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Riding in a Pandemic - Community Survey Results

Our regular tracking of cycling activity around Fremantle shows that there's been a massive surge during COVID-19 restrictions. There have also been articles in the media on people that have dusted of the bike as an alternative travel option for a variety of reasons: health and wellbeing, convenience and reduced public transport.

Over June we undertook a survey to keep connecting with the community during uncertain times and to find out if COVID-19 has changed the way people cycle.

76 people took the survey and here’s what we found:

  • Most people were riding regularly before the restrictions but did increase their riding (28).
  • A close second were people who were previously riding but their riding stayed the same (26).
  • Some people started riding for the first time or returned to riding their bike (12).
  • The majority of people rode more than 3 times a week (36) with 2-3 a week (21) 1 trip per week (14) and three people not riding during the week. 
  • The majority of people were riding locally in the suburb of Fremantle. 
  • Seven people decreased their riding or did not ride at all 

We asked people about their experience around riding during restrictions and had a wide variety of responses. The main reason people’s riding declined was due to working from home (reduced commuter riding) and there being nothing open to ride to. People liked the reduction in traffic and felt safer riding on roads and with children, with more families riding together and riding for recreation. People had more free time to ride for differing reasons – not working, reduced work hours, working from home.
People also mentioned issues such as increased use of paths leading to bike congestion, inexperienced riders ‘not knowing the rules’ and the negative effect of the increase in traffic as restrictions were lifted. Interesting comments included “It has kept my son and I sane” and “A bit spooky late at night coming home from work”

This information builds on the input from our Bike Plan community survey and will help us with recovery planning and long-term improvements.

COVID 19 Ride Survey.jpg

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Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

Ord Street Protected Bike Lane to Improve Safety

The City of Fremantle has made more improvements to its network of bicycle paths by creating a protected bike lane along Ord Street. The improvements involved the installation of a series of traffic islands along the southbound cycle lane between High Street and Knutsford Street to create greater separation between cyclists and cars.

Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the Ord Street project was the latest in a series of upgrades designed to encourage more people to take up cycling.
“One of the silver linings with the COVID-19 cloud has been the explosion in the number of people getting out there and riding a bike,” Mayor Pettitt said.
“Cycling is a great thing to do. Not only is it fun and good for your health but it’s also an environmentally friendly mode of transport.
“There’s lots of evidence from all over the world that shows people feel a lot safer riding a bike when there is a physical barrier between them and the traffic.
“Ord Street is identified as a key bike route in the City’s recently updated Fremantle Bike Plan, so it’s great that we’ve been able to do this work and make that section a lot safer for cyclists.”

The Ord Street southbound protected bike lane was installed in conjunction with scheduled road resurfacing works between High Street and Knutsford Street. The works also included widening the bike lane on the northbound carriageway through a minor relocation of the existing traffic lights at High Street, and improving the pedestrian crossing points near Knutsford Street by increasing the size of the refuge islands. As with all City of Fremantle road renewal projects, waste materials such as the old asphalt and concrete kerbs will be recycled.

The City has also this week expanded the bike parking next to the Kiosk Café on Beach Street, opposite the East Street jetty. The work was done using a new concrete called Envirocrete, which substitutes a percentage of the cement with a more environmentally friendly alternative and uses recycled water in the mix.

Ord Street Protected Bike Lane.jpg

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Gavin Giles
City of Fremantle

Riding in a Pandemic - Community Survey

The world as we know it has changed over the past few months. Social distancing measures, reduced public transport use and more time spent at home has found many of us looking for alternative ways to recreate and get around.

Our regular tracking of cycling activity around Fremantle shows that there's been a massive surge during COVID-19 restrictions. MetroCount's bike monitor at Leighton Beach saw 230 average daily riders between June 2019 and February 2020 increase to a daily average of 740 between April and May this year. Daily rider counts at South Beach have similarly seen large increases from mid-March.

In 2018 we asked you to share your experiences riding in and around the City of Fremantle area to inform the Bike Plan Review. This information contributed to the development of the Bike Plan 2019-2024 which establishes the long term bike network and sets cycling priorities. Now, with the recent increase in numbers, we'd like to know more about your recent experiences and how we can support you to keep riding.
Having a clear picture will help us with recovery planning, long-term improvements and applications for funding in conjunction with the priorities of the Bike Plan.

Whether you are new or not-so-new to cycling, if you ride in the City of Fremantle we'd like to hear from you.

Bike Plan Image 1.JPG

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World Bicycle Day - Staff Comp

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As part of World Bicycle Day we used our Your Move points to get a voucher to encourage staff to rides bikes (had to send a photo of them riding on the day to go into the draw). The turnout was not as great as expected for a number of factors amid CV-19 including rostered times, change room and showers remain closed. We are looking at how we can re-engage with the workplace as we gradually return to normal....will let you know how we go.

World Bike Day - Catherine.jpeg
Morning ride 2020.jpg

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Riding Increase in Fremantle

Adding to the reports in the media, there has been a massive surge in cycling around Fremantle during COVID-19 restrictions. MetroCount's bike monitoring device at Leighton beach saw 230 average daily riders between June 2019 and February 2020 increase to a daily average of 740 between April and May this year! The South Beach counter showed similar trends. The spikes show the big increase in weekend riders. We are working on ideas on how to keep this trend going with commutes as people go back to work and school and the positive health and well-being aspects of recreational and other cycling trips. Graphics courtesy of Metrocount. More info here.

Curtin Ave RSP riders 2019 vs 2020.jpg
South Beach riders 2019 vs 2020.jpg
Scoot Walk Ride.jpg
kid hollis park.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Riding the Highway to Hell

This story is related to Host a social ride for staff

In case you hadn't heard, there was this thing on Sunday where Canning Highway was closed for an AC/DC Bon Scott rolling concert tribute. A sensational site visit to Highway to Hell was held over the weekend by our festivals team who explored the site using the fabulous power of ebikes. Highway to Hell took place along Canning Hwy from Canning Bridge to the Fremantle Traffic Bridge .

Our Festivals Coordinator Sarah had this to say "The electric bikes were the perfect transport to encompass the full event. They enabled the passionate festival goers to enjoy all the offerings of an amazing large scale event from Canning Bridge to the Containerbow in Fremantle ROCK ON". That last bit wasn't Sarah, it was me.

Highway to Hell2.jpg

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City of Fremantle

More Staff Bike Parking and Key Learning

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As a New Year present our Facilities team have freed up a storage container at the City’s temporary Administration Centre for additional staff bike parking. Keeping to our port shipping and maritime roots, the Facilities team converted a shipping container surplus to the City cleaning team requirements, to provide additional bike parking. The current bike parking container has the wall mounted racks, which work great for lighter bikes or if you are strong – but not for heavier e-bikes, cargo bikes or kid-carriers. The new container caters for staff with these types of bikes, has charging points, will have shelves and hooks for helmets and clothing and frees up community bike parking in front of the library. Key learning – bike parking is not generic anymore! The bike containers are great but we are all looking forward to using the end of trip facilities in the new Administration building in Kings Square in 2021, which we hope will get more staff out of cars and into active transport.

New Staff Bike Parking Container1.JPG
New Staff Bike Parking Container.JPG

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City of Fremantle

New Fremantle Urban Bike Explorer Maps

We are excited to announce two Fremantle additions to Tourism Western Australia’s Urban Bike Explorer series of cycle trails maps that encourage visitors to explore Perth and surrounds by bike.

Brad and matt.jpg

Fremantle Highlights takes in all the key places visitors like to explore in Fremantle. The trails starts at Fremantle Visitor Centre in Kings Square, Fremantle Prison and up to Monument Hill, Fremantle Arts Centre, Victoria Quay and Fishing Boat Harbour. The Indian Ocean Ride follows on road paths and bike paths though Fremantle and along the coast to Cottesloe and past some of Perth’s iconic beaches.

Wendy O’Shaughnessy, Senior Economic Development Officer said “Tourism Western Australia released the first Urban Bike Explorer cycle maps earlier this year and we were excited about the opportunity to add two Fremantle trail maps to the series. They are simple, easy to follow and show points of interest in and around town, and they fit in your pocket.”

The maps will be available at WA Visitor Centre in Perth and Fremantle Visitor Centre in Kings Square, hotels and bike shops in Fremantle. A pdf version will also be available on

This is a great initiative to get more locals and visitors on bikes and to show case our great city and coastline. A big thank you to Tourism WA for this latest collaboration with the City of Fremantle’s destination marketing team.


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City of Fremantle

More Green Transport Choice for Staff

Most of our staff fleet cars are hybrid, but we are about to trial two electric “Vespa type” scooters that a local start up GGo will be using for their ride sharing program. The scooters are parked in a custom ‘garage’ installed in the car park behind our main administration office in central Fremantle.
The reasons we are helping with this trial are to:

• Reduce fleet car fuel usage. If it is assumed that these scooters get 75% of the use of the average fleet car, it will save a total of $1,400 of fuel over the trial.
• Reduced ‘wear and tear’ and maintenance on current fleet vehicles.
• Opportunity to trial a more environmentally friendly, low carbon transport option.
• Detailed usage statistics will be made available as a part of the trial which will be useful in assessing future options.

GGo are a local Fremantle start up, so this aligns with our One Planet and Economic Development principles and objectives (think local – act global).

Here’s a video of staff getting a go on the scooters.

Scooter photo.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Bike Month 2019 - City of Fremantle Wind Up

We had a pretty good showing on the first WA Bike Month. Here is an infographic on our stats. Importantly we had two staff who changed their commute from car to a bike and are still going. One team member needs a new bike and a bit more encouragement. We used the Your Move points to buy a voucher for a random draw each week, to keep it interesting.
Here is a story and feedback from our champions in the Parks and Landscapes team.
Jen's Story:
Before Bike Month I took part in the Great Cycle Challenge to raise funds to fight children’s cancer, a cause I’m passionate about. Before then I didn’t ride to work and only rode once in a blue moon with my partner on his go-fast racer. I rode 485km and raised over $1400. Riding then became less daunting and I found it easy and fun to ride to and from work (with a little planning). Then Bike Month came up and work sent the call out to staff to join up, I thought if I can ride over 400k’s then Love to Ride would be easy (I came third out of 24 – yay!). What also inspired me was to get out of the office and recharge and enjoy our beautiful parks and environment (I’m a Landscape Architect after all) so I organised a weekly lunch time ride down to South Beach and a standing invitation open to all after Bike Month finished. There’s usually around six of us that go down on our lunch break and it’s a great and easy ride there and back.
In an effort to be more environmentally sustainable (and rack up more km’s for WA Bike month) myself and Katrina (Team Leader Landscaping and Natural Areas) decided to ride to North Fremantle to inspect the Heritage Trail signs that run along the river foreshore, up Cypress Hill and along Rocky Bay. Leaving from and returning to Fremantle Oval the whole trip took us less than an hour, which we believe was quicker than trying to do it in a car, and a lot more fun and sustainable - also saving on fuel costs and car wear and tear.

Voucher Winners - Bike Month.png (1)
bike month 2019 (1).png (1)

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City of Fremantle

Cycling Without Age growing

Cycling Without Age, an international not-for-profit organisation that allows elderly and less mobile people to experience an outdoor ride on trishaw e-bikes piloted by volunteer cyclists, has launched in Fremantle.
The social enterprise was partially funded by the City of Fremantle’s Arts and Community Grants program and received $5000 earlier this year to help get it off the ground.

City of Fremantle Director of Community Development Michelle Brennand said Cycling Without Age encouraged ageing in a positive context and built bridges between generations.
“It’s fantastic to see how this project is connecting elderly and less mobile people to their community and the outdoors, as well as facilitating volunteering participation and encouraging social inclusion,” Ms Brennand said.
“The concept is really taking off around Australia, and we’re pleased this community service is now being offered to Fremantle residents and visitors.”

Cycling Without Age was established in Denmark in 2012, and is represented in 42 countries around the world today. The first trishaws cycled Down Under in 2016, and Cycling Without Age Australia incorporated as a registered charity this year.

Cycling Without Age Community Captain for Fremantle Tim McGrath said the piloted trishaw rides followed two routes and were entirely free for passengers.
“Monday to Friday we depart from South Beach and cycle to South Fremantle Power Station and back, and on weekends you’ll find us at Bathers Beach cycling to B Shed and South Mole,” Mr McGrath said.
“Like a lot of the metropolitan area we have great beachside bike paths, but what makes Fremantle special is the waterfront areas around the wharf and harbour.
“A part of what we do as a volunteer pilot cyclist is act as a channel for passengers telling stories and many of our older passengers talk about their memories of the area.
“The physical joy of the wind in your hair and experiencing the wonderful environment we have in Fremantle is enough to encourage everyone to have a go.
“We find the social inclusion that comes with the attention of passers-by and the conversations with your fellow passenger and the pilot make it a joyful experience for everyone.”

Cycling Without Age’s Fremantle chapter is currently recruiting volunteer cyclists, who will be trained to pilot the trishaw.
“Demand is almost inexhaustible, so the more pilots we have, the more rides we can give,” Mr McGrath said.
“We do introductory training in groups of 10-15 for all Cycling Without Age chapters around Perth every few months.
“We’re also raising funds for a second trishaw. While our first trishaw was funded by a bequest and a City of Fremantle community grant, we are now seeking smaller donations and sponsorships from local businesses and care providers to expand this wonderful community service.”

For more information, visit To book a ride, call 0448 447 223 or email

Cycling Without Age Photo 1 2019.jpg
Cycling Without Age Photo 2 2019.jpg

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City of Fremantle

WA Bike Month - Week 2 - Your Move Vouchers

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We are at the pointy end of week two of Bike Month. Jenny one of our Landscape Architects though it would be good to get out and about at lunch time and grab a lunch at South Beach - photos of (some) of the Bike Month team in the cold two weeks ago and (some) of the team at the beach today! We are using the Your Move points to purchase vouchers for a prize each week - keeps it interesting and have had three more people sign up......

Bike Month Team.jpg
Staff Lunch Ridev1.JPG

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City of Fremantle

Bike Reference Group and 1st Week Bike Month

On Friday, our Bicycle Reference Group had a ride around town to look at and brainstorm bike infrastructure improvements. The group consists of passionate riders from the Mayor and Councillors, City officers and a core of committed community members. This group were integral in developing our recent Bike Plan. Getting out and 'riding the truth' to find the good bits and bad bits as a group is a great way to share knowledge and get buy in for future infrastructure improvements. Its also a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon......

Nov 2019 - BRG - Ridearound.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Gearing up to ride to work

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The City of Fremantle is gearing up for Ride2Work and is getting the word out to staff and the community. We are also getting a team together for Bike Month with 10 people already signed up (or said they will sign up!). We will report back on how both events went.

Ride and Shine_2019.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Pipeline Projects

The first of the Freo Bike Plan Pipeline Projects has just been completed - new green on-road bike lane from along a busy section of Parry Street from Adelaide Street to South Terrace in the city centre - including low profile delineators (the yellow things). Dan, our resident cycling commuter in Economic Development had this to say: "green and smooth".

Parry Street Lane Upgrade Image_Page_1.jpg
Parry Street Lane Upgrade Image_Page_2.jpg

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City of Fremantle

New Bike Plan Adopted

This story is related to Make a travel plan

A new plan designed to encourage more people in Fremantle to ride a bike more often has been formally adopted by Fremantle Council.
The City of Fremantle’s Bike Plan 2019-2024 will set the City’s priorities for bike infrastructure projects, programs and promotional activities for the next five years.
Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt said the goal was to make Fremantle a more pedestrian and cycle friendly city.
“Our Integrated Transport Strategy set a target that by 2030 Fremantle should have a connected, safe and seamless bicycle network that encourages cycling to be a convenient, every day choice for how to move around Fremantle,” Mayor Pettitt said.
“At the heart of the Bike Plan is a low speed core in the city centre where cars, bikes and pedestrians all share the space.
“The city centre and other activity areas are then connected by a network of primary and secondary routes along which people of all ages and abilities can feel safe to ride a bike.
“We’ve seen examples across the world where encouraging cycling and shared spaces has created safer and more attractive and liveable communities.
“The centre of Fremantle was originally designed to be a walkable city, so it makes a lot of sense to make it easier for people to leave the car at home and ride a bike instead.
“In recent years we’ve had a steady rise in the number of people cycling in Fremantle, with a 13 per cent increase in people riding in a recent city centre bike count.
“People riding to and from work sits at around 3.1 per cent but there is lots of room to expand this and get more people on bikes more often.”
The Bike Plan was informed by a community engagement process undertaken late last year in which residents were asked to share their experiences of cycling around Fremantle and identify areas where bike facilities were good or needed improvement.
The plan identifies four primary routes that connect major destinations such as the Fremantle and Perth city centres and four secondary routes connecting activity centres like shopping areas, schools and sporting facilities as priorities.
It also outlines planned infrastructure upgrades including more green bike lanes along on Parry Street and William Street, improvements to on-road bikes lanes on Marine Terrace and an upgrade to the intersection of Queen Victoria Street and Parry Street.
The City will also continue to participate in initiatives like the Department of Transport’s ‘Your Move’ program and Bike Week (now Month!) to encourage more cycling.
To read the Bike Plan click here -

Bike Plan Image - Bikes at Sunset.jpg (1)

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City of Fremantle

Draft Bike Plan - Second round of consultation and some personal tips and tricks on how to get riding

Back in October 2018 we undertook the first round of engagement as part of the review of the Local Bicycle Plan 2014-2018. The feedback informed the draft Bike Plan out now for further input until 1 July. Here is the link- Our Elected Member, Councillor Rachel Pemberton shares her story and tips on how to start getting back on the bike in this short video here -

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Active Transport - Storytelling to engage

This story is related to Promote active travel

We attended the Your Move Forum on Storytelling to engage from Evolve Events (Disclaimer here - it was presented by one of our Elected Members, Rachel Pemberton).
The forum has inspired us to reach out to our staff and community to get stories and champions who use active transport - the why's, the how's and the great aspects of walking, riding and public transport. We can use these stories as inspiring tools to get other people out of their cars and onto thier legs, bikes, buses and trains.
Here's a quick story and video of Dan's commuter ride.

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Scavenger Hunt Won't Stop! Promoting Active Transport, Community and Local Business

As part of Bike Week we organised a scavenger hunt around the city as a fun and interesting way to use active transport to explore and learn about Fremantle.
A couple of families took a little bit longer but used the hunt as a family activity over the last month.
It also led to interaction, active play and contributed to the local economy – and they are sharing with friends!

Here is some feedback received this week -

“Thank you so much for sending through the PDF for the Scavenger Hunt. It has taken us a month and four separate outings but we had a great time and we did it!
We cycled, walked, ran, took the pram, and caught the bus. We did some as a team of five (two adults, three kids: six, four, and 20 months), and some we split up. Add in some dinners out, packed lunches, plays at the various playgrounds en route, and lots of adventuring.”

“Great fun, here's hoping there are many more such events in the future!
Thanks to all who were part of organising it. I've forwarded the PDF to a few friends to do with their kids when they have a weekend free. Just for fun.“

Could be a great way to activate people and places all year round?

Scavenger Hunt Insta Image.JPG
Inked2019-04-25 09.44.13_LI.jpg
InkedScavenger Hunt 1_LI.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Bike Week 2019 - Scavenger Hunt

The Great Freo Scavenger Hunt was held two Sunday's ago as the final event for our Bike Week activities.
Around 20 riders of all ages road around town searching for clues and prizes. Erinn Litchfield our Recreation Community Development Officer said "The event is a great way to people on bikes and around our city, to see interesting spots off the main areas as well as the Cappuccino Strip, West End and Fishing Boat Harbour".
Time to start planning for 2020....

Scavenger Hunt 3.jpg
Scavenger Hunt 2.jpg
Scavenger Hunt 1.jpg

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City of Fremantle

New Cycle School - Rescheduled April 10

Due to illness we had to cancel Cycle School in Bike Week.

Good news - it has been rescheduled to April 10 - 3.30 - 5.30

Cycle School is in for all children aged 6-10 years.

Whether they love to ride or need a little encouragement a session at Cycle School will improve their bike handling skills and build confidence in riding a bike.

To ensure all participants safety Cycle School will be conducted on the fenced outdoor basketball courts at Fremantle PCYC. Free 100% fruit Delish Ice Pop for all participants!

BYO - Bike and Helmet + Registrations are required

Details and Register here -

Hope to see you there!

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City of Fremantle

Staff Advanced Bike Maintenance Workshop

This story is related to Bike skills workshop

This is Dan.
Dan is in Economic Development so he can’t show his face on a web post.
Dan went to the advanced bike maintenance course last night and won the $100 bike toolkit (thanks to Your Move).
Dan learnt a lot of new and useful tips and tricks around gear tuning and loved it.
I forgot to take photos of the workshop.

Dan Shot.JPG

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City of Fremantle

Bike Week 2019 at the City of Fremantle

This story is related to Get involved in Bike Week

Here is what we are up to over Bike Week this year –
Holding a staff advanced bike maintenance workshop (thanks to Your Move points) for people who want to increase their skills in gears, brakes, drivetrain and other fascinating bike facets.
* 2 lunch and learn sessions for staff on tricks and tips to encourage people to get on a bike for their commute (thanks to Bikewest/Dept of Transport grants)
Fun community events include:
* The Great Freo Scavenger Hunt
* Cycle School
* Rusty Riders
* Light Me Up Ride
Go to our website to sign up!
Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter (a quick update on the event success will be posted after Bike Week)

BikeWeek - flyer - 2019.jpg
Glow Ride 2018.JPG

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City of Fremantle

Ambassador Trikes

The City provides over 20 Ambassadors for visitors to the city and especially when a cruise ship is in port. They are stationed at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal, Visitors Centre and Parry Street bus shuttle stop. The volunteer Ambassadors are there to answer questions, hand out maps of the city and provide information and help to all visitors.
Last year, the centre purchased two trikes for our Ambassadors to use to get to and from the Passenger and to carry visitor info. Their maiden voyage was last week when the Queen Elizabeth was in port. Ambassador comments about the trikes include “they are great – the big basket at the back lets us carry all our gear plus water and lunch”…..”The bikes a big and bright and a bit unusual – they attract people, which makes it more engaging with visitors and passers by”.


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City of Fremantle

Thanks Your Move!

Thanks to Your Move for drawing our name out of the hat in last year’s posting competition. With the extra award points we were able to purchase some sweet prizes for our 2019 Bike Week community events. We were also able to book another staff bike maintenance workshop – to encourage our teams to look after their bikes and get back on them for their commute.

Your Move Gift Photo.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Community Engagement Feedback - Bike Plan Review

It’s been nearly a month since we posted on the progress of the City of Fremantle Bike Plan review. Over October we contacted our community, both regular and non-regular riders and asked them: why they were riding, why they weren’t riding, types of riders they identified with, where they are riding and where would they like to ride. The interactive map also gave the opportunity to “map my ride” with over 200 ‘pins’ on areas for improvement, ideas and good riding environments. The full engagement results report can be found on our MySay page at

Here’s a summary snapshot and we are aiming to get a draft new Bike Plan to our Councillors and community in the new year.

Have a great holiday, stay safe and see you in 2019!

Bike Plan Review Executive Summary (9)_Page_1.jpg
Bike Plan Review Executive Summary (9)_Page_2.jpg

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City of Fremantle

All I want for Christmas.....

… the ‘soft’ launch of the staff electric bike. We will wait until the new year due to the rush up to Christmas for the formal launch and promotion of the staff electric bike – recently added to the pool bikes at the Administration Centre.
Rita, our Principal Urban Designer and Annabelle, Senior Project Officer – Sustainability tested out the ebike this week.
“With this bike I can get to the Kings Square redevelopment site in under a minute. And it’s a step through so it’s easy for me to use and it’s no worries in my work clothes” said Rita.
Annabelle said “It’s a bit weird when you first try it, but it will make getting over the hill near the depot much easier”

Photo 1.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Behind the Bike Shed slowly evolving

This story is related to Install or upgrade bike parking

A quick Friday arvo note - feedback on the staff pool bikes this week was that they were hard to get in and out of the shed.
An email sent around found a spare bike rack at the depot.
A quick tweak of the bikes and installation of the rack in the shed = much easier access (and makes the cargo trike much easier to get in and out).
Quick wins for a Friday afternoon – more convenient bike access and up-cycling old infrastructure!

Bike Shed.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Staff Work Bikes and Bike Plan Review Community Survey

This story is related to Promote bike facilities

It’s been 12 weeks since we relaunched the staff work bikes – an initiative to reduce pool car use and get staff active for short work trips. So far the bikes have been booked 40 times – an average of 3 times a week – we will keep monitoring to track how we are going. There has been some sneaky use without using the booking system, but hey, at least people are riding.

The results are in from the recent community survey for the review of the Bike Plan. The mapping, ideas and survey are all being collated to inform the new City Bike Plan. There were over 200 ideas and comments on the interactive map, in addition to the survey. We are currently finalising the analysis and will post the survey results as soon as possible.

Staff Bike - South Beach.JPG

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City of Fremantle

Staff bike maintenance workshop

This story is related to Bike skills workshop

Last week we ran a bike maintenance workshop for staff with the Bike Dr (and thanks to Your Move).
We ran the workshop to help staff get better acquainted and confident with their bikes – to help with fixing problems during commutes and recreational riding (and the benefits of keeping bikes clean and safe). Seven staff took part and found it very useful – even those with a brand new Norco cruiser (much bike envy in the group – google Norco scene bike and you’ll see what we mean). It was a good cross section of riders - regular commuters, infrequent riders and recreational riders.
Here’s a few comments from staff –
“I was a bit worried when Luke said first up we were going to change a tyre and fix a puncture – this is a bit too basic! I know how to change a tyre and fix a puncture – but during the workshop I learnt I’ve been doing it wrong all of my life – now its way easier!”
“The workshop was great and am confident that I’ll be able to fix any problems as I’m riding around”
“I found it very useful and I hope we get to do another workshop so I can get into the gears and cables.”
Hoping to run workshop 2 in the new year.

Staff Workshop 1.jpg
Staff Workshop 2.jpg
Staff Workshop 3.jpg
Staff Workshop 4.jpg

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Staff travel to work survey - results are in

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Over 100 staff across the City of Fremantle did a travel to works survey and the results are in!

The last survey was in 2010 so we thought it was about time we found out how we were travelling – and the results are awesome (not that we are modest or anything).
55% of surveyed staff drove to work, down from 79% in 2010 with a whopping 19% using public transport and 12% walking or cycling.
We asked staff if they had changed their method of commute in the last 12 months and interestingly half changed from active transport to car due to either moving further away from work or due to an injury. The other half swapped from car to active transport mainly due to moving closer to the workplace.

The top 3 things people suggested that would get them on to active transport and out of the car were - improved access to public transport (and cheaper fares) living closer to work and improved cycle/footpath network
We can now look in detail to program and identify ways to make active transport an easy and attractive choice – and spread the message to staff.

Travel to Work Survey Graphic.png

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City of Fremantle gearing up for Ride to Work 2018

The City of Fremantle is gearing up for this year’s Ride to Work event, working with local providers to make it a memorable and enjoyable morning with -
• Mercer Bikes providing bike safety checks
• Fremantle Tours mini bike tours of the city
• Perth Electric bikes and South Freo Cycles will be displaying bikes
• The Fremantle Bike User Group will be asking for input on bike infrastructure in the area
• City staff will be showing how they identify the need for new bike infrastructure
• Along with healthy food options being supplied by local providers
City staff will also be active in getting non-riding colleagues on their bikes by volunteering to be a ride buddy to show the quick and easy routes to work.
Photos to come next week!

Ride and Shine_bike to work 2018.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Behind the Bike Shed - Relaunching Staff Pool Bikes

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We are reigniting staff pool bikes for short work trips. Back when we were in the Admin centre in Kings Square, staff pool bikes were available but were not used very much – despite an easy info and booking system. We think it was mainly to do with them being stored away from the office in the Queensgate car park.

Now we are in our temporary home at Fremantle Oval, we have spruced up our staff bikes and built a new bike shed within easy reach of the admin office and library. The booking system is the same as our pool cars.

Tony Strickland, Manager Facilities and Environmental Management

“We wanted to make the bike booking the same as our pool cars, so that process and experience in booking and using pool vehicles are the same”.

“Our bikes are just as much an asset as our cars and so management and maintenance has been streamlined into our asset management systems”.

“We want the ‘normalise’ the process so there is no barrier to booking a bike, to get more staff using bikes for short trips – with 7 out of 8 city facilities being within 3km of the Admin Centre and Library”

(Thanks to the Heart Foundation pool bike case study)

Staff have already been using the bikes with Infrastructure and Project Delivery teams riding to the depot (1.5km) and others to the Leisure Centre (1km).

Information and promotion is underway to encourage more staff to use the bikes for short trips rather than the pool cars – getting cars off the road and freeing up pool cars for longer work trips (where destinations are not served by public transport – that’s what the staff Smartriders are for – see previous post!).

City facilities within 3km of the Admin centre

The Meeting Place
Walyalup Aboriginal Cultural Centre
Fremantle Arts Centre
Legal Centre
Visitors Centre

Pool Bikes 1.jpg
Pool Bikes 2.jpg
Pool Bikes 3.jpg

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City of Fremantle

City of Fremantle - Bike Plan Review engagement underway!

The City of Fremantle's Local Bicycle Plan is under review. We'd like to know more about your experience riding in and around Fremantle. If you don't currently ride, we'd also like to hear from you.

You are invited to complete the survey below. You can also 'map your ride' on our interactive map below (add photo, drop a pin and share your thoughts) by Tuesday 9 October 2018.

What has been done since the Bike Plan was adopted?
Over the last 6 years the City has -
Installed 2.3km of on road bike lanes.
Installed 1km of off road paths including the new North Fremantle link from Queen Victoria Street to Tydeman Road.
Upgraded 6 signalised intersections to include Bike head start facilities creating vital continuous links on major roads.
Rolled out Bicycle Awareness Zones (BAZ) on over 6km of local and city centre roads.
Upgraded over 2km of path along popular coastal routes.
Rolled out green bike lane treatment at intersections on Lefroy Road, Winterfold Road, South Terrace and Marine Terrace.
Installed over 160 bike parking bays and facilities with the city centre and suburban areas.
Installed 2 new bike data collection sites.
Participated in and supported annual Bike Week events.
Joined the Department of Transport's Your Move Program.

Bike Plan Image - Bikes at Sunset.jpg

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City of Fremantle

Staff Travel Survey

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We have started our 2018 staff travel to work (and for work) survey! The last one was in 2010 so its time to see how we are travelling. Back in 2010 we had 79% travelling by car, 8% used public transport, 6% drove a council car, 5% walked or cycled and 2% were a car passenger. Stay tuned for 2018 results.

Travel Survey.JPG

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City of Fremantle

City of Fremantle - Staff Travel Survey

We are gearing up to undertake a staff travel survey across our 8 work places - to find out how we are travelling and identify ways to encourage active transport. The last survey was in 2010 which had: 79% drove to work, 6% drove a work car, 2% were passengers, 8% took public transport and 5% walked or cycled. The survey will also highlight any changes to commutes since we moved from the old administration building to the temporary office at Fremantle Oval as the new building in Kings Square is developed (which will have awesome end of trip facilities). This is also part of our corporate sustainable transport goals as a One Planet Council. Stay tuned for more staff stories and survey results.

Bike Store.jpg

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Cycling Without Age - the right to feel the wind in your hair

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He's pretty well-known for cycling around Freo, but Mayor Brad Pettitt was snapped riding a different kind of bike recently!
It was a part of the Cycling Without Age - Western Australia initiative, who are hoping to introduce the global cycling movement for seniors to Fremantle. Check it out -

📷: Cameron Etchells Photographer

Cycling without age pic.jpg

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Encouraging low speed shared streets - Fremantle city centre

We are always trying to create a friendlier, safer urban environment in the Fremantle city centre by encouraging slower traffic speeds and sharing of our road space. We installed alternative ‘fun’ transport symbols in busy crossing points along Marine Terrace.
The idea of these symbols is to slow traffic and encourage sharing of space in key areas of conflict, congestion or high activity - highlight and encourage other users of the road, footpath or shared street and adding colour and fun to transport infrastructure. Five clusters of coloured car, bike and pedestrian symbols have been installed along Marine Terrace – a busy area with Esplanade Park, Fremantle Youth Plaza, Fishing Boat Harbour and Bathers Beach.
We hope this adds awareness to share the road and adds a sense of play into the street environment.

Bike 1.jpg
Photo 2.jpg (1)

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Staff Smartriders - Encouraging Public Transport Use

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City of Fremantle has Smartriders for staff to use for business trips. 4 smartriders are kept at the Admin centre front desk for all staff to book out – and they are promoted through the staff intranet
A popular journey is catching the train into Perth city for meetings. Using the Fremantle to Perth train saves driving time and paying for parking – and now we have our portable devices we can be more productive and work on the train!
Around 260 trips were used in the last 18 months – getting 260 city cars off the road and saving on driving and parking.

Smart Rider 6.JPG (1)

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