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Carol-Ann Prinsloo

Beautiful Brand New Bike Racks!

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It was exciting to come back to school after the winter holidays to see our brand new bike racks. Before our bike racks were installed students rode their bikes into school and would park them under the veranda. Now we have shiny new bike racks positioned at multiple entrances around the school. This is great because now students have a safe and convenient place to keep their bikes while school is running. They also don't have to ride into school grounds making it safer for everyone!

We would like to give a huge thanks to the P&C and the Town of Mosman Park as they shared the costs and supported us with the decision to install to install our bike racks. We hope that seeing the bike racks will encourage more students to ride to school.

The bike racks initiative has long been a wish of the P&C. They have been discussing and fundraising for this project for a couple of years. We are sure students appreciate our bike racks and we hope that they use them responsibly every day!

Written by Elly and Charlie

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Alison Robb

Your Move - Student Leadership group

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On Tuesday 19th March the Mosman Park PS 'Your Move' committee held its first meeting. Seven of the Year 6 leaders met with the Principal to discuss the purpose of the committee and to plan the next step. This week the committee have conducted the school's first Hands Up survey and also spoke to all classes about our upcoming Ride2School day which will be happening on the 22nd March.

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Alison Robb

Ride 2 School 2018

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Earlier in the year students at Mosman Park PS eagerly participated in a Ride 2 School day. Supported by the P&C and by school staff, students and parents were encouraged to ditch the car and instead make their way to school by bike or scooter. Almost half of the school's 400 students rode their bikes or scooters and were welcomed with fresh fruit donated by the local Coles, as well as 'valet' bike parking organised by the older students.

The students were asked to identify hazards on their way to school and this information was shared with the local council. In order to make the journey safer the School has applied for a Children's Crossing on one of the busiest streets. We expect that to be installed early next year. This will make parents and students feel more confident about riding their bikes.

The Year 6 school leaders have also proposed to fund-raise, in partnership with the P&C, to install safe storage areas and bike racks around the school.

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Alison Robb

Year 6's enjoy Public Transport Incursion

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On Monday, 10th December, the Year 6 students at Mosman Park Primary School participated in a 'Get On Board' incursion. The following report has been provided by Year 6 student, Frankie.

The Year 6's had a very enjoyable and informative incursion provided by Transperth. They came to our school because a lot of us will be using public transport when we go to high school next year and we thought it would be good to learn more about transport options such as buses, trains and ferries. The presenter informed us about things NOT to do - like going on train tracks, things that you HAVE to do - like tagging on and off, and things that would save money. Overall we really appreciated learning about Transperth and using public transport.

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