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Kelli Freind

Eden Hill Update

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The Your Move team has settled nicely into their role. Each Monday, we have a weekly meeting and planning session to discuss our Your Move agenda. We have defined the issues we need to address and the team have developed a timetable in order to share their role and responsibilities.

The team is now responsible for collecting the Happy Feet (active travel day) data for each class, recording it and uploading it to the Your Move website. The data is emailed to our Associate Principal, who adds this to the school's assembly presentation. They then write out the certificate and present it at the following week's assembly. Twice a week, the team is on the crosswalk, handing out raffle tickets that will be entered into the draw to win a Your Move prize.

Each fortnight the Your Move team present an item at assembly. They share the Happy Feet data and encourage students to continue to choose sustainable methods of getting to school. They also draw the winning raffle ticket for safe crosswalk use.


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Andrea Smithson
City of Albany

School Buses Made Simple

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Schools in the Albany area are really well serviced by school buses, but the system can be a bit confusing for parents to navigate - which is understandable, as we've got two seperate systems operating side-by-side. One is the buses operated by School Bus Services, for our mostly rural kids who live more than a certain distance away from their school. The other service is our TransAlbany buses, who have lots of different routes going to all of our schools, within the Albany public transit area. One is a free government service, the other is a pay-per-trip. Clear as mud?

The City has worked with the two bus providers to come up with a simple map to help parents and schools to easily identify which service applies to them, and then where to go for more information. We'll be working with schools to promote this resource, with the hope that we'll see more kids on buses and less coming to school by car!


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Jessica Truss

Footprint Friday T3

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 3

Last Friday our Green Team hosted our second Footprint Friday for the term. With our Facebook advertisements, announcements in the daily notices and extra incentive to win Boomer Shield points and Your Move prizes! We had our Rego teachers do a Hands up Survey on how many of their students walked, rode, came in the bus and in the car to school and will post this data once the Green Team has analysed it in our meeting today. The winners of the raffle on Friday were Sasha Clarke, Amber-lee Davies and Brianna Dunne.

fpf1.jpg (2)
FPF3.jpg (1)
FPF8.jpg (1)
Baldivis tickets.jpg

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Rick Eikelboom

Safe cycle routes to school

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In the last few health lessons, the yr 6 students have been challenged to find the safest way to get to and from school. This activity followed a bike education program called 'Lets Ride,' we completed late second term and into third term. With improved bike skills, it was time to investigate the safest route to school.

With the help of Google Maps, the students could see a birds eye view of the suburbs. They were challenged to come up with 2 possible routes and list the pros and cons of each route. The needed to look at the hazards they could pass and list these as possible dangers or unsafe areas that required extra attention when they pass it on their way to school.

With several options the students decided on the best and safest route, and used their map making skills to construct a map of the route they would take. The maps were completed and taken home to share with their families and in one case the student and siblings now take a safer route to school.

20190814_100017 a.jpg

It was a great activity that promotes safety for those who walk or cycle to school. The outcome was achieved and we pray that all students are safe while they walk or cycle to school.

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Amy Ham

Term 3 Bonanza!

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 3

Term 3 is our busiest term of the year. To add to all the hype our Your Move initiative is running a few competitions across the school to promote and educate our students about walking, riding and scooting safely to school. To start it off, Footprint Friday will continue to run- each Friday our faction captains and school cleaner are handing out raffle tickets at the entrances of our school for students who are walking, riding or scooting to school. These raffles tickets are then placed in a Footprint Friday tub and three winners are drawn throughout the day to receive a Your Move prize. To keep our students motivated to choose active travel (even when the weather is not looking the best) we have made another big prize draw. Every entry submitted into the tub for Footprint Friday will then be carried over into another grand prize draw. On Friday Week 9, 1 lucky winner will be drawn from the grand prize tub to receive a massive Your Move prize pack valued at $200. To get the word out to our community about this competition we published the information in our school newsletter. But wait, that's not all for this term ! we are also running some classroom competitions. Kindy to Pre- Primary - colouring in competition - we are using a colouring in page from the following website ( It is an American site, however the colouring in pages have great messages on them) We have chosen the follow the street signs and walk across the road picture, as this is something our students need to work on. Our Year 1-3 students will be designing a poster to Promote Foot print Friday - Each winning entry will receive a Your Move prize and have their poster placed around the school. Finally our year 4-6 students will be designing a brand new banner four our school, as our last banner is looking a little sad. Every classroom will choose a winner for their allocated competitions - All winners will receive a Your Move prize ! Mrs Ham's prize shelf is fully stocked and ready to go. An overall banner winner will also be selected- this banner will then be sent away to be created and displayed in our bike racks. Please see copies of communication about our events below.


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Amy Ham

Making Changes

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They spoke, we listened. At our last student problem/ suggestion box review, some of our students mentioned that it was too hard to get in and out of our bike racks and this was causing some issues before and after school, when everyone is trying to get in and out of the racks. Well, we have come up with a solution * two door ways!. We are very lucky here at Lakelands Primary to have a supportive admin team who had a new door installed to our bike racks very quickly. This allows our students to enter through one door with their bikes/ scooters and exit out the other, stopping those high traffic build ups in the gate ways in the morning.


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Rick Eikelboom

Completing a bike education course

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It all began in term 2 with a class of 21 students undertaking a bike education course. We were following a "Let's Ride" program, a program set up to teach students the basics to riding safely in both safe and protected environments as well as exposure to riding on quiet suburban roads.

The course started with the compulsory bike safety check, followed by a demonstration of how to correctly put a helmet on. Surprisingly many adjustment were needed to be made, however I feel that the activity taught the students that wearing a helmet safely is important to their safety. the following weeks were used to teach skills like bike balance, bike control, completing u-turns, correct hand signals, looking out for traffic, correct positioning on the road etc. Of note was the special needs student who was given a differentiated teaching program, where she learnt skills according to her ability. Seeing her learn braking, balancing a bike and riding in a straight line was special to witness.


These lessons culminated to an excursion where we cycled our way around the suburbs of Albany , and had lunch at a local park. We all enjoyed a sunny and educational day out where the skills we were taught were put on display. We were able to cycle some quiet roads as well as some tracks. Lots of exploring!


Since the 'Let's Ride' program was delivered, several students and now allowed to cycle to school on a regular basis with their siblings and friends. The bike rack is regulary filled with bikes and as the warmer months come we expect to see more and more.

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Andrea Smithson
Albany Primary School

Term 3 action at APS

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It's been a busy couple of weeks at Albany Primary School - we've got a new group of Year 5 students taking on the Your Move student team roles for this semester, and their first task was to conduct the Term 3 Hands Up survey. We do our survey every term, for a couple of reasons. One is that it gives us some more detailed data so that we can better identify trends over time, and also allows us to compare term to term. The other reason is that it helps our student team to be more involved and visible to the rest of the school.

The results were positive - a 2% decrease in driving compared to our Term 2 survey, and an 8% decrease compared to the same time last year. Small steps, but we are heading in the right direction.

Term 3 has also seen one of our Year 6 teachers, Mrs Mercer, take part in the Cycling Australia School Teacher's training course - which means she will now be an accredited coach. This is great news for our Year 6's who head off to Rottnest for camp each year!

CAST training photo 4.jpg

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