For almost 20 years, the Department of Transport (DoT) has offered over 500,000 Western Australians support and advice to help them find other ways to get to and from their school, workplace and around their local area.

By swapping a few car trips a week for walking, cycling and catching public transport, our participants are building more physical activity into their lives, finding more quality time to spend with their friends and families, and saving money to spend on things they enjoy.

Starting over 20 years ago as TravelSmart and evolving and growing into Your Move, our approach of delivering highly localised, personalised information, one-on-one conversations and ongoing feedback has been recognised and replicated around the world.

Developed in 2013 as a collaboration between the Department of Transport and the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR), Your Move was created as an innovative community based behaviour change program which built on some of the finest elements of DoT's TravelSmart and Living Smart programs and DSR’s Active Smart program.

Through DoT's TravelSmart to School, TravelSmart Workplace and TravelSmart Local Government programs, we have directly supported hundreds of dedicated champions of active transport who encourage their students, co-workers and residents to choose more active ways to get around. Our shift from TravelSmart to Your Move means we can provide our champions with a superior online service including our innovative points and rewards scheme to publicly celebrate their achievements and provide them with the tools and support they need to get even more people moving.

Check out the inspiring video below from Your Move Cockburn to see what our champions and participants have had to say about Your Move.

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