Connecting Schools is back and bigger than ever!

Connecting Schools is a grant program aimed at improving bicycle access, wayfinding, bicycle education and end-of-trip facilities (bike and scooter parking, bike maintenance stations etc) for schools that are taking part in the Your Move program.

This year there is $100,000 available for W.A. schools to improve their bike parking and infrastructure, bike and safety education and school facilities!

Who can obtain a Connecting Schools Grant?

Connecting Schools Grants are easy to access and available to any school or educational facility for children in Western Australia. To be eligible for a Connecting Schools Grant, schools must be using the Your Move program to promote active transport to and from school and reach a Your Move accreditation of Silver or higher.

What types of grants are available?

This year, there are four grant levels available for participating schools. As schools achieve higher accreditation levels, corresponding grant levels are 'unlocked' and available to be redeemed. For example, if your school has reached Silver accreditation this will unlock the Small Grant valued at up to $799. If your school has reached Platinum accreditation, your school could apply for a Small, Medium or Large Grant (see table below).

Accreditation Level




300 points or higher

Small Grants:

Small packages available for bike and scooter parking, bike promotion, bike safety bike education and wayfinding

Up to $799


600 points or higher

Medium Grants:

Medium packages available for bike and scooter parking, wayfinding, bike education and a bike skills track

$800 - $2,499


1,000 points or higher

Large Grants:

Large packages available for bike and scooter parking, bike education, bike safety, wayfinding and a bike skills track

$2500 - $7,499

Double Platinum

1,500 points or higher

Major Grants: 

2 major grants available for large scale bike and scooter parking (e.g. bike shed or bike shelter) 

$7,500 - $15,000

*Only 2 available


Bike education at Southwell Primary School

When will Connecting Schools Grants be available?

Schools can apply for a Connecting Schools Grant from 31st July to 31st December 2019.

How do eligible Schools apply for a Connecting Schools Grant?

Connecting Schools Grants can be obtained through the Rewards Shop on the Your Move website. Applying for a Connecting Schools Grant will not affect your school’s redeemable points balance. 

Participating schools are required to download, and complete the Connecting Schools Grant Agreement for further details on the process for delivery and installation, acquittal requirements and terms and conditions. 

Looking for inspiration? Check out how two schools achieved Connecting Schools Grants last year!

12 schools achieved Connecting Schools Grants in 2018, and this year we're hoping to give away even more. If you're wondering how your school can benefit from a Connecting Schools Grant check out these two stories from Piara Waters Primary School and Baldivis Secondary College. 

  • Piara Waters Primary School achieved a new scooter rack by reaching Silver Accreditation in 2018. Check out their story here.

  • Baldivis Secondary College installed two new bike repair stations by achieving Platinum Accreditation. Read about it here.  

Connecting Schools Grant - Fact Sheet

Download a printable two page summary.

Connecting Schools Grant - Agreement

Read all the details including how it works, acquittal requirements, the process and terms and conditions.

Baldivis Secondary College students with their new Bike Repair Station

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