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Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

Second Meeting

Last week we made our first announcement over the PA to announce our second meeting. At the meeting Mrs Edwards told us she had taken, the logo designs created by the student team, to 9 random staff members and asked them to vote on their preferred design. There were 4 top designs but one got slightly more votes and will be the design we now use. A final version of this design will now be completed and turned into our new team badges.

We are all very excited to wear our badges in 2020.

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Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

Bike Month 2019 - City of Fremantle Wind Up

We had a pretty good showing on the first WA Bike Month. Here is an infographic on our stats. Importantly we had two staff who changed their commute from car to a bike and are still going. One team member needs a new bike and a bit more encouragement. We used the Your Move points to buy a voucher for a random draw each week, to keep it interesting.
Here is a story and feedback from our champions in the Parks and Landscapes team.
Jen's Story:
Before Bike Month I took part in the Great Cycle Challenge to raise funds to fight children’s cancer, a cause I’m passionate about. Before then I didn’t ride to work and only rode once in a blue moon with my partner on his go-fast racer. I rode 485km and raised over $1400. Riding then became less daunting and I found it easy and fun to ride to and from work (with a little planning). Then Bike Month came up and work sent the call out to staff to join up, I thought if I can ride over 400k’s then Love to Ride would be easy (I came third out of 24 – yay!). What also inspired me was to get out of the office and recharge and enjoy our beautiful parks and environment (I’m a Landscape Architect after all) so I organised a weekly lunch time ride down to South Beach and a standing invitation open to all after Bike Month finished. There’s usually around six of us that go down on our lunch break and it’s a great and easy ride there and back.
In an effort to be more environmentally sustainable (and rack up more km’s for WA Bike month) myself and Katrina (Team Leader Landscaping and Natural Areas) decided to ride to North Fremantle to inspect the Heritage Trail signs that run along the river foreshore, up Cypress Hill and along Rocky Bay. Leaving from and returning to Fremantle Oval the whole trip took us less than an hour, which we believe was quicker than trying to do it in a car, and a lot more fun and sustainable - also saving on fuel costs and car wear and tear.

Voucher Winners - Bike Month.png (1)
bike month 2019 (1).png (1)

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Staff Car Pooling

This story is related to Carpooling system for staff

For more information on how to do this, click here

Throughout the year staff have been encouraged to car pool to and from work if they live in similar suburbs. The benefits of car pooling have been promoted with staff.

Staff have taken up the opportunity to car pool and have found the experience to be not only social and good for the environment but also a great way to be more interactive with other staff members.

Staff are also encouraged to car pool when attending Professional Learning (PL) off site.

Many staff in similar year groups have attended PL off site and have car pooled. This is also a financial saving for staff.

Staff social functions have also seen many staff car pooling to attend the event.

Car pooling.jpg

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Car Park Safety (1)

After some helpful parent feedback, Honeywood Primary School has closed off the parking bay just before the crosswalk in front of the admin building.

This will make it much easier to see students entering the crosswalk. Please remember our children's safety is everyone's responsibility.

When cars have parked in the car park bay parents and staff approaching the crosswalk have been unable to see students crossing and this has become dangerous.

Car park.jpg (1)

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Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Your Move Lab contributes to success at FIRST LEGO League event!

This story is related to Attend Your Move Professional Development Session

Eleven Year 5 Coolbinia Primary students participated in a two-day Your Move Lab: Student Led Sustainability Conference. Some of these students were also members of our school’s Robotics Club. These Robotics Club members shared their Your Move Lab experience with the rest of their Robotics team members. Coolbinia Primary had two teams in the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Morley regional event – Coolbinia Skyscrapers and Coolbinia Mechanics.

Nineteen teams took part in the FLL regional event on Saturday 7th December, including our two Coolbinia teams. The theme of this year’s FLL was City Shapers and was all about problem solving what solutions we need to help make cities thrive into the future.

The FLL teams took part in four activities over the event day which included the Robot Game (programming a LEGO EV3 robot to navigate, capture, transport, activate, or deliver objects around a city), Innovation Project (identifying a problem in cities, designing a solution and then sharing the solution with others and sharing it in a 5-minute presentation), Robot Design (10 minute interview about the robot design for the Robot Game) and Core Values (demonstrating how the teams have shown Discovery, Innovation, Impact, Inclusion, Teamwork and Fun through their FLL journey). The Coolbinia teams’ Innovation Projects were based on Your Move problems identified at the Your Move Lab.

The Innovation Project solutions were: 1. Micro:bit Sensor cycle helmet to repel swooping magpies from the Coolbinia Mechanics, and 2. Green Zone around inner city schools to facilitate walking, riding or scooting from the Coolbinia Skyscrapers. The attached photos show the team members in action before the judges. These two projects were judged as the best out of the nineteen on the day but the Coolbinia Mechanics just edged it to win the Innovative Solution Award.

The Coolbinia Mechanics were also placed in the top six teams on the day, across all the activities, and as a result will take part in this weekend’s State Finals at Curtin University! Many thanks to all involved in conducting the Your Move Lab and the resultant contribution to Coolbinia’s FLL success.

DSCN3740 (Small).JPG
DSCN3749 (Small).JPG
DSCN3752 (Small).JPG
DSCN3768 (Small).JPG

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This story is related to Promote active travel

Staff from the Metropolitan Access and Parking Department (MAPD) held a display on all things Travelsmart on Wednesday 4/12/19 at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH).


The Travelsmart display was set up in the KEMH Staff Dining Room where staff could receive information on a variety of alternatives for travelling to work, while incorporating exercise in to their day.

This included:
- Staff survey to advise how they travelled to the site and give any comments on travelling to KEMH.

- Healthy Workplace WA and the Heart Foundation information was available to help educate staff on the importance of regular exercise, such as cycling and walking for good health.

- Use of the MAPD corporate smartrider, which offers staff a discount on their commute to and from work – 4 staff joined the program on the day of the display which was very encouraging.

- Information on the end of trip bike facilities located at KEMH – staff entered their details to show their interest.

During the day many staff attended the display to complete the survey and go in the draw for some great Your Move prizes!

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Andrea Smithson

Your Move student team signs off with Most Improved class award

This story is related to Inter-Class Competition for Term Four

For more information on how to do this, click here

It was the final job of the year for the Your Move student team last week, as they presented some prizes at the assembly. Three lucky students had their raffle tickets drawn from our TravelSmart Tuesday entries, and they received a Your Move water bottle and a free entry to the swimming pool at the Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre.

The team also presented on the Term 4 Hands Up survey results, which showed that we were maintaining our improvements in active transport rates. As a change from presenting an award for the top 3 active transport classes, to round out the year we decided to give an award for the class who had showed the most improvement over the year. The award went to the active transport champions from Year 1 (Room 4), who went from 24% AT in Term 1, to 45% in Term 4. A big congratulations to those students who are getting into some great travel habits!

And that was that for our 2019 Your Move student team, and time to also acknowledge their efforts for the year with a certificate and prize pack. Matilda, Charlotte, Saige and Toby have done a fantastic job, and will set the standard for the 2020 team.

YM student team 2019.jpg

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Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

Safe road and pedestrian behaviours

A year 2 class watched a few different videos on Road safety- this included road safety (crossing roads, walking safety) as well as pedestrian safety (what makes a good passenger, behaviours in cars/buses etc).

They then brainstormed the main points from the videos on the board and students went on to create posters.

The follow up lesson was students acting out scenarios of 'safe road and pedestrian behaviours'.

Students had to create an 'unsafe version' of behaviours and then a 'safe version.'

The class then discussed how well we thought each group displayed safe behaviours.

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