was a free dress day and we encouraged everyone to ride their bikes to school. We asked people to draw on a map the way they got to school, to prepare for our wayfinding kit. We had a slow bike race, a catwalk for bikes and an obstacle course. Everyone who participated got a prize. The activities were for all ages, so everyone got a chance to do an activity and have some fun. Everybody could participate in any activity and could do as many as they wanted to. We also held a raffle on Ride2SchoolDay and we gave out prizes like bike locks, water bottles and bike lights. The City of Belmont also provided us with a free breakfast. Year Six Your Move Team 2019- Bay.B, Marcella.S, Juliano.S, Max.N, Amelie.A and Bronte.T


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Claire Hanson

Bike Racks Installed at GSG

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IMG_0946 2 .jpg (1)

STUDENTS WERE excited to see new bike racks installed to the side of the Year Six building this week. While a small number of Junior School students ride to school, the new bike racks have provided an incentive for more to do so. Thank you, Your Move!

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Claire Hanson

Ride-a-Thon for Asthma

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On Friday 15 March 2019 against a beautiful sunset, the GSG boarding community held its annual Ride-a-Thon to raise money for the Asthma Foundation. Senior Boarding leaders organised a few surprises for the evening as students rode their hearts out to raise funds for this worthy cause, part of the boarder's recreational programme. Chalk powder, silly string and water changed it up a bit for the riders. Many residential boarders participated in what has become a regular fixture on the social and fundraising calendar for GSG Boarding.


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Arlene Yates

At Long Last.

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With all the "busy-ness" of this term it has taken all of this time to finally get our goals & planning discussed, sorted & down! As this is always a working document, we have already added something to Term 3 (RAC Little Legends visit?) We will refer to this throughout the year, possibly adding (or deleting) as we go. Then at the beginning of next year we will use it as a base from which to work out our 2020 planning.


OOPS! I really should have taken this down to write the What & When, but the really important part is the Done!

Footnote: Before we added the HU count which came in late,we had achieved our goal of 55% AT by the end of Term 1. After adding the latecomer, our count was skewed back to 51% due to a very low AT ( parents Pre-Primaries are quite capable of doing some getting to school via "feet-power!"). Our overall total numbers were lower due to camp, but we chose to check just to see how our goal panned out. We will keep "pedalling" fantastic feet power!

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Donna Davies

Bike Week 2019 review

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Bike Week has been and gone! We had an awesome week full of activities with over 250 children cycling or scooting to school over the week. On Ride to School day we held a classroom competition for our junior and senior classes. The winning class were presented with The Golden Wheel. It was great fun in the Kindy and Pre-Primary to see so many decorated scooters and bikes! Finally we had colouring-in competitions and a quiz. Winners were impressed with their water-proof backpack covers from BWA.

r2s12.jpg (1)

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Chloe Mallen

Bike Week Part 1

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The Green Team was at it again. Promoting and celebrating safe and sustainable travel while having a great time. To Celebrate Bike Week in week 7 the students were working hard to promote active travel. They were making juices at lunch to give out for free samples to students using a blender bike. We even had some celebrity riders join the ranks today with Mr. Svendson (Principal - image 3) and Mr. Jones (Deputy - image 2) putting the pedal to the metal. By popular demand the Green Team was back Thursday and Friday of that week producing some great flavoured juices and smoothies. It has taken a while for this post as we have been busy organising a bike race to finish off the term which is running tomorrow and Friday.


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Claire Hanson

GSG attends Albany Satellite YM Event

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WHEN THE email arrived announcing the April Perth-based Your Move forum, I initially considered making the 880km round-trip to Perth to attend. This would entail two days away from the office and my family if I drove to Perth to attend as Great Southern Grammar's Your Move Coordinator.

Your Move (formerly Travel Smart) has been part of Great Southern Grammar's DNA for at least six years and, as the school is between Parent Champions, I considered it important to attend, lest we slip behind in our active transport initiatives. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to attend a satellite event, hosted by the City of Albany, which would enable remote attendance at the forum. Thank you!

We had hoped to have our new Parent Champion attend with us, but these arrangements are still pending. Nevertheless, remote attendance was a terrific opportunity to connect with an Albany school new to the programme and with Perth-based schools on the Your Move journey, and to listen to and learn about other school's YM initiatives and progress.

Our school is in a unique position, being 20kms out of Albany with few effective means of transporting students to school using active transport other than the school buses. Our road, Nanarup Road, has no footpaths or bike paths and is in an 80km zone outside of school drop-off/pick-up times. It caries heavy traffic, trucks and caravans throughout the day and is too dangerous for children to traverse. There is a short section of dual-use footpath available to students who live in a small subdivision about 1km from the school. They can walk and/or ride to school each day, however, this applies to only a small number of students. Beyond this path is a thin dirt track weaving through the bush for 2kms that brings you to the King River Bridge and back to Nanarup Road. A very small number of riders who live nearby come to school this way, however, the track is challenging and can be unsafe or impassable in wet weather. It is also subject to a range of different land uses and titles, from private land to Crown land, and has strong significance to the local Indigenous community. As a consequence, over 75% of our students catch public transport to school. Our efforts to encourage active transport to school are therefore restricted due to these structural issues that we have tried, fruitlessly, to navigate with local and state governments over the years. We remain committed, despite these challenges!


Thank you for the opportunity to attend the forum, remotely. It was the opportunity to re-set our thinking around our YM plans and the catalyst to make sure that we continue to work hard to get our parents re-engaged with active transport.

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Bett Riley

Your Move Forum

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Another successful Forum - thanks Carol-Ann and Dave. I was particularly interested in the Loose Play idea. I spoke to my principal the next day and he was very keen too. So now I am in the process of canvasing staff to find out their interest and support. Then as a school we will decide what to include and where to station the equipment.

Our parent and grandparent, who attended the forum, came away very keen to start a Walking School Bus. We have arranged a meeting early next term to draft a survey to gauge parent interest and to enlist others who may like to 'get on board'. I will keep you updated as to our progress.

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