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Meg Couzens

Yellow Day

This story is related to Safety House Incursion

Knock! knock! knock! Feeling unsure? Knock on a Safety House door.

At the end of Term 3 our students from Kindy to Year 4 were treated to a Safety House Show. As a part of this day, students are able to accentuate their normal uniforms with Yellow.

Safety House day 1.jpg

Through the use of puppets, actors and volunteer students, we were able to find out what we could do if we got lost, if a stranger approaches us that we don’t know, or if something scares/hurts us like a Magpie swooping. We learnt that we could look for the yellow triangle sign with a smiling house on letterboxes that says SAFETY HOUSE. The people that live there are safe people who have been checked by the police and they are there to help you feel better and call your parents or another trusted adult to come and pick you up.

Safety House and Puppet.JPG

To follow up from this experience, our Pre-Primary students went for a walk around the local area and found some of the local houses that have the safety house sign. This can help them when they are riding/walking to school (The current addresses were given to us by the Safety House association).

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Meg Couzens

Pedal Prix Competitions - Bussleton (WA) and Murray Bridge (SA)

This story is related to Pedal Prix Competitions in Busselton (WA) and Murray Bridge (South Australia)

This year we have continued our 20 year tradition as a College to participate in Pedal Prix.

After many weeks planning and training on bikes with the proper safety equipment, we had 4 teams racing in the Busselton competition at the start of Term 3 and then had one team fly over and attend the 24-hour National Pedal Prix competition at Murray Bridge in South Australia at the end of the term.

Bussleton Pits.JPG (1)
Busselton pits 2.JPG (1)

In Murray Bridge, we were one of two teams from Western Australia. We competed amongst 207 others schools and university teams. The race began at 12pm on Saturday and students raced through the night in both rain and wind with the event finishing at 12pm on the Sunday. The students all competed to the best of their ability with increase in confidence and time improvement each time they got in the bike. We very much appreciate the support of staff that gave their time for training and the events as well as all parents and other friends of the College who helped in the pits fixing issues with the bikes as well as people who were willing to cook and keep everyone well fed.

Murray Bridge Pedal Prix - general track photo.JPG (1)
Murray Bridge Pedal Prix riders and bike.JPG
Pedal Prix bike on Murray Bridge track rider change.JPG
Pedal Prix - Murray Bridge Night Rider Change.JPG

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Meg Couzens

RAC Incursion

This story is related to RAC Little Legends Incursion

On the 22nd of June, we had staff from RAC Little Legends attend our campus. They worked with our Pre-Kindy, Pre-Primary and Year 1 students for the day. On all accounts, they had an awesome day with many hands on activities learning all about road safety.

One of the staff members was that impressed with it, that she spoke to the OSHC providers who has now organised for RAC to attend for 1 day in during the school holiday program.

As for what is next on our agenda, we are attempting to get the Safety House Incursion up and running which will allow students who do actively get to school to identify behaviours from others that may make their journey unsafe and give them strategies about what they can do and where they can go if they are feeling unsafe on the way to/from school.

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Meg Couzens

Walk Safely to School Day

This story is related to National Walk Safely to School Day

For more information on how to do this, click here

On Wednesday 17th of May we participated in the Walk Safely to School Day initiative. With the Support of staff and the parent community we were able to utilise the grant from the Rockingham Council (thank you) to provide smoothies and fresh fruit to the Primary School community when they arrived at school. The parent community was amazing, they had the kitchen running smoothly preparing all the smoothies with their production line of thermomixes. In hindsight, I probably should have taken more photos but I got caught up in the busyness of the morning.

We did see and increase in the number of students getting to school in an active way. It would have been interesting to have completed a second hands up survey to compare it to the original one.

The next step is to organise a RAC Little Legends incursion for the Pre-Kindy to Year 1 students.

Apologies for the back log of posts.

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Meg Couzens

Next steps after Hands Up survey

After completing our Hands Up Survey, we were able to identify that 81% of our Primary School students either use a car or public transport to get to school and that 19% of students either walk or ride their bike to school.

I am not overly surprised that the number of students that actively get to school (walking/riding/scooting) is so low as we are a college that is not restricted with its intake boundary. This means that we have students travelling to us from places such as Mandurah (30 minute drive away) and Baldivis (15 minute drive away). We do provide a school bus service to both of these areas. Having such a large intake area becomes one of the major barriers to achieving a higher percentage of students walking to school.

Other issues we may have in implementing the Your Move programme is timing. Ensuring that time is specifically put aside to plan and implement a few events/activities to make the idea of being active a fun one. We also think that we need to organise some mini sessions/messages that need to be given to students consistently so they are reminded and encouraged to be more active on a regular basis and not just when an event is being held.

The first activity that we are getting involved with is the Walk Safely to School Day.

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