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Sue Ashworth
Charthouse PS

Hands Up Survey complete

Today we completed our Term 1 Hands Up Survey with our 19 classes. It was pleasing to note that we have had a 2% decrease in driving since the end of 2019 and a 6% increase in cycling which is fantastic. While there has been a 6% decrease in walking, perhaps some of those are now scooting or riding to school. Public transport is only 1% of our data.

We are continuing with our Footprint Friday initiative this year which will hopefully result in further increases in active transport to and from school.

In addition to our regular Footprint Friday rewards tomorrow, it is National Ride to School Day for which we are having a breakfast and giveaways to riders and two mechanics from People on Bicycles will be checking bikes for forty lucky students.

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Sue Ashworth
Charthouse PS

Hands Up Survey Completed

We completed our Hands Up Survey on Tuesday and were pleased with the results. Our use of the car is down 9% and Public Transport down 47%. Our cycling has increased by 17% and walking is up 8%. It seems that our promotion of active transport, including our Footprint Fridays is having a positive effect on our students and their families.

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Leanne Taylor
Charthouse PS

The Your Move Team speaks at their first Assembly.

This story is related to Include Your Move as a Assembly item - Term three

Two students from our team were selected to work with Miss Ashworth and promote our latest Your Move activities at our last assembly. This was the first time our Your Move Team had spoken at assembly. They did a fantastic job. Below is what they presented:

Hi ! My name is Samuel, and my name is Bronte. We are both members of the Your Move Student Team. On Tuesday, 3rd September, the Year 5 team members will be attending Showcase 2019 at the Gary Holland Centre in Rockingham. We will be networking with other Your Move schools in this area and parents are welcome to attend too. “Footprint Fridays” are coming to Charthouse starting in Week 7. Each Friday morning before school, members of the student team will be out and about handing out raffle tickets to students who walk, ride or scoot to school. These tickets will go into a prize draw each week. We appreciate that not everyone can use active transport from their house, so if parents need to drop you on their way to work at a car park near school, or at the end of the oval and you walk across to school, you will still be able to get a raffle ticket. Also, if you go to OSH before school, we will count a walk around the school grounds as your active transport. There are some great prizes to be won. Keep an eye out for “Footprint Friday” posters around the school to remind you and for more information. Newsletter and Facebook messages will be coming too. We would really like to see some more active transport happening at Charthouse PS, so join us for “Footprint Fridays” if you can.

your move.jpg

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Leanne Taylor
Charthouse PS

Your Move Showcase in Rockingham

This story is related to Write an article in your School newsletter - Term 3

What a great way to spread the Your Move positive message.

On Tuesday 3rd September, four members of the YOUR MOVE student team participated in YOUR MOVE SHOWCASE 2019 at the Gary Holland Centre. They listened to Dr Jane Genovese give them tips about being agents of change and participated in peer led workshops on getting started with Your Move, creating an event and designing a logo for our team.

It was a fantastic day and the four students Samuel, Makaylee, Bronte and Chloe had a great time. They welcomed the other schools by recording their names and giving them raffle tickets then they gave out gift bags that we had prepared last week to thank them for coming. They were all wonderful ambassadors for Charthouse PS, and I was very proud of them.


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Leanne Taylor
Charthouse PS

Footprint Friday

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Our first successful Footprint Friday at Charthouse. Please read on.

On Friday 6th September, we held our first Footprint Friday at Charthouse PS. Students were encouraged to walk, ride or scoot to school for a chance to win a prize. We had 136 students enter the raffle, and we gave away 10 prizes. This is going to be a weekly event and we are looking forward to seeing even more students using active transport in future weeks.


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Leanne Taylor
Charthouse PS

Room 13 integrates Walk to School data into MATHS.

After participating in a “Walk to School Day”, a student representative from Room 13 went around to each class and collected the data about how many students walked or rode their bike to school on that day. Room 13 had been learning about how to collect and represent data, so in class we then collected that data and put into a table. The students then individually created a column graph using the data we had collected.

Rm 13 graph (2).png
Room 13 graph b.png

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Leanne Taylor
Charthouse PS

Making Tracks at Charthouse

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It was first suggested at a Brilliant Kids' Morning Tea (which is where two children from each classroom share morning tea with staff members, including our principal) that we create a bike track at school. The track started with chalk, in order to trial the design, before it was made permanent with paint. There have been up to 30 students wanting to use the track so we had to come up with a roster to keep it organised and safe. Each recess and lunch breaks two year levels at a time can ride on the track. All riders must have their own scooter and bike and of course a correctly fitted helmet. There is always a staff member on duty, supervising the bike track. The bike track has been very popular and regular users say that it is amazing. In the future we would love to explore the possibility of getting a grant to upgrade the track to make it look more realistic and interactive. This could include street signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and painting of the road.

Bike 2.jpg

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Leanne Taylor
Charthouse PS

Charthouse's Your Move Team utilises Connect

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At Charthouse we have just made a flexible class in CONNECT called Your Move Team. It provides a place where we can store photos of events, communicate with each other via email and notices, collaborate with each other, upload stories etc. for others to see and edit (before we upload them to the Your Move website). Staff can also put links to relevant websites up there for students to explore and update the calendar with important Your Move events. We are just beginning to explore the possibilities that it presents and look forward to sharing more with you.

Your Move Connect (2).jpg

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Sue Ashworth
Charthouse PS

Walk Safely to School Day

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Walk Safely to School Day was another successful event for us. The P&C organised a delicious breakfast buffet using a grant from the City of Rockingham. Students who walked to school were able to enjoy something for breakfast. We had 239 students use active transport on this day as recorded by one of our Year 5 classes. They incorporated this activity into their Maths lessons which was fantastic. We also ran a raffle for all students who used active transport to get to school. The winners were given a prize selected from a backpack, bike lock, bike bell, water bottle or a pen. Winners were announced over the PA to promote the event and their names listed in the newsletter.

YOur MOve raffle winners 024.JPG

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Sue Ashworth
Charthouse PS

We finally have a student team

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This term we have created our first ever student team for Your Move. There are fourteen Year 4 and 5 students who meet every Tuesday lunchtime. So far we are organising the Walk to school safely events. This has meant delivering posters and raffle tickets to classes, promoting the day over our lunchtime announcements and getting ready for the breakfast on Friday. We are planning to collect numbers of people who walk to school on Friday and give them raffle tickets to go into the draw for a prize from our rewards shop goodies. In the future we are planning to do blogs, organise star cards or raffle tickets for before school collections and speak with classes about Your Move. We are all really excited about this team and are looking forward to sharing more with you soon.

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Sue Ashworth
Charthouse PS

Walk to School Safely Day Breakfast

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On Friday, 19th May, we held a breakfast for students as part of Walk Safely to School Day. The Rockingham City Council provided funding for this event and Baker's Delight Waikiki gave us discounted items as part of the breakfast menu. We had 150 bacon and cheese rolls that disappeared very quickly along with cereals, yoghurt, juice, milk and fresh fruit.

Over 120 students attended the breakfast with about half of them walking or riding to school. Many parents joined their children and a lovely morning was had by all as the rain stayed away.

Mrs De Jager took some great photos for us to keep as memories. They are on our school website too.

003.jpg (1)
004.jpg (1)

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