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Sarah Adams

Keeping our Community Informed

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When we embarked on our Your Move adventure it was clear from the beginning that communication was going to be key for success. Not just at a committee level but with staff school-wide, our students, and of course our broader community. We want our focus on sustainability to be known so that we can build a foundation of support at home and of course this includes our progress with the Your Move program.

At school level we have been regularly using our daily notices via our school Intranet to keep in contact with our student body and staff, supported by posters around the school and staff emails as appropriate. We used this predominantly in the lead up to our Kalamunda Day celebrations to ensure our students knew of the incentives on offer.

Reaching the homes of students is equally as important to us so we have also been regularly using our school newsletter which gets emailed to all families. It has proven a great way to include information about things like our Hands Up Travel Survey results and reaching new levels of accreditation with the program. We were able to share the exciting news of becoming 'Bronze' level members with Your Move and this gave us a wonderful opportunity thank the staff and students who have been supporting our initiatives. We also shared photos, and details of the winners, for our SmartRider Raffle and Scavenger Hunt. This was a really great way to not only keep parents and carers informed but to celebrate the success of students who participated in these initiatives.

Our next job will be to announce our move up to 'Silver' level!


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Warren Gibbs

Making the effort to ride to work

As the weather is starting to warm up, and the sun has risen before the alarm sets off its high pitched whine, the excuses against riding to work are becoming fewer and fewer. Last week the decision was made and Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I squeezed my 'Mamil' body into the obligatory riding suit and off I pedalled. Living in the western suburbs I'm lucky enough to have a cycle path pretty much from the front door at home, to the front door of our King Street office. The hardest part of the ride is always the commitment to jump on the bike instead of jumping on the train. But once I'm off and riding the decision was an obvious one, and the positive sense of achievement sets up a great day of additional productivity. Having recently signed up for the Solaris charity ride in March next year - 650km's over four days - Perth to York to Narrogin to Bunbury to Perth - I'll be riding to work many more times as part of a concerted training regime to ensure I make it back to Perth in one piece! What are you waiting for - time to dust off the winter cobwebs and get pedalling into work!

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Sarah Adams

Active Transport | 20 Minute Poster Challenge

Over the course of Term 3, our whole Year 8 cohort have been studying Sustainability during their English classes. To support student reflection at the end of term, students in 8.01 were set a series of challenges that encouraged them to stop and think about what they had learned during the unit regarding sustainability in every day life. The focus was to make students think about applying their knowledge to the world they live in and how they personally could take simple steps to improve their local community.

As part of this activity, students were asked to work in pairs to create a 20 minute poster. Students were encouraged to consider aspects such as visual representation, colour and composition, and slogans that would engage their audience.
They were also asked to have a focus on three key elements; audience, purpose and context.

Audience: Teenagers/High School Students
Context: Suited to KSHS and the surrounding Hills community
Purpose: To promote active transport.

With only 20 minutes on the clock, students had to identify appropriate methods of transport that would be recognised as "active", brainstorm ideas, search for images that conveyed their central message, create their poster and submit it online. Not an easy task! This only allowed them 5 minutes to plan, 10 minutes to create and a few minutes to edit, save and submit before moving on to their next activity.

This proved to be a really fun and effective task with students openly discussing how best to promote the message of active transport to their peers. It was also really interesting to see that riding and walking to school (along with roller-skating and dancing) were favoured in posters while most students are currently travelling to school by bus.

Here are a handful of their creations!


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Aileen Honan

Inglewood Primary Walking School Bus Term 3

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Our Walking School Bus had a great Term 3. The number of participants has been consistent with an additional 3 students joining during this term. The volunteers that drive the WSB are fantastic and really enable our WSB to run so well.

We continued to use the star card rewards this term, which still proves to be a great incentive for the kids.

We were very fortunate to purchase new hi-vis vests, printed with the Walking School Bus logo. The Inglewood Primary P&C generously funded the cost. The vests look great on!

We are looking forward to the spring /summer morning walks this term. The brighter weather will also help boost our numbers.

IMG_6018.jpg (1)
IMG_6096.jpg (1)

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Caden McCarthy
Town of Victoria Park

Vic Park Wayfinding

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Caden Pic.png

This week the Town of Victoria Park installed a series of wayfinding signs to connect people between Curtin University and the East Victoria Park and St James Town Centres. With support from the Department of Transport, the signs will promote walking and cycling between Albany Highway and Curtin University and helps people navigate through Technology Park.

Most people don’t realise it only takes around 20 minutes to walk between Albany hwy and Curtin University. The Technology Park area is confusing to navigate and acts as a barrier for a lot of people trying to access Curtin. These signs will help people find the shortcuts through Technology Park and aim to reconnect Curtin students to local businesses in the Town.

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Donna Buckley

Smart Cities Smart Schools

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John Curtin College of the Arts is super excited to have signed up to the Your Move program. This will be a perfect complement to our recent participation in the City of Perth Smart City trial (see also attached flyer, below). A device was connected to our theatre that enabled us to collect data on the level of air pollution around our college. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and be a smarter and fitter school in the process!!

Our students come from all across WA to our Fremantle site to participate in our selective Arts and Soccer programs. This means our students have unique challenges in getting to school with some traveling two to three hours a day to participate in our specialist programs.

But we are up for the challenge!! We have a team of champions standing by ready to get JC moving. #ChampionsMakingChampions

John Curtin Image.PNG

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Kylie (Your Move) Murphy

Bike Month is here

WA Bike Month Challenge - 940x788-100 - FB Tile (002).jpg

Love Bike Week? Well all that love has helped Bike Week grow from a week to a Month! That is not the only change it is also moving from autumn to spring. Spring is a great time to ride in WA and provides a better opportunity for engaging new or rusty riders and encouraging them to to keep riding through summer and beyond.

In 2019 Bike Month is kicking off with the WA Bike Month Challenge in November. It's a fun competition between workplaces to see which can get the most staff to try riding a bike during November. Head to to find out more.

The WA Bike Month Challenge is based on a tried and tested challenge model that has engaged over 400,000 people worldwide, including 105,000 new riders. 

In 2020 a bigger and better Bike Month Program will see the return of grants to support schools, workplaces and cycling clubs and community organisations to run their own Bike Month events.

Your Move workplaces can earn 40 Your Move points for getting involved in Bike Month - simply post a story telling us about your workplace team.

bike week bike month.png

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Shannon Leigh
Curtin University

Travel Survey is live!

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Capture.GIF (1)

A travel survey is live at Curtin University until the 25th of October. Only a week in and there have been 320 respondents! This is the first time the university has undertaken a travel survey, which will now occur on a yearly basis. The results will assist with decision making on facilities on campus as well as looking at a strategic level at where the difficulties in commuting occur.

Incentives of Smartriders prepaid with $20 and a Rebel Sports Voucher are included, thanks to the Your Move Rewards Shop.

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