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Mental Health Commission Annual Step Challenge

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Today the Mental Health Commission (MHC) launched the commencement of its Annual February Step Challenge! The Step Challenge is a chance for staff to work together in teams and reflect upon their lifestyle habits. In our challenge, staff work in teams of ten to walk from Perth to Broome. Throughout this walk, they learn about the different Mental Health services provided by MHC at different WA locations.


We encourage staff to use this opportunity to engage in more physical activity and create healthier lifestyle habits. Some ways staff can increase their activity include:
- Going for a walk on their lunch break
- Parking further away from their destination (e.g. shopping centre)
- Taking the stairs instead of escalators or lifts
- Walking meetings

Just under 100 staff members are formally competing in the challenge.

We look forward to updating you further on the active progress of MHC staff!

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The Mental Health Commission strives to establish mental health, alcohol and other drug systems that meet the needs of Western Australia’s population and deliver quality outcomes for individuals and their families. Our mission is to be a respected leader in commissioning, providing and partnering in the delivery of: prevention, promotion and early intervention programs; treatment, services and supports, and; research, policy and system improvements. The Commission was established on 8 March 2010 to lead mental health reform throughout the State and work towards a modern effective mental health system that places the individual and their recovery at the centre of its focus.

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