Connecting Schools is a grant program aimed at improving bicycle access, wayfinding, bicycle education and end-of-trip facilities (bike and scooter parking, bike maintenance stations etc) for schools that are taking part in the Your Move program.

Who can obtain a Connecting Schools Grant?

Connecting Schools Grants are easy to access and available to any school or educational facility for children in Western Australia. To be eligible, schools must be using the Your Move program to promote active transport to and from school and reach a Your Move accreditation of Silver or higher to obtain a Connecting Schools Grant. Schools wanting to obtain a grant must also have completed a ‘Hands Up’ Survey in 2018 prior to applying, and commit to completing an End of year ‘Hands Up’ Survey before the end of 2018.

Once the grant has been awarded and then implemented, schools need to write a story on the Your Move website that includes a brief description of the project, a photo or video of the installed infrastructure or the bike education undertaken, and include reflections on how the grant has helped increase active transport at the school.

What types of grants are available?

There are three levels of grants and 18 packages available in 2018/19. Your school’s accreditation level unlocks a corresponding level (or levels) of grants. For example, if your school has reached Silver accreditation this will unlock the Small Grant valued at up to $750. If your school has reached Platinum accreditation, your school could apply for a Small, Medium or Large Grant (see table below).

Accreditation Grant Description $ Value
Silver (min 300 points) or higher Small Grants: 100% funding for small scale bike related infrastructure, bike education and wayfinding Up to $750
Gold (min 600 points) or higher Medium Grants: 100% funding for medium scale bike related infrastructure, bike education and wayfinding $751-$2000
Platinum (min 1,000 points) or higher Large Grants: 100% funding for large scale bike related infrastructure, bike education and wayfinding $2001-$5000

Only one Connecting Schools grant will be available to each school per financial year. Grants are designed to cover 100% of the funding for a selection of infrastructure, education and wayfinding which will be outlined in the Your Move Rewards Shop. The grant funding is for a standard level of installation of bike infrastructure or bike education. School’s redeeming a grant may need to ‘Top up’ the installation costs with their Your Move points or school budget if the installation costs exceed the standard allocation provided.

Bike education at Southwell Primary School

When will Connecting Schools Grants be available?

Schools can apply for a Connecting Schools Grant from 24th July to 31st December 2018.

How do eligible Schools apply for a Connecting Schools Grant?

Connecting Schools Grants can be obtained through the Rewards Shop on the Your Move website. Applying for a Connecting Schools Grant will not affect your school’s redeemable points balance. Unlike previous years, schools will not be required to fill out an detailed Connecting Schools application form, but they will need to send back the signed Connecting Schools Grant Agreement document.

Once you have made your grant selection via the Rewards Shop you will be contacted by a Your Move team member to explain the next steps. Typically, this will involve the Your Move team placing an order for your selected product or service. It will then be up to the school to liaise with the Department of Education and Building Management and Works and the relevant suppliers, to arrange the installation of infrastructure or booking of bike education etc.

Perth Waldorf School bike parking shelter

Connecting Schools Grant - Fact Sheet

Download a printable two page summary.

Connecting Schools Grant - Agreement

Read all the details including how it works, acquittal requirements, the process and terms and conditions.

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