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Irma McCullen

What Do Parents Think?

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In Week 5, Term 2 we decided it would be a good idea to find out how parents felt about getting their kids moving and the impact of Walk to School Wednesdays. The survey was sent out and it was great to find out that most parents were very supportive of the school creating opportunities for their children to stay active.

So what did we find out?

-All parents believe that learning road safety and being active is very important or essential.

-There are at least 10% of students who live further than 2km away which may explain why they might not walk/ride or scoot.

-The mains reasons parents were interested in their children walking/riding or scooting to school was for physical activity, to have fewer cars around the school at start and end times and to develop road sense.

-While a third of students do come by car on a usual day, on Walk to School Wednesdays, half of students walk,cycle or scoot.

I think it’s pretty clear that having a special day each week encouraging walking,riding or scooting to school is really worthwhile!

The survey can be found here.

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Irma McCullen

Wacky Sock Walk to School Wednesday

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To celebrate school starting to return to normal with most students in attendance, we decided to have a Wacky Sock Day. The best part was it coincided with Walk to School Wednesday which meant that those driving on the streets around the school in the morning would have been treated to seeing students walking and riding to school in colourful and crazy leg wear! How can that not brighten up anyone’s day?


With each week, more students are taking up the challenge of making a concerted effort to walk or ride to school. It’s been so wonderful how parents have supported their children to get moving in the morning as it often means an earlier start.


The student YouMove team (Year 6 leaders) visited each classroom and gave a spot prize (cool YouMove badges) to a student in each class with stand out wacky socks.


The motivation to get moving is contagious. Numbers have increased each week and it’s overflowing into other days. This is a virus worth spreading!

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Irma McCullen

Rain or Shine

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 2

We started Walk to School Wednesdays going again in Week 2, after the kids had settled back into school. Unfortunately, it did coincide with one of the rainiest mornings we have had in a long time. For many students, this meant that parents decided to drive them to school. It was, however, wonderful to see the amount of kids with raincoats on and umbrella in hand still walking to school. I’m sure it was a fresh start to the day!

Leaders visited classes to reward these students with raffle tickets and on Friday we decided to step up the prizes (from the loved badges) to a couple of umbrellas, a drink bottle and a backpack! The drawn students excitedly raced to the office to get their pick of these prizes. It felt really great to reward those kids who saw the value of walking even on a rainy day!

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Irma McCullen

Staying Positive in These Times

Well, the term is flying by and while the world looks very different now to when term started, I am happy to say Walk to School Wednesday has not been impacted. We have had two weeks of this wonderful initiative and while we have yet to survey numbers, it's clear parents are supporting their children to take part.

Our school leaders happily greet students at the gate, giving them positive reinforcement and a raffle ticket that they can put in the draw for great spot prizes. With all going on in the world with Covid-19, it's great to focus on the positive things we can do. For the kids still coming to school, it's a good morale boost!

More exciting is the package that arrived today with prizes we will be giving out in the next couple weeks. A few lucky students will be with winning umbrellas, water bottles, tattoos, badges or even a back pack!!

On Friday during our PA assembly, we will be acknowledging and celebrating our Bronze Status as the sticker is placed on the sign. This will be great motivation as we strive for Silver.

While things may be a little uncertain right now, it's good knowing Piara Waters Primary students are,making good choices for their health and environment.

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Irma McCullen

Ready to Roll!

This story is related to Regular Active Travel Day Promotion - Term 1

The student team at Piara Waters Primary School has spent the morning conducting the Hands Up Survey, being briefed on their roles for Wednesday mornings and getting pumped about making a difference in their school. Kailin, Pax, Evie, James, Harley and Zia are ready to man the gates and hand out raffle tickets to thank students who have made their way to school by walking, riding or by scooter. These tickets will be put in a draw for great prizes at the end of term. From the survey we know that today, 23% of students came to school by bike (fantastic), 32% walked to school (wonderful) but 44% came by car (we’d like that number to be lower). There are many reasons why students may come by car, but it will be great to see a large portion of those 44% come to school in a way that supports their health and well-being starting tomorrow. Let’s make good choices and get moving!!

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Kieran Moore

Walk to School Accomplishments.

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As a proud YOUR MOVE school we have been waiting for the perfect morning to put up our next GOLD sticker on our board. This morning was that morning. With five of our Year 6 leaders, Mr Moore our Deputy and Miss Heard our Walk to School coordinator we spent some time talking about what makes walk to school day such a success and how our students felt about being able to add another sticker to our board. Our leaders enjoy being an active part in Walk to School days once a fortnight. They do all the work themselves now and feel proud of what they achieve. We are seeing consistent numbers fortnightly and we still run a small competition for highest percentage of students walking, riding or scootering to school. We average between 350 and 400 students walking.

gold sticker.jpeg

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Kieran Moore

Fathering Project BBQ - Walk to School Day

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12 th April 2019 Fathering Project – Walk to School Day

Today we started the day with BBQ breakfast at the Piara Waters Pavillion. As the sun was coming up we were sparking up the BBQs and the smell of bacon soon filled the air. Working with the Fathering Project we invited all our father figures down to the oval for breaky, the Piara Waters Pirates met us on the morning with bags and bags of footies for the kids to use. We had 100 plus Dads and their kids there on the morning. At 8:15 we all made the 15-minute walk up from the Pavilion to the Primary School as a group. There was lots laughter, lots of chatting and lots of new friendships made. The kids loved the time they had with their Dads, Step Dads, Uncles, Grandads, Godfathers and friends. Our walk to school day was a total success with over 500 people walking to school that day. All our father figures were then invited along with the rest of our school community to join us for an ANZAC Day service. It was a wonderful morning and one that many will remember for a long time.


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Kieran Moore

Our scooter rack arrived!!!!

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Huge thank you to Your Move for our new scooter rack. It was installed yesterday and the kids are already loving it. We held a vote earlier in the year to see what the kids wanted. Scooter rack won!!! Cant wait to use our points to get a few more racks, with 940 students who love to walk, ride and scooter to school we will need them.

bike rack.jpg
scooter rack.jpg

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Kieran Moore

Walk to School day / National Bandana Day

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download (1).jpg

We swapped our Walk to School Wednesday to Friday last week to support National Bandana Day. We had 588 students walk to school on Friday, and sold 500 Bandanas to support CanTeen. So very proud of Piara Waters Primary School. It was such an amazing event, just listening to our students chatting about what their bandana means to them and how its helping kids with cancer was precious. This week two of our junior classes also won awards for having the highest number of walkers across the school, both with a crazy 79%. Love the culture we have created throughout our school community.

download (2).jpg
room 9.jpg

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Kieran Moore

PP5 win the walk to school challenge

Every fortnight we award a certificate to the classes that get the highest number of students walking, riding and scootering. Pre-Primary 5 has taken out the award 3 times now and absolutely love waiting at assembly to see who the winning class is. It has become quite competitive now. We have almost half our school population walking to school fortnightly now. The improvement is amazing, even in the wet weather you can't stop our kids. Pre-Primary 5 have written some stories about walk to school day. Yasmin has drawn a picture of her and her Dad walking through the school gates. Deborah had a go at doing some writing about it too.


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Kieran Moore

Our Winning class

Room 28 - Piara Waters Primary School

In Room 28 we value health. Piara waters Primary School also values the health of their students. Every fortnight, on a Wednesday, Piara Waters Primary School host a Walk to School Day and encourage all students from the school to lead an active lifestyle by walking to school. For every student that walks to school a raffle ticket is awarded. Class totals are then tallied and a winner announced at the Junior and Senior assemblies. Room 28 has been lucky enough to win 3 times this year!! Our class is dedicated to leading an active lifestyle and reducing car emissions/pollution within the community. As senior students of Piara Waters Primary School we feel as though setting an example for the younger students is important. We encourage all other students of Piara Waters Primary School to walk, ride or scooter to school on the Walk to School Days and any other day that they can!


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Kieran Moore

Our Sign is up !!!!

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Our amazing gardener has put up our Your Move sign so this morning after our Walk to School day we went out and put our 2017 medal up on the board. Our student leaders were proud to be apart of such an awesome initiative. Even on the day of our Easter hat parade we had 451 students walk, ride or scoot to school again today which is almost half our school population. We are now increasing walk to school days to fortnightly to help with car park congestion, walking to school is starting to become a culture around our school. Thanks for the sign YOUR MOVE, now everyone can see how well we are doing when they drive past the school. Pictured is our faction captains, Toby Beckett and Hannah Frost, along with Ann-Marie Heard (Community Engagement Officer), Kieran Moore ( Deputy Principal) and John the gardener.


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Kieran Moore

Another successful walk to school day!!!

Our students are loving our walk to school days so much that we will now we having them fortnightly from term 2. We have noticed car parks getting emptier and the bikes racks are getting fuller. Its wonderful to see and meet so many families walking to school together. The kids love coming to collect their raffle ticket and we are announcing prizes at every assembly. We are getting a little competitive now as the classrooms are competing for highest percentage of walkers/riders. We are having our sign post installed ready for next walk to school, and hoping to up our numbers. We currently have over half the school population walking or riding to school. GO PIARA WATERS. Our aim to get over 500.

7.03.18 W2 S.jpg
7.03.18 W2S 2.jpg
walk to school day.jpg (1)

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Kieran Moore

First walk to school day for 2018

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We had our first walk to school day on Wednesday 14th Feb. It was brilliant. We had our new year 6 student Councillors at each gate handing out raffle tickets. We had a huge 457 students walk to school!!!! Our students all go into the draw and each assembly we pull out ten winners for each junior and senior assembly. The kids love waiting for the name to be read out and collecting an awesome prize. This year we will be calculating the highest percentage of walkers or riders in each class and they will awarded a certificate. This time we had a Pre-Primary class have 81% of their class walk or ride, setting a new all time record. Our highest senior class had 70% of their class. Such a great initiative and sparks some great conversations about healthy eating and well being. Its a great chance to free up some parking around the school and to chat to some of the parents as well as for our new parents to make new friends. We will be having a walk to school day three times a term for the rest of the year.


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Kieran Moore

Walk to school day -Class Competition

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This walk to school day we had a competition to see which class had the highest percentage of students walking or riding to school. It was great fun, with each child coming up to fill in their raffle ticket asking, how many for my class???? The winning class was Miss P's year 1 class. There were given badges and slap bands from your awesome rewards, and some fruit juice icy poles to enjoy. They had a massive 74.8% of their class either walk, ride or scooter to school. Pressure is on again now, our next walk to school day is in two weeks. It will be the last one of the year, and we are all aiming for more than 74.8% per class. Watch this space. Pictured below is Miss P and her class, along with Miss Heard (EA) and Mr Moore (Deputy Principal) who run the walk to school day events together.


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Kieran Moore

Veggie Garden

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We have been working with Bunnings and our P&C to get a veggie garden up and running. It is now almost finished and the veggies are thriving. We have some lettuce, carrots, celery, tomato, brocoli and leeks all growing beautifully. We are hoping that now our veggies are growing that our canteen can start using them for our healthy lunch orders, salad sandwiches or salad plates. Our year one class looking after this project are extremely excited and proud of their produce. They are promoting healthy eating and being responsible and accountable for the fuel we give our bodies.


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Kieran Moore

Our next walk to school day

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We are now holding three walk to school days per term. They are now a set part of our assemblies with prizes being drawn at every assembly. Our year six student leaders help by standing at each gate giving out raffle tickets. Every child goes into the draw to win some awesome prizes. We get about 400 students walking or riding now every time. We like to try and bet our last number so this time we need more than 424. This time we are also offering a certificate and full class prize to the class with the highest percentage of walkers/riders. Thanks to YOUR MOVE for awarding us points which help us to gt some awesome prizes for our students to choose from.

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Kieran Moore

Nutritional Education Workshop

Wednesday 30th August I held a nutritional education workshop for our parents. We had a focus on lunchboxes and helping parents to make some healthier lunch box choices. I made some showbags, which were full of information, healthy snack options and taste testers. The workshop went for three hours, we started the morning with doing some cooking classes, we wanted to show parents how quick and easy some items were to whip up, how to get in extra fruits and veggies and how to get creative.This then became our morning tea. We played some games and had lots of awesome Tupperware prizes for people to win. We had a nutritionist, Dorte Hansen come from City of Armadale to help with healthy eating ideas and services that are available to parents in our local area. It was an absolute success. Having an interactive workshop for parents was a great way to spread our health and well being message throughout our school.

empty room.jpg

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Kieran Moore

Piara Waters Primary School Open Night

Every year we open our school to parents and the community to showcase all the amazing things we are doing. This year our theme was 'Learning is Everywhere'. We had a scavenger hunt which the students had to take part in, once it was completed they were able to come and make a smoothie on the blender bike (Huge thankyou to City of Armadale). We had berries and bananas coming out of our ears ready for the kids to blend and drink their own smoothies. On a very very wet and stormy night we still managed to make 250 smoothies, which means we had about 150 kids on the blender bike. It gave us a chance to promote our next WALK TO SCHOOL DAY and show off all the cool prizes that kids can win by walking to school.

walk to school day.jpg
walk to school 2.jpg (2)

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Kieran Moore

Walk to School Day

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Our first week back at school was a crazy and rainy one, we ordered lots of amazing prizes and the students who walked to school got raffle tickets and they will be drawn at our school assemblies. We had 329 students walk to school that morning and lots of empty car spaces in our car parks. The rain held off just long enough for the kids to get to school. We have started planning our next walk/ ride or scooter to school already. It was a great morning listening to all the children chatting and laughing with each other while they walked to school. It was a lovely opportunity for the parents to catch up as well.


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Kieran Moore

Colour Run

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The latest P&C Fundraising event was amazing! So much fun was had by all participating students in both the Senior group who ran on Wednesday the 7th of June and the Junior group who ran on the 8th of June.It was a great chance for everyone to get out and get some exercise. All staff included. Almost all our students participated in the colour run, some completing 20 laps of the oval whilst being covered in colour. It was a fabulous afternoon out in sunshine, jogging around the oval with the music blasting, what a fantastic turnout.

colour run.jpg
colour run 2].jpg

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Kieran Moore

Healthy Eating in Pre Primary

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This week at Piara Waters Primary School we had the opportunity to contribute recipes to a community cookbook with Stockland. We have been talking about how we look after our bodies, we walk, ride or scooter to school and we fuel our bodies with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. One of our Pre Primary classes wrote their very own fruit salad recipe.


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Kieran Moore

Blender Bike in Full Swing

Piara Waters Primary School held it's first 'National Walk Safely to School' event this year. Students who walked to school on this day received a 'Walk to School Day' sticker, which they could use to select a piece of fruit or a healthy fruit smoothie. To make the smoothies, we had a very unique 'blender' bike, which required students to generate rotation in the blender by riding the bike. This helped to promote the importance of being active. With over 600 students walking to school, the blender bike was in 'full swing'!

Walk to School 1.jpg (2)

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Kieran Moore

Walk Safely to School Day 2017

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WOW… there was a huge amount of support demonstrated at our school this morning for our first year in participating in the National Walk Safely to School Day! Thank you to all the parents, carers and family members who supported students in participating today. The response was overwhelming and far exceeded our expectations for participation. Everyone should be very proud of their efforts!

The blender bike and other blenders were running in full force trying to meet smoothie demand this morning with both banana and berry smoothie options as well as fresh fruit being offered to participants. The demand was so great, we had to continue to make smoothies during both Senior and Junior recess, by the end of recess we had given out around 600 smoothies with both Senior and Junior lunch time still to go, just to ensure each student got their smoothie, as promised!

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to Alyce and Stockland Harrisdale who generously donated Hats and safety HiVis Vests for our Student Leaders to wear, All the ingredients – Boxes of bananas, bags after bag of frozen berries and a copious amount of milk to make the smoothies as well as free coffee vouchers for parents that can be redeemed at any Stockland Shopping Centre, Stockland Harrisdale being our local shopping centre is located at the Corner of Nicholson Road and Yellowwood Avenue, Harrisdale.

Another HUGE thank you also goes to Dorta and Pauline from the City of Armadale who provided the Blender Bike for us to use and donated the disposable cups for the smoothies.

Thank you’s also go out to Ms Heard, Ms Ward and Mrs Skepper for a massive effort in keeping those smoothies coming. To our Student Leaders who manned the gates and handed out stickers as well as to all other staff and parent volunteers involved in making this event successful.

Walk to School 1.jpg
Walk to School 2.jpg
Walk to School 3.jpg

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