Riding a bike is a fantastic, cheap way to get where you want to go and get some exercise in the process. Below are a few handy hints to help you stay out of trouble and have a great ride. Above all we want to make sure you stay safe while riding, so remember to be alert when on roads and on shared paths too.

To stay safe, follow the following points as much as possible:

  • Cover your noggin and wear your helmet (it's the only one you've got!:
  • In Australia a helmet is required, so when choosing a helmet, check that it’s been approved to Australian helmet standards.
  • Make yourself visible to other road users and wear your brightest clothes and turn your lights on when it gets dark. Reflective panels on you and your bike can be very helpful as well. Being seen will keep you much safer.
  • Keep your bike well maintained and it will be more reliable, safer and easier to ride. Check out How to Keep Your Bike Running Smoothly to do it yourself, or inquire at your local bike shop for a bigger maintenance jobs.
  • If you’re on the road, remember to indicate using your left or right hand when intending to head in the respective direction.

Check out this excellent video from Safe Cycling Australia.

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