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Belinda Henderson

World Environment Day 2020

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At Mary's Mount Primary School we were all in green and free dress, showing our support for our environment while celebrating World Environment Day on 5th June.


Being a Sustainable School we are very proud of our communities growing awareness of knowing that all the eco-friendly things we do all add up to a bigger positive impact on our environment.

For World Environment Day we visited our school hall class by class to pledge a heartfelt promise from every student to the Earth to make this a healthier environment for all humans and creatures big and small. Everyone had the choice of pledging to one or two of eleven different areas of sustainability or they could choose their own.


It was very important to talk to all our students about our pledges and include a pledge to reduce carbon emissions by replacing some car trips with walking, bicycling or public transport.


As our student Green Team would say "Together we can make a difference"

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Belinda Henderson

Mary's Mount Primary School is on the move with "Your Move"

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Mary's Mount Primary School became partners with the Your Move Program through the Department of Transport back in 2019. Throughout last year and going into 2020 we have been busy encouraging a more active way to get around, while reducing the time spent in the car with the added benefit of keeping fit and healthy and providing and opportunity to build a foundation of the road rules as pedestrians and bike riders.


We proudly achieved a Bronze level accreditation in 2019 and just recently received our Your Move sign to display our badge on each year. We also earned points through sharing our Your Move activity and event stories, which enabled us to collect a few freebies including an awesome events flag that will be used at future events.

We have been spreading the word and promoting our involvement with the Your Move Program through our school newsletters and school sustainability blog.

Thank you Your Move, we really feel like we are on the move now.

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Belinda Henderson

Ten tiny things

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With only a handful of students attending our Pre Primary class in person and the remainder of students watching and learning eagerly from home it was an appropriate time to encourage some young minds to maybe suggest to walk to school instead of driving the car when they return to school, through the picture book story "Ten tiny things" by Meg McFinlay and Kylie Hughes - Odgers.

8C0081C9-BA81-43D8-A7BE-63BACA34CC48.jpeg (1)

This fabulous resource was recommended by the Your Move Program for our little learners. It is available to be purchased with some reward points.

46BC9676-FC34-46C3-8713-8782B7268A2E.jpeg (1)

"Ten tiny things" was read to the students both attending school in person and to the remote students learning from home. The children were asked to think about how they travelled to school? The students were then asked that even though most of the children aren't travelling to school at the moment they can get out and about outside to get some exercise with their families. The children were then asked if they could find ten tiny things, just like in the story. Then when they return to school and they have a go at walking instead of driving in the car....maybe they can keep an eye open for ten tiny things.

85522B31-5356-4059-97C7-29B0BA84CB49.jpeg (1)

The children attending school loved getting moving out around the school grounds exploring and finding ten tiny things. They said they were going to ask their parents if they could walk to and from school next time insead of driving in the "shiny, green, clean machine".

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Belinda Henderson

We are on the move with Your Move

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We are on the move at Mary's Mount Primary School with Your Move. We started off the year having recently gone through the application and selection process to get together some very environmentally concerned students to form our student Green Team.

These students names where announced at a special assembly. They have been quick to take on their new responsibilities with great excitement and enthusiasm.


Not wasting a minute the students headed out into the classrooms to complete the first Hands Up survey of the year.

We used our time wisely when we held our first planning meeting together. The students looked at the year ahead and brainstormed some ideas putting all heads together.

The students top three activities planned for this year will be:

1. Promote Walk Safely to School Day - 15 May

2. Start up a Park and Ride Day once a week for families during Term 2 and Term 3

3. Make regular student announcements at whole school assemblies about the benefits to your health and the environments health of either walking or riding to school.

The new student Green Team is excited about working towards making a difference in decreasing the amount of traffic that is buzzing around our school at the start and finish of each school day. We are looking forward to regular meetings with our new awesome student Green Team and keeping to our plan.

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Belinda Henderson

Constable Care made us aware!

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This term our Year 1 and Year 2 students at Mary's Mount Primary School were lucky enough to attend an excursion to the Constable Care Safety School. After eagerly arriving and gathering in the purpose-built classroom complex we met the friendly and informative Constable Care team. We had some introductions, listened to some ground rules and important information was shared about road safety knowledge.

Constable Care 1.JPG (3)

It was then time for our students, teachers and parent helpers to experience the hands-on opportunity to learn vital pedestrian, bicycle and public transport safety all within a realistic layout of Perth's streets. The children practised dealing with road and transport hazards in a safe urban environment. This included:

  • Working rail crossings
  • pedestrian crossings
  • a school zone with "kiss & ride"
  • functioning traffic lights that can sense approaching bike riders
  • real roads and shared paths, with scale buildings
  • even a bus stop and train station (with full size train and bus)
Constable Care Bus.JPG

The students split into two groups ready to navigate the Safety School as both cyclists and pedestrians. The bikes and helmets were all supplied. The children were thrilled to then swap over so every learning activity was experienced. With applying road safety knowledge in this way ensured the students were fully engaged with the leaning activities and helped them retain key messages that could be potentially life saving.

Constable Care cross walk.JPG

In the days that followed the excursion the students were asked to reflect on what they learnt that they didn't know before the excursion and what was the most fun part of the day for them. This was some of their responses:

I learnt that I need to be 8 metres away from a broken down power line. My favourite part of the day was definitely riding the bikes safely on the road. Diesel D
I learnt that I need to stop for the people on the zebra crossing when I’m on my bike. My favourite part of the day was riding a bike on the road. Alannis R
I learnt that when I’m at the traffic lights I need to press the button if I want to cross the road. My favourite part of the day was riding the bikes on the road. Ellivia P
I learnt how to be safe near the roads. My favourite part of the day was riding the bikes safely. Amelie Mc
I learnt to be safe on the roads when I go walking and when I’m on my bike. I enjoyed when I got to ride the bikes and learnt all about the road rules. Noah B

Constable Care bikes.JPG

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Belinda Henderson

Your Move Forum April 2019

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What a great morning it was for us on Tuesday 2nd April, at the Your Move Forum. One of our enthusiastic, active parents accompanied me for the morning to the City at the Department of Transport. There, we listened to two very informative and interesting guest speakers.

Kerry Logan from Nature Play Australia shared with us valuable information about the importance of play for children. It was quite alarming to hear about the decline in exercise and active children in our societies world wide.

We also listened to Emma from North Morley Primary School talking about her inspiring story at her school, how they set up and have been successfully running their walking school bus.

After a very informative morning we are keen to get started on organising our own walking school bus at Mary's Mount Primary School and will start informing, encouraging and inspiring other parents to get involved.


Thank you very much David and Carol-Ann for a great morning.

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Belinda Henderson

Our first ever Hands Up survey!

We conducted our first ever whole school Hands Up survey today with our students at Mary's Mount Primary School. It's great to gather this data. It was a little surprise to see how many of our students travel to school by car. We will be working towards encouraging more of our students to become a little more active this year by possibly setting a regular active travel day.


Many of our little Pre Primary students put their "hands up" after being asked who came to school in the car this morning.

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Belinda Henderson

Mary's Mount Primary School is on the move!

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Good morning Your Move members,

At Mary's Mount Primary School we are on the move to improve how we travel to and from school. We are a small single stream, Catholic Primary School in the leafy green Perth Hills catering for approximately 250 healthystudents from 3 year old Kindy to Year 6. We have a large catchment area and are looking forward to finding ways to encourage our students to be more active.

Our Pre Primary class from 2018 walked to the local park with a group of helpful parents and teachers to have a picnic and play.

IMG_4044.JPG (3)

We are very excited to be starting the Your Move program and we are currently gathering as much information as we can. We are lucky to have two very committed parents accompanying me next week to the Your Move Schools Forum for 2019.

Best of luck to everyone in your journey with encouraging your communities to be more active.

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Mary's Mount Primary School is a single stream co-education Primary School positioned in the Hills of Perth and only 30 minutes from the Perth CBD. Mary's Mount Primary School was opened in 1921 by the Sisters of St Joseph of the Apparition. The school caters for children from Three Year Old Kindergarten to Year 6 and has a very strong relationship with the local parish and it's community.

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