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Danielle Howton

Planning Session

Thank you to DoE for the 1/2 day relief to assist with our planning for "Your Move" over the year.

The first part of the session was used to support the "Your Move" team in organising the whole school survey on how students get to school. It was also used to provide guidance to the team on their role over the year.

It was extremely beneficial for our staff as we added it to a 1/2 day planning with SDERA. Part of our CHAT process through SDERA is to set new targets for 2020.

After the targets were set the staff member continued to plan other activities to support "Your Move" but also integrate our CHAT targets.

The two programs compliment each other in so many ways.

Thank you again for providing the 1/2 day relief to make the process a lot easy as we have time to plan.

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Leanne Lee

VPPS Walking School Bus - Four Mornings a Week!

This story is related to Walking School Bus - Term 1

The Victoria Park Primary School Walking School Bus (WSB) is now in its third year and has been very successful thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers. This year, the service increased from three to four mornings a week, and we now have up to 26 children joining us. That’s double the numbers from last year! So great to see some parents also joining in the walk with their kids.

Although the WSB is not running due to the current circumstances, we are all looking forward to commencing again as soon as it is safe to do so. Stay healthy everyone!

Map_No names.jpg

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Clayton Bird

Active Transport Day

This story is related to Walking School Bus - Term 1

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This year Woodland Grove Primary School have been promoting Active Transport by conducting a weekly Walking School Bus.

Staff from Woodland Grove Primary School meet community members and students at two meeting points and everyone walks, cycles or scoots safely to school. Every participant receives Faction tokens which will tally up for an end of term reward.

Eddy, a student who regularly participates in the Walking School Bus said, "I love walking to school because it is healthy for me and I get to talk to my teachers."

Active Transport Day.JPG

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Clayton Bird

Your Move Grant - New Scooter Rack

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Woodland Grove Primary School secured a grant through Your Move by achieving Silver status in 2019. The grant provided us with a new Scooter Rack.

Woodland Grove Primary School is attempting to increase active transport. Many initiatives are in place and we hope to continue to have less of our community driving and increased walking or cycling to school.

The Scooter rack will be an incentive for students to 'scoot' to school, allowing students' to store their scooter during learning time.


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Elaine Lewis

It's on the Board!

This story is related to Presentation ceremony for sign/accreditation


Coolbinia Primary has achieved Platinum status as a Your Move school, two years in a row! Our proud Year 4 Your Move students added the 2018 and 2019 Platinum stickers to the Your Move sign at the front of our school.

We reported this news in our online school newsletter as follows: "This is an awesome achievement as it means we are helping to keep our children healthy by encouraging active transport, reducing vehicular congestion around the school, as well as reducing carbon emissions. On top of these benefits, achieving Platinum means we are offered such opportunities as free bike education lessons through the Department of Transport. Being a Your Move school is clearly a positive action for people and the environment.

Congratulations and thanks to all Your Movers!"

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Sonja Stemler

"Commute" of my choice

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IMG_6510.JPG (4)

I'm not sure if I am much of a story teller (yet) but I thought I might as well give it a try. So here my first story.

Last Wednesday was the first day for me and my team to start working from home. So I realised, actually, from today on, I could choose where and how far I "commute" to work! Meaning I could use the time I usually spend commuting for some other fun activity. I decided to establish good habits right from the start, left my alarm set to the usual time and went for a 2 km beach walk, accompanied by my trusty thermos tea cup! The ocean was wild but the wind calmed down and the sun came out. I really enjoyed seeing the happy people I walked by and the even happier puppy dogs! It was just wonderful and a great beginning of my first day working from home!

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Valerie Thompson

Ride2School Day 2020

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Ride2school day.jpg

Our school community is amazing! The response to our Ride2School day was fantastic! We promoted it by putting up posters around the school, and through the school newsletter. The Your Move flag was borrowed from the Dept of Transport and went a long way to promoting the event. The event complimented our weekly Walk, Ride, Scoot to School day together with our regular Walking School Bus. We were delighted to see more of our families involved, and are hoping this trend continues. On average this year, we have 64% of our students who regularly use active transport to come to school - it increased to 72% on the event day! The students enjoyed receiving their stickers and all names went into a lucky dip prize draw, one winner per class. Thanks to the Your Move Rewards shop for our prizes!

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Julia Calvert

Room 9 Investigate Helmets

This story is related to Helmet Investigation


This week the Year 3’s and 4’s discussed bike safety in support of the “dress up your bike” competition. The students investigated how helmets have changed over time and critiqued the designs of some helmets before designing their own. They also participated in a quiz which tested their knowledge of the safety rules and laws set for riders of bikes, scooters and motorbikes. This quiz prompted an interesting debate about consequences for people who don’t follow the rules. However, we all agreed that bike safety is serious and if people do not act safely, lives could be put in danger!

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Planning Time

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Thank you to the DoT for the half-day relief funds. This allowed for lots of planning to take place for the coming year.

We had 2 main focuses. The first was the 'Be You' welcome BBQ for our families held in week 3. This was in collaboration with Westminster Junior and Westminster Primary Schools. There was a health and well-being emphasis with information stalls, healthy food available and activities to encourage students and adults to get moving. Many thanks to Carol-Ann from the Your Move team who gave us some great ideas. We prepared a Your Move static display and a scavenger hunt using prizes from the Your Move rewards.

Our second focus was to start work on our Connecting Schools Grant: Wayfinding. The BBQ afternoon provided the opportunity to survey our families as to the most popular routes for coming to school.

your move display.JPG (5)

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Julia Calvert

Bike Safety ... nothing stops us!

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The dwindling numbers are not stopping Your Move at Winterfold. This week Room 8, Year 5/6, have been following the SDERA bike safety lessons. Interestingly students have learned a lot such as how to fit a helmet, not to wear a damaged helmet, penalties and fines and they have to ride with at least one hand on the handle bars. The opening lesson with the bike safety quiz was a real eye opener for some of the more adventurous bike riders!

The helmet lessons were great. Student found out what they are made of and why, how important they are to cushion the head and brain in an accident, how to properly fit one and when to replace it.

Having the opportunity to evaluate the impact of a bike accident on all concerned was also a valuable lessons. Not only did they acknowledge the effect of a bike accident on the injured person, but they also realised how much it impacts on those who are also part of the accident as well as those who witness it.

We coupled these lessons with the Studyladder online activities that covered road and bike safety to solidify these concepts. Hopefully all this new knowledge will change some of their unsafe behaviour as well as help them make the right decisions when out riding.

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