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Kelli Freind

Eden Hill's Your Move Team

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What a busy term it has been at Eden Hill PS. We have achieved many of our Your Move goals. We visited the Year 5 classrooms and discovered a high level of interest in our environment. There was lots of interest in the prospect of becoming a Your Move team member. In order to choose the inaugural Eden Hill PS Your Move team, students had to complete an application form. From this, we had the difficult job of choosing only eight Your Move team members.

The students were announced at assembly and presented with their Your Move team badges. They are thrilled to be a part of the team and are looking forward to their first weekly meeting and new roles and responsibilities.

Ed Hill team 2019.jpg

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Jessica Truss

Clubs Expo @ BSC (1)

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Today we ran a school wide Clubs Expo which showcased all of the amazing clubs that we have on offer for students to join at Baldivis. Our awesome Year 12 Green Teamer's Taliesha and Daniel spent the morning before school today setting up the Your Move/Green Team stand and did an awesome job as always. Hopefully we have inspired some more students to come and join the fun and be a part of our Green Team!

clubs expo 2019.jpg

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Jessica Truss

Footprint Friday winners

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Today the Green Team hosted their second Footprint Friday for the term. Once again, our student team arrived to school early at 7.30 to commence the raffle ticket giving at the front gates. Our Footprint Fridays aren’t just a great idea to encourage students at BSC to use active transport to get to school, but we also use it to encourage our students to walk through the correct gates in the mornings (and hence, avoid the staff carpark gates which can be dangerous for students who choose to enter here). The winners of our raffle today were Dion Alves in 3rd place, Mod Wongsuphan in 2nd place, and Ashleigh Parkes who received 1st place. We gave away $180 of Rebel Sports, Officeworks and Coffee Club vouchers as well as some bike merchandise. Next week at our weekly Green team meeting, our student team will analyse the data and we will be able to award some bonus Boomer Shield points to the rego group with the highest amount of active travellers.

prizes fpf t2 2019.jpg

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Connecting Schools Grant 3


Our final session of Bike Ed saw a number of students moving onwards and upwards and riding with out training wheels. This was an interesting process to watch as Christina, from 'People on Bikes' modelled the progression from using training wheels to a balance bike to riding a 2 wheeler. A number of parents commented on how pleased they were in seeing their child achieve this.

Overall, the Connecting Schools grant allowed us to see Christina and Emma teach and model effective Bike Education which has added renewed enthusiasm to the school. All classes have now become involved in Bike Education and the students absolutely love it! We plan to build on our resources so we can expand the program and use the teaching strategies we have learnt.

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Connecting Schools Grant 2


During our second session of Bike Ed with Christina and Emma the students were taught how to scan. This is one of the most essential safety skills a person needs when riding a bike. Scanning involves turning your head, looking right and left and even a little behind to identify any hazards that could be a risk and then taking action to keep safe. A lot of squeaky chickens were ridden over and a lot of high fives given in order to make the students aware of their surroundings!

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Claire Deans
Westminster ESC

Connecting Schools Grant

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We have been having Bike Education for a few years now at Westminster ESC. We began with a Sporting Schools grant which allowed us to participate in the 'Let's Ride' program. We then decided to continue with a modified program at our school and build up our own fleet of bikes. The students made huge improvements in their riding skills and we were wondering how to extend and build on these skills. We were then successful in obtaining a Connecting Schools Grant and received 3 sessions of Bike Education from the wonderful Christina and Emma from 'People on Bicycles'.

The first session saw the students learn the safe way to walk with a bike, get on a bike and use the brakes. We had a few students who used their feet to stop the bike and some who didn't stop at all! Christina and Emma taught them to use both brakes-always! This skill was then practised during a slow bike race where the person that finished last won.

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Julia Calvert

Ten Tiny Things Competition

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Ten Tiny.PNG

WPS used some of our reward points to purchase the book “Ten Tiny Things” by Meg McKinlay. We loved the story so much that we create a competition about it. The Ten Tiny Things Competition!! Students were asked to walk, ride or scoot to school and look for ten tiny, interesting things along the way. They then completed an entry form listing these (drawings for the juniors) and put their entries in the Your Move mail box. It was great to see the excitement about this competition and inspire students to walk, ride or scoot to school in this cold weather! We were able to give out a bunch of fabulous prizes – also purchased with our reward points!

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Jessica Truss

Footprint Friday at it again

This week the Green Team are hosting their second Footprint Friday for Term 2. We spent the meeting this week making posters to put up around the school which will help to promote walking and riding to the students at BSC, in conjunction with our PA announcements, daily notice inclusions and Facebook reminder posts. We have also teamed up with our Leadership Committee’s Boomer Shield competition to add some extra encouragement for staff to promote Footprint Fridays to students. So from now on, not only will the winners of the Footprint Friday raffle receive prizes and gift vouchers, the Registration class with the most active travellers will receive bonus points in our school wide Rego competition (with the added bonus of having the collected data to see which year groups should be our future targets).

Footprint Friday poster T2 2019.jpg
FPF T2 2019 poster.jpg
FPF T2 2019 posterr.jpg
FPF T2 2019 posterrs.jpg

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Jessica Truss

New logo, new shirts!

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Last week in our weekly Green Team meeting the student team discussed final details for one of the projects that we have been working on this term. We have a few projects happening at the moment which includes a redesign of our Green Team logo for use on our new Green Team shirts! We wanted our logo to incorporate the Your Move program as this has been a major focus of the Green Team for the past 5 years. We have finishing touches to add to the colours this week and then the logo will be ready to be unveiled next week. Watch this space!

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