Bike education can be taught to students of all ages and all abilities. Bike education sessions teach skills development for students aged 8 (to 80) at an introductory, intermediate and advanced level.

DIY bike education – how to ride a bike

Would you like to deliver bicycle education yourself? Or know someone who might?

We have three WA Curriculum linked ‘Riding a Bike’ modules ideal for Years 4-6:

  • Riding a bike – the absolute basics
  • Riding a bike – intermediate riding skills and knowledge
  • Riding a bike – advanced bike skills and knowledge

We are also calling for expressions of interest in free training for teachers and parent volunteers to deliver this content.

Can I use my points to subsidise bike education at my school?

Yes! If you would like to use your reward points to fund bike education courses at your school you can go to our online shop and select bike education. 650 points will purchase a 6 hour bike skills course for up to 30 students.  If you do not have the required points, you can make up the difference in school budget.

Some local government’s offer local grant schemes that can fund or co-fund bike education too so it’s always a good idea to get in touch to see if they are able to help. Also see our helpful ‘Grants and Funding’ page for more ideas on where to access funding for projects.


Bike Education Providers

People on Bicycles

People on Bicycles are a local Perth company of AustCycle accredited coaches. The cost based on 30 students per course is $25 per student. So a class would cost between $600 - $750 for 6 hours of bike education (depending on how many sessions are chosen). You can also use your reward points to fund a bike education course at your school. Go to the 'People on Bikes' Bike Education product page.

Please Note: Students need to bring their own bike or borrow one.

For more information and bookings, check out their website 

Let’s Ride

Let's Ride is a national junior riding program designed by Cycling Australia (CA) to be a fun learning experience for kids. The program teaches them to ride safely by developing their knowledge, skills and confidence.

Let's Ride can be provided by trained coaches as a six hour course. Incursions are only available at a minimum of one three hour visit per session. Cost is $1,800 for a class of 30. During school holidays, Let's Ride can also operate as a two-day program and will cost $120 per student.  Students must already be able to ride a bicycle without training wheels. 

You can also use your reward points to fund a bike education course at your school. Go to the 'Let's Ride' Bike Education product page.

Please Note: Bicycles are supplied.

Schools can also apply for grants through 'Sporting Schools' funding to cover up to three (3) six hour courses for 30 students each course (90 students total) a year. 

Teachers who are interested in delivering the course for students at their school should contact Let’s Ride for information on accessing training and curriculum resources. For more information see the Let's Ride website 

Road safety excursions

The Constable Care Safety School is open for bookings for ages 4 to 11. It offers a realistic layout of Perth's streets that provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn vital pedestrian, bike and public transport travel safety skills. Featuring cutting-edge augmented reality in a simulated-risk environment, the Constable Care Safety School provides a fun excursion opportunity for primary schools that links directly to WA curriculum outcomes.

More bicycle education related incursion options

Here are some providers of road safety incursions (Please note: There is no 'on bicycle' skills development included in these programs).

RAC – Teaching Around the Roads & Little Legends Club

Suitable for Pre-Primary to Year 6 Students – jump on board the Around the Roads program. Its engaging and has an interactive approach to delivering road safety education to student in pre-primary to Year 6. The program offers a suite of free and fun in class workshops that covers bicycle, pedestrian and passenger safety.

Little Legends Club helps primary school students understand road safety by providing in class presentations, a suite of online resources including an interactive multi-level game. Children can learn essential road safety skills while having fun!

You can find out more information here!

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