The Your Move Team speaks at their first Assembly.

Leanne Taylor
Charthouse PS

Two students from our team were selected to work with Miss Ashworth and promote our latest Your Move activities at our last assembly. This was the first time our Your Move Team had spoken at assembly. They did a fantastic job. Below is what they presented:

Hi ! My name is Samuel, and my name is Bronte. We are both members of the Your Move Student Team. On Tuesday, 3rd September, the Year 5 team members will be attending Showcase 2019 at the Gary Holland Centre in Rockingham. We will be networking with other Your Move schools in this area and parents are welcome to attend too. “Footprint Fridays” are coming to Charthouse starting in Week 7. Each Friday morning before school, members of the student team will be out and about handing out raffle tickets to students who walk, ride or scoot to school. These tickets will go into a prize draw each week. We appreciate that not everyone can use active transport from their house, so if parents need to drop you on their way to work at a car park near school, or at the end of the oval and you walk across to school, you will still be able to get a raffle ticket. Also, if you go to OSH before school, we will count a walk around the school grounds as your active transport. There are some great prizes to be won. Keep an eye out for “Footprint Friday” posters around the school to remind you and for more information. Newsletter and Facebook messages will be coming too. We would really like to see some more active transport happening at Charthouse PS, so join us for “Footprint Fridays” if you can.

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Samuel, Bronte and Leanne! It seems like a great term for YM at Charthouse. Your assembly item earned you 30 points, plus a bonus 10 for giving us all the details. Don't forget to let us know how the showcase went to get points for that and also your Footprint Fridays when that is up and running. Oh - YM stories in your newsletter will also earn you points!

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Thanks James, we have already uploaded the Showcase and Footprint Friday articles. This one was last to upload as I had to wait for the photo to be sent to me.

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James (Your Move)

Ah yes, and I've even scored them! Sorry, I blame my kids for not letting me get enough sleep!

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