Your move transition

Claire Stevanovski

Beaumaris Primary School has made a smooth transition over to Your Move. We have completed our first "hands up" survey for 2017 and are looking at ways to get more people walking, riding or using public transport to get to school.

This year we are still working towards getting a school crossing guard at a main road near our school and are hoping to get the council to come out and see if we are eligible for a bike path/barrier to allow more people to share the paths on the way to school.

The new Your Move program has allowed us to join forces with other communities/workplaces rather than just schools and hopefully some of our parents workplaces get on board and we can start seeing families become more active.

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Great to hear that the transition to Your Move has been a positive one for Beaumaris Primary School. Great work on completing your first Hands Up Survey on the new website! We'd love to hear more about your new local YM connections in your community and the collaboration with the City of Joondalup to see a new bike path built.

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