Healthier, happier ways to get to school

Join a network of people like you who are sharing tips and tricks on how to motivate students to get moving and create healthy habits for life. Plus, have a heap of fun and earn great rewards while you’re at it.

Grow your team

Share the fun by getting others in your school community involved. Students love the opportunity to run their own activities, post stories and earn points for their efforts. A parent, a teacher, a deputy and a group of student leaders make a winning combination.


Discover how your school moves

Use our quick and easy 'hands up' survey to find out how your students get to school. The survey results are a great way to track your progress and promote your achievements to the whole school community.

Choose your own adventure

Grow an active community and inspire new habits. Select from one of our tried and tested suggestions or design your own activities. You can focus on things like classroom lesson plans, event days, or behind-the-scenes stuff like improving your school’s bike and scooter parking. It’s your choice.


Share your stories

Tell everyone about what you've been up to and earn points for your school. Get inspiration and new ideas from what other schools have been doing. Earn enough points to reach bronze, silver, gold, or even platinum!

Get cool stuff!

Use your points to order from the great range of items in our online shop. Rewards include items like leadership team t-shirts, bike and scooter racks, bike education sessions and ‘design-your-own’ banners.

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The benefits of signing up your school

Here's a few reasons why you and your school should make your move

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"For me it’s great seeing the kids work as a cohesive group." Arlene

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"An active trip to school builds independence and healthy, resilient students" James

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"I like walking to school because I get to have fun with my friends" Sally

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"I can really see the difference in our students’ ability to learn and co-operate" Amy

Get started!

Once you've decided to make your move, it's so much easier

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