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Carol-Ann Prinsloo
Your Move Schools Team

Riding with Confidence

Hello Your Movers!

The weather is looking mighty fine for tomorrow’s Your Move Schools Forum- Riding with confidence and if you are yet to register, the good news there is still time to do so and places available!

At the forum we will:

· Check out the Constable Care Safety School

· Delve into the nuts and bolts of running a Bike Education program for students

· Have a sneak peek at a new Bike Ed course designed for parents

· Improve your confidence with bikes - and 'yes' we are going to get hands on but no Lycra required!

The forum also provides a great opportunity to network with other Your Move Champions to swap stories, ideas and inspiration. The session is parent-friendly too so invite a P&C or P&F representative or any other interested parent to join you for this one.

The forum will be held tomorrow, Tuesday 24th September, at the Constable Care Safety between 9.30 - 12.30 pm so don't delay register now!

Happy Travels

CCSS.jpg (3)

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Carol-Ann Prinsloo

NAPLAN is over and Semester 1 reports done...

So why not get your wheels on and join us next week for an inspiring morning at the Your Move Schools forum!

The forum will delve into the nuts and bolts of running a school Bike Education program, provide a hands-on experience with bikes and offer an opportunity to explore the Constable Care Safety School, which is a best-practice excursion destination for children aged 4-11 years, focusing on teaching kids the skills required to ride safely and understand road rules, helping them to ride, scoot or walk to school safely.

Plus, as always, it is a great opportunity to have a chat with Dave and myself about all things Your Move, and meet and network with other like minded people who are running the program at other Perth metro schools.

The forum is set to take place from 9.30am-12.30pm next Thursday 27 June at the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands.
So don’t delay, register today!


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Carol-Ann Prinsloo

Your Move attends the City of Cockburn World Environment Day festival

Whilst the weather last Wednesday 12th June, may have been a little cold and overcast, the energy that the 10 schools attending the World Environment Day festival brought along with them, soon heated up the Cockburn Wetlands Centre and set the scene for a fun day full of interactive environmental education activities!

Dave and I were lucky to be invited along to deliver the session “Is it getting hot in here?”, a modified version of the Class Activity ‘CO2 Experiment and the Greenhouse Effect’ and similar to what we delivered at the Earth Day Expo in April.

The session had the students stepping into the role of scientists, conducting an experiment to produce CO2, and was followed by a discussion on ways in which we can all do our bit to reduce the amount of CO2 contributed to the environment. Students brainstormed short car trips they take regularly with their family, such as to the local park, shops or school, that they could perhaps walk, cycle or scoot to instead.

The students left the session feeling informed and empowered to make changes to start reducing their carbon footprint. Hopefully we will see some of the schools who joined us at the event, coming on board the Your Move Program soon.

Don’t forget, if you held an event or ran an activity to acknowledge and celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, please share as a story to inspire others.

Happy travels! Carol-Ann

group shot WED.JPG (1)
Dave WED.JPG (1)

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Carol-Ann Prinsloo

Walk Safely to School Day- are you ready?!

Are you planning an event for Walk Safely to School Day for this coming Friday, 17th May? If so, it’s not too late to order one of the super Walk Safely to School prize packs from the Rewards Shop.

It’s jam packed full of great gear to encourage your students to get moving, and keep moving by foot, scooter or bike to school, through the winter months. There are also some coffee vouchers to say thank you to the fantastic parents, grandparents and other carers who help the kids get active on the journey to school.

Don’t delay, click here to see the full inventory of what’s included in the pack and to order yours today.

After the event, tell us how it went by posting a story. Don't forget to add the activity ‘Run a special event at your school’ to your school 'Activity List' before posting your story, then link to the activity at the bottom of the story box. We love seeing photos and videos of your event days so be sure to include some to showcase all that happens and to boost your story points!

Happy walking

Carol-Ann & Dave

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David (Your Move) Paddon

New Activity Added + Activity List Updated!

New Activity - Constable Care Getting to School Incursion

The Constable Care Getting to School Incursion will earn you a cool 25 Your Move points and your lower primary students will have a great experience learning about safe and fun ways to get to school with the Constable Care team.

A fun blend of acting and puppetry, this exciting performance for children in Kindergarten to Year 3 takes students on a wild ride in Professor Tells-You-Stuff’s time machine to explore the ways we can travel to school safely all in one morning!

Running time is 45 minutes which includes a fun Q&A at the end and up to 120 students can be accommodated per show.

Activities List Updated

Adding the new activity to the Your Move website was also a good opportunity to review and update a few inconsistencies in our activities list.

Check out the updated Activities List resource, which contains a full list of the awesome activities available with Your Move Schools and the points you'll receive for completing them! The resource also has a handy planning tool on the front which can help you map out your program.

Make sure you download the updated version (April 2019), so you can plan effectively for the rest of the year!

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David (Your Move) Paddon

Points Balance Problems? Try refreshing you cache!


One of the most common problems we get contacted about here at the Your Move office is an incorrect points balance on your school or workplace profile. Perhaps you posted a story last week, and you've logged in this morning to notice that your points haven't changed? Maybe you want to make a purchase in the Rewards Shop, but when you get there, your points balance in the shop is different to the one on your dashboard?... Weird huh?

This problem is usually related to one of two problems:
1) You need to refresh your cache
2) You need to update or change your internet browser

Your cache stores previous versions of the websites you visit, which means the next time you go to those websites, they will load quicker. This is usually a good thing, however, sometimes the cached version doesn't pick up the changes that have been made since you last visited (i.e. it doesn't realise that points have been added or subtracted from your balance). This can often be a problem on computers that don’t get updated and patched regularly.

The good news is, it's very easy to refresh your cache. Just check out this handy web page to find out how to do it on all types of computers and browsers.

Finally, we have found that Google Chrome works best as your default 'Your Move browser'. It shouldn't matter too much if your computer is regularly updated but, if you're experiencing some issues, try using Chrome first to see if it makes a difference.

Have a great week and keep posting those stories!

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Carol-Ann Prinsloo

Your Move attends Earth Day Expo!

The sun was shining, and the skies were blue for the Earth Day Expo that the Your Move Team attended last Friday 5th April.

The Earth Day Expo was presented by the Australian Association for Environmental Education and Canning River Eco Education Centre and saw student, teacher and volunteer representatives from 12 schools coming together to learn about sustainability. Animal encounters, environmental programs, hand-on activities, music and an opening session delivered by Captain Clean-up all featured on the day.

The Your Move team delivered the session “Is it getting hot in here?”, a modified version of the Class Activity ‘CO2 Experiment and the Greenhouse Effect’. The session had the students stepping into the role of scientists, conducting an experiment to produce CO2, and was followed by a discussion on ways in which we can all do our bit to reduce the amount of CO2 we contribute to the environment.

The students all agreed that the journey to and from school was a great place to start reducing their carbon footprint by swapping the car trip for an active transport mode such as; walking, cycling and scooting. The discussion saw the students problem-solving issues such as overcoming distance to school by employing the strategy of driving part of the way to school then walking or cycling the rest, such is outlined in the Park and Walk initiative.

The best part of the day was undoubtedly meeting all the super enthusiastic kids who are passionate about the environment, especially the representatives from two of our Your Move schools, Bannister Creek PS and Bibra Lake PS!

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David (Your Move) Paddon

YM Schools - Forum Wrap Up

Forum 2.jpg

The YM Schools team were thrilled to host our first forum for 2019. We had a great turn out, including our first-ever satellite hook-up, with three schools from the City of Albany joining us remotely via video conferencing software!

The forum topic was "Connecting with Parents and Empowering Them to Make a Change", so it was exciting to see so many parent representatives in the room today. A big thank you to school champions that spread the word and encouraged parent participation.

Throughout the session, Kerry Logan from Play Australia highlighted the benefits and necessities of free play, demonstrating the need for us to create opportunities for children to learn and grow from taking some calculated risks.

We also discussed some recent research that has been published by Active Healthy Kids Australia, the Heart Foundation and the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne around the current trends of child physical activity and school travel habits.

Finally we discussed the Walking School Bus with Emma from North Morley PS and outlined a range of great activities that are available on the Your Move website right now that can help you make the most of your parent community.

All in all, it was a fun and inspiring morning at the Your Move offices, and we're already busy planning our next forum for 2019!

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David (Your Move) Paddon

YM Schools April Forum - Engaging Parents

Forum 567 - Jane Presenting.jpg (1)

We're excited to invite you to our first schools forum of 2019! We've watched on with interest through the early stages of the year as new statistics on children using active travel to school have made national headlines.

We know that parents are the key decision makers when it comes to how their children get to school, so it is important to understand what influences their decisions. In this forum, we will explore the real and perceived barriers parents face when it comes to allowing kids to arrive at school using active travel. We’ll also explore ways to connect with parents and help them unpack their fears, by providing knowledge and ideas to empower them to make a change.

We’re excited to present the inspirational Kerry Logan from Play Australia. Kerry will share her knowledge and expertise in ‘outdoor play’ and the importance of providing kids with opportunities to engage in activities that foster independence, resilience and connection with their neighbourhood, as well as allowing them to be physically active.

As this forum is all about parents, if you bring along an interested parent who is not already a Champion then you will earn your school a bonus 100 points!

The forum will be held on 9:30am - 12:30pm on Tuesday 2nd April at the 140 William Building in the Perth CBD

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David (Your Move) Paddon

Bike Week Competition - Winner Announced!

We're pleased to announce the winners of the Your Move Schools Bike Week Competition. We held a live draw this morning and, drum roll please... Congratulations to Albany Primary School!

Thanks to all the schools that have posted stories, completed hands up surveys and planned Bike Week events so far in 2019. It's been an enthusiastic and encouraging start to the year and we're excited to see:

1. Some great plans in place for the year.

2. A heap of new student teams created.

3. Some huge points-scoring taking place already! We already have over 11 schools reaching Bronze accreditation or higher!

Stay tuned throughout the year for more opportunities and events from the Your Move Schools team. Remember that Carol-Ann and I are always happy to help with ideas and support for your active travel initiatives.

Congratulations again to Albany Primary for winning the 2019 Bike Week Competition!

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David (Your Move) Paddon
Your Move Schools Team

YM Schools Bike Week Competition

BikeWeek 2019 Promo Small.jpg

The Your Move Schools team is happy to announce the launch of our Bike Week Competition!

Here at Your Move we think Bike Week is the best. We want to hear about what your school is planning for Bike Week and the year ahead, and by doing so you can win big!

By entering the competition, you're in with a chance to win your school an Obstacle Course lesson delivered by the Your Move Schools team, a huge Bike Week Prize Pack, and 150 points to spend in the Your Move Rewards Shop!

To find out how to enter, Visit the competition website for more details!

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Carol-Ann Prinsloo
Your Move Schools Team

Welcome back to the 2019 school year!

We hope everyone had an enjoyable break and that you are now recharged and ready to hit the ground running- (to school hopefully)!

Before we truly move forward into 2019, the Your Move Schools team would like to take a moment to acknowledge the great work accomplished in 2018. We are over the moon to report that 39 Your Move schools reached an accreditation of Bronze or higher.

To break it down, here are the number of schools that reached each level; 18 Bronze, 11 Silver, 5 Gold, 4 Platinum and drum roll please… 1 school reaching Double Platinum!

A letter and an accreditation badge has been posted today so keep an eye out if your school is one of the 39 to reach an accreditation level in 2018. Remember to display your badge proudly on the school’s Your Move sign. Don’t worry if your school was new to the Your Move program in 2018 and you are expecting a badge, as you will also be receiving your sign very soon as well!

If you have your sights set on reaching an accreditation of Bronze or higher, then be sure to keep an eye out for the Your Move school e-newsletter which will have some great tips to get you started on your journey, or continuing the journey you started in 2018.

Remember Dave and I are also on hand to help you at any point in your journey. We are planning on serving up new resources, forums, grants and more and are excited to see what we can all accomplish in 2019.

Happy travels

2018 Accreditation badges (002) (003).jpg

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Carol-Ann Prinsloo
Your Move Schools Team

Constable Care turns 30!

To celebrate 30 years of the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation, the Constable Care Safety School in Maylands hosted a special Family Fun Day on Wednesday 30th January, exploring the emergency services that keep Western Australians safe.

The event offered families a unique opportunity to interact with the vehicles and equipment, and to meet the ambulance and police officers, including members from the Mounted Police and the Canine section, that keep us all safe. Primary school aged children were also given a chance to ride on bikes around the Constable Care Safety school's interactive bike track.

The day offered an experience that was fun for all and built knowledge on how to keep safe and how to seek out help when needed.

Don’t forget the Constable Care Safety School offers Safety School excursion each day of the school year and if you are planning a visit, remember to write a story about your adventure on the Your Move schools website and link it to the Constable Care Safety School Excursion activity to earn your school 50 points!

Resized_20190130_094351_3781 (002).jpeg

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David (Your Move) Paddon
Your Move Schools Team

Building a Your Move School Team: Forum Wrap

We had a fantastic session on Tuesday 20th November with a great mixture of experienced and new school champions in attendance as we discussed the benefits of engaging others and building a team to help involve the whole school in the Your Move program.

Jane Genovese delivered an inspiring presentation and workshop which focused on the benefits of engaging others and addressing parental fears related to active transport. This was followed by some great case studies from Your Move Champions: Amy Ham (Lakelands Primary), Elaine Lewis (Coolbinia Primary) and Arlene Yates (Warnbro Primary), who each talked about the different ways they've incorporated Your Move into the fabric of their school communities. It was really enlightening to see that everyone, in their own way, pushed the same key message - "start with baby steps and build from there".

The Forum was a great way to wrap up our 2018 events and we're really looking forward to announcing the winner of the 'Get Your Move On Competition' before planning starts for what promises to be a fantastic 2019!

Forum 567 - Jane Presenting.jpg
Forum 588 - Planes 1.jpg
Forum 578 - mind map.jpg

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Carol-Ann Prinsloo
Your Move Schools Team

New Activities Added!

The Your Move Schools team have added two great activities for your school to get involved with.


Travel on Transperth

Many of our wonderful Your Move schools have already discovered how Transperth can offer a low-cost, eco-friendly way to travel to your excursion destination. Travelling on Transperth is a great way to explore your local community and beyond. Taking students on public transport also presents a great teaching opportunity as students can learn through guidance how to safely and confidently navigate buses, train and ferries thus developing important lifelong skills.

If you are keen to try using Transperth for your next outing, we have developed an easy step by step resource to making it happen.


Constable Care Safety School Excursion

Why not combine travel on Transperth with a visit to the fantastic Constable Care Safety School! Take your students on a road safety excursion to the Constable Care Safety School and experience a best-practice excursion destination for children aged 4-11 years.

At the Safety School students are given the opportunity to practice dealing with road and transport hazards in a safe and realistic urban environment. As students navigate the Safety School as both cyclists and pedestrians, it is a great opportunity to improve the skills required for engaging in active transport on their travel to and from school.

Visit the Constable Care Safety School to learn more and for details on how to book.

Don’t forget to write a story about your visit to the Safety School, linking to this activity to earn 50 points!

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David (Your Move) Paddon
Your Move Schools Team

Your Move Schools Forum - Building a Your Move School Team

The Your Move schools team is excited to announce our final forum for 2018… and it’s going to be a ripper!

Building a Your Move School Team: Lessons from People Who Have will give you all the tools and inspiration you need to start planning an amazing team for your 2019 Your Move program.

“I don’t have enough time to run Your Move on my own” - this is the number one piece of feedback we receive from our Your Move School Champions… so, we’re here to say, “We hear you, and you don’t have to do it alone!”

This forum will help school champions engage the wider school community to build an effective school team to help share the load, run events and develop a culture of sustainable, active travel at your school. You will come away with some great new ideas on how to engage others and discover how to build momentum in an established Your Move program or how to create a new Your Move program that is fun, appealing and inclusive.

The forum will feature a guest presentation from local engagement expert Dr Jane Genovese and case studies delivered by existing Your Move Champions on how they made the Your Move program work effectively in their school using school teams.

Click here for event registration.

forum details.PNG

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Connecting Schools Grants now OPEN!


Were very excited to announce that all schools participating in the Your Move program across WA now have access to $20,000 in Connecting Schools Grants to upgrade bike infrastructure or run bike education courses at their school, making it easier for kids to get to and from school more actively! 

The Department of Transport’s (DoT) 2018/19 Connecting Schools Grants have now been integrated into the Your Move program and are now accessible on the Rewards Shop of the website to make the grant process a whole lot easier. The 100% funded grants are between $750 - $5,000 and can be used by schools to fund bike parking, bike education, wayfinding signage and even bike repair stations.

Who can obtain a Connecting Schools Grant?

To be eligible, schools must be using the Your Move program to promote active travel to and from school and reach accreditation of Silver or higher to obtain a Connecting Schools Grant.

See the Connecting Schools resource page for more details

What types of grants are available?

There are three levels of grants and 18 different packages available in 2018/19. Your school’s accreditation level unlocks a corresponding level of grant. For example, if your school has reached Silver accreditation this will unlock the Small Grant valued at up to $750. If your school has reached Platinum accreditation, your school could apply for a Small, Medium or Large Grant.

See the Connecting Schools resource page for more details

How do eligible Schools apply for a Connecting Schools Grant?

Connecting Schools Grants can be obtained through the Rewards Shop on the Your Move website. Applying for a Connecting Schools Grant will not impact your school’s redeemable points balance. Unlike previous years, schools will not be required to fill out a separate Connecting Schools application form.  

  • Eligible schools can only apply for one Connecting Schools grant per year between July 24 2018 to December 31 2018.
  • The Connecting School Grants will not affect a schools’ redeemable points which have been accumulated on the Your Move website.
  • Schools can ‘Top up’ their grant with their Your Move ‘Redeemable points’ balance

For more information, feel free to comment below, go to the Connecting Schools Grants page on the Your Move website, or call us on 08 6551 6040.



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Justine (Your Move) Smith

We can now Save Drafts of Stories!

Good morning Your Move Champs.

In a recent website update, you are now able to save a story you are working on to come back to it later. Please note that if you are adding a document, you do still need to attach it before you hit Save.

There is a new "Save to Draft button at the bottom of the Tell your story page, which saves it to the Manage Stories page, under "Stories pending your approval", and then click 'edit' to approve and post the story.

We hope that you like it! Tell us what you think in the comments, or send us an message directly to The screen grabs below should help to explain as well.

Capture 1 20180403 Save as Draft.PNG
Capture 2 20180403 Save as Draft.PNG

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James (Your Move) Peart

Keep the inspiration flowing!

drag bike.JPG

As some of our school members may have seen my name popping up in comments on your stories, I thought it was about time I introduced myself. Since last fortnight I have been reviewing schools' Your Move stories and giving bonus points where your activities or story content go beyond the minimum.

Many of you will recognise me from previous years on the TravelSmart program. I'm really excited to now be steaming ahead with you all on Your Move Schools.

So next time you post a detailed story with a great activity, innovative ideas, reflective learning, impressive changes in active transport, useful documents or inspiring student content you can be sure that shortly after you'll hear from me about the bonus points you have earned!

Looking forward to hearing all your updates!

PS - if anyone is wondering about my photo, please note the bike is on a stand and locked down, hence my rather unimpressive head protection!

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David Paddon

Pump up your tyres! March 23 is Ride2School Day

With more than 2,000 schools and 350,000 students taking part each year, National Ride2School Day is the perfect opportunity for every school community to leave their cars at home and embrace a healthier start to the day by riding and walking to school. It's also a great day for kids to learn and practice bike riding skills in a safe and fun way.

The Bike Network have some excellent resources available for download, including a poster and tally chart for a hands up survey, along with an infographic with great information to get your class talking about active travel.

An excellent time for a Your Move activity

Boost your schools' Your Move activity points on Ride2School Day by running an event from your activity list.

Check out our Guide to Running an Event at Your School and choose from a range of excellent options like the Obstacle Course Activity.

Other ideas include:

•Healthy bike breakfast
•Bike dress-up competition (pictured above)
•Slow bike race
•Bonus faction points for students who cycle, scoot or walk on event day.

Don't forget to add your events to your activity list to receive Your Move points!

1.Add the event to your activity list
2.Write a story about it on your school profile
3.Tick off the activity as 'completed' when posting your story
4.Receive your points




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Emma Jack
Your Move Schools Team

2017 highlights – Rockingham is leading the way

Our first year as Your Move Schools was a busy one. We launched our new award winning website, had a brilliant Your Move unwrapped workshop in April and over the year 28 schools joined the website and got active. Over the year participating schools posted 239 stories, up from from 159 in 2016.

The 2017 leader board was topped by three stalwarts of the program, all achieving Double Platinum status, which is no easy feat.

A drumroll for the top schools please, in order of achievement:

1. Warnbro Primary
2. Coolbinia Primary
3. Baldivis Secondary College

Read on below to hear about their awesome efforts that put them at the top of the leaderboard.

Congratulations to all of the Your Move Schools that received accreditation in 2017 – we hope you proudly celebrate your achievements with the whole community! Check out the full list of legends.

Warnbro’s student team continue to be a leading force in all Your Move activity. Guided by Year 6 teacher Betty Riley and community Road Safety Advocate and mentor Arlene Yates, both have worked with students to embed active travel leadership into the annual opportunities for senior students. Nearly 60 per cent of the students have Star Cards which are punched to reward active travel. The Walk Around Australia resource and random raffle ticket days were also used to motivate participation.

Every week the students conduct a Hands Up Travel Survey to monitor how each class is tracking throughout the year. There were a range of special events were held throughout the year, a highlight was the Decorate Your Wheels competition. The school also hosted bike education and RAC Little Legends incursions. Warnbro love their bike racks redeemed online using Your Move points.

One of Warnbro’s lessons to share from 2017 was to enrol more volunteers for their epic whole school event – Ride Run Obstacle Fun during BikeWeek in March. Inspired? Check out Your Move’s Obstacle Course tips.

warnbro walk safe to school.jpg

The Your Move team proudly wear their official t-shirts!

The Coolbinia Primary student team rotates each term through every member of year 6, mentored by cross curriculum coach Elaine Lewis. The school also holds a weekly Fume Free Friday promotion. Your Move team leaders hand out raffle tickets and stickers to those who have chosen active transport to get to school. Students win gift vouchers, shoe pets, and wrist bands. They also award prizes for most improved class. A highlight for the year was crazy hair day for one Fume Free Friday. The school also hosted a number of events in 2017 including People on Bicycles bike education, RAC Little Legends, Cycle Safe and the Bike Dr. Students in a Design & Technology class loved role playing City Planners as they built a model city and identified key Active Transport messages in the process. The student team use a PMI chart learning technique to review program and event effectiveness.

coolbinia car free day.jpg

Leading the example for secondary schools in WA is Baldivis Senior College. The Your Move Green Team student leaders comprise of representatives from year 7 through to 12, mentored by science teacher Jessica Truss, joined by Sustainability Project Manager, Tim Hill. The team runs regular Footprint Friday events. Check out the excellent series of posts on event planning for some great tips. Last year the team piloted their first workshop to a local primary school – practicing their leadership skills and helping primary students in their transition to high school. Thanks to the assistance of City of Rockingham, the school was able to plan and prepare an exciting Wayfinding signage project that adds colour and fun to the school commute. Jess’ tip to you is be organised with your schedule of official school notices for Your Move events.

Baldivis stencils project team.jpg

Baldivis stencil project team

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Emma Jack
Your Move Schools Team

Congratulations to 2017 accredited schools

Congratulations to all of the Your Move Schools that received accreditation in 2017 – we hope you proudly celebrate your achievements with the whole community!

Double Platinum
Warnbro Primary
Coolbinia Primary
Baldivis Secondary College

Willeton Primary
Albany Primary
Victoria Park Primary

Great Southern Grammar
Ursula Frayne Catholic Primary
Piara Waters Primary

Beaumaris Primary School

Mount Lockyer Primary School

Phoenix Primary School

St Augustine Primary School

West Leederville Primary School

Charthouse PS

Craigie Heights Primary School

Forest Crescent Primary School

Inglewood Primary School

Kyilla Primary School

Millen Primary School

North Perth Primary School

Notre Dame Catholic Primary School

Padbury Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's College

St. Benedict's School

Ursula Frayne Catholic College (Secondary)

Westminster ESC Winterfold Primary School

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Georgia Scott
Your Move Schools Team

Hands Up Travel Survey Week is February 12 – 16 (Week 3 of Term One)

Make sure you submit the Your Move Schools’ Hands Up Travel Survey and receive 50 points for a valid survey of all students present from Years 1-9 on survey day.

We recommend planning ahead and scheduling alerts in staff’s calendars, draft email reminders, or any other preferred means of getting staff on-board and ready to take part in the survey.

The Hands Up Travel Survey is the only request we make of schools involved in the Your Move program and the data collected is essential for the ongoing provision of the Your Move program.

A valid survey means:

- One response each from all students from Years 1-9 on survey day

- All classrooms are surveyed on the same date

- Results reflect a normal school day – students are not alerted in advance

New hands up survey tool for high schools and large primary schools:

If you have trouble getting the Hands Up Travel Survey completed in one day, you may prefer to schedule in an official time in the school day (eg Homeroom), for all teachers to complete the survey using an individual class online form. Multiple surveys can be conducted at exactly the same time. If you would like to try this method, email the Your Move team for a copy of the new Google form. Afterwards the Your Move Champion will need to enter the results into the official form at Your Move website.

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Georgia Scott
Your Move Schools Team

The more you burn the better you learn

At the Your Move Schools 2017 End of Year Forum, Dr Nichola Ridgers, Senior Research Fellow at Deakin University’s Institute of Physical Activity & Nutrition, provided some great information.

nicky and presenters.jpg

Here are three fabulous facts to take away:

1. Children who travel actively to school are more likely to be active for the rest of the day
[Cooper et al (2003) AJPM].

2. Dr Ridgers shared a USA community health campaign slogan worth adopting - “the more they burn the better they learn”.

Kids who perform better in school are more likely to be physically active on a regular basis. Adding physical activity to the school day can not only keep kids healthy, but also increase attention, behaviour and positive attitudes leading to improved academic performance. Check out the resources – perfect for your next newsletter.

more they burn.png (3)

3. Being active for the school commute burns more energy than a two hour physical education class:

active travel graph.png

Dr Ridgers is leading a program of research that focuses on understanding physical activity and sedentary behaviour patterns, and evaluating interventions designed to increase activity levels in children and adolescents. She is a member of the Active Healthy Kids Australia Research Working Group and thoroughly enjoys her bicycle commute to work.

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Emma Jack
Your Move Schools Team

2018 calendar resources

These two calendar resources list key Your Move and active travel dates over 2018.

Get ready for a year of cycling, walking and eco events by planning ahead. Schedule alerts in staff calendars, send reminder emails and organise a PA announcement for upcoming events.

Let's make it a great year for active transport and the many benefits it brings to our communities.


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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

5 Life lessons inspired by riding a bicycle

This is a great little article that we found on the People with Bikes Blog entitled "5 Life lessons inspired by riding a bicycle". It's all about life lessons inspired by riding and teaching people how to ride a bike. Have a quick look... it's quite enlightening.

5 Life lessons inspired by riding a bicycle




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Emma Jack
Your Move Schools Team

Zero points, but balance remaining to spend in 2018?

Our apologies for any confusion surrounding your points expiry dates! The site is being amended to accurately report... that your 2017 accrued points will expire in December 31, 2018.

Did you know that your organisation has two types of points tallies?

1. Current Points Balance
This is the balance you see when you go to the Shop to redeem your points for rewards.

Points expire 12 months or more after they are earned.

2. Annual leaderboard points
Each year schools compete on the leaderboard as they earn their accreditations for Bronze and above.

At the end of each calendar year these points return to zero and reset on January 1st - ready for a new year of challenge and achievement.


Stickers recognising your highest level of achievement in 2017 will be posted early in 2018.

If this is the first year your school has been awarded a Your Move accreditation, you will also be contacted about installing a large metal Your Move sign - to proudly display out the front of the school.


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Emma Jack
Your Move Schools Team

How do you get the word out about Hands Up Survey Week?

February 12 – 16, aka Week 3 of Term One is the official start-of-year Hands Up Survey Week.

This is when Your Move Schools submit a ‘Hands Up Travel Survey’ and receive 50 points for a valid survey.

We recommend planning ahead and schedule in alerts in staff calendars, draft your email reminders, PA announcement requests or preferred means of getting staff on-board and ready to survey.

But this Summer, we want to know - how do you get the word out? What are your tips for a smooth whole-school experience? Comment below by January 14 - best response receives 20 bonus points!

Valid start and end of year travel surveys are the sole requirement for eligibility to redeem rewards in the Your Move Schools program. This means:

· All classrooms are surveyed on the same date

· Results reflect a normal school day – students are not alerted in advance

· At Primary Schools – include every student present on survey day in classrooms Year One and above

· At Secondary Schools - include every student present on survey day in classrooms Year Seven to Nine

This start and end of year data is essential to the continuation of the program. Rather than anytime in Terms One and Four, we now two official Survey Weeks each year – this greatly improves the value of the results.

At Your Move Schools we love data! The information you collect through Hands Up Surveys helps us to see the impact of Your Move on the ground and improve the program. We really appreciate the efforts of our Champions to capture this base-line data at the start of the year.

Importantly, by recording how students are coming to school at the beginning of the year, Champions then have a point of comparison for future Hands Up Surveys, and can use the data to track the impact of activities on travel behaviour. Understanding if particular activities are inspiring some groups of students and not others is useful for future planning, so that schools can tailor Your Move to suits their particular needs.

So please pop Week 3 put it in your school calendar and have a great New Year!

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Georgia Scott
Your Move Schools Team

How to Link Activities to Stories to Earn More Points, Faster

We want to give you points for the activities you complete! To make sure you get those points, you must ensure you have linked an Activity to the story you are writing. Here’s how to do that:

1. Log in to your organisation’s account, or sign up and create one for your workplace or school. You will be automatically directed to your Dashboard.

log in.PNG

2. At the top of the page, right in the middle, you’ll see the Activities tab. Click on that.

activities tab.PNG

3. You’ll see your list of Activities, which is basically a To-Do list to plan for the months ahead.

Activities list.PNG

4. See if the activity you want to write a story about is there. If it is, great. If not, you can add an activity by navigating to the bottom of the page and selecting either

Add your own activity

add your own activity.PNG


Add one from our list of suggestions

list of suggestions.PNG

5. Select your choice of activity and then click Add this activity

6. You will see the activity is now on your to-do list, and you are now ready to write your story.

7. Navigate to the Stories tab, at the top of the page and click on it.

stories tab.PNG

8. To write a new story, click on Write story (on the right, bright yellow button).

Write story.PNG

9. To make sure you don’t forget, before you write your story, navigate to the bottom of the page and find the question Is this the first story about an activity you’ve just completed?

breakfast event.PNG

10. Select Yes.

11. Underneath, select which activity this story is related to from the drop-down list. The options should match those you saw earlier in your Activities list.

12. You have now linked the activity to the story you are about to write!

13. Follow the instructions to write your story as per the instructions here.

And you’re good to go!

Remember, while you can do activities as often as you like, you’ll only earn points for each activity completed once per term (though you’ll always get some points for posting stories!).

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara
Your Move Schools Team

Happy End of Year Survey Week!

HUS Capture.PNG

Well, can you believe it's Term Four already?...

As well as being World Kindness Day, World Orphans Day, International Actors Day and National Indian Pudding Day.. It's the inaugural Your Move End of Year Survey Week, so make sure you get out there and survey your school's classes to see how kids are travelling to school.

We've actually added this as a special 'Highlighted Activity' on your activities page as it's so important to end the year with a whole of school survey so that you can compare how your school progressed though the school year.

Follow these important tips to get the most out of your end of year survey:
- Survey the whole school (you don't need to record Kindies)
- Choose a non-event day
- Don't forewarn students about the survey (to record the normal way they get to school)

As soon as the survey is complete, you'll have access to a great visual report and excel file of the data.

So what are you waiting for? Complete your End of Year Hands Up Survey today!

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Rachael Mackey
Your Move Schools Team

End of Year Forum: Why Getting Active Makes Us Feel So Good


Wednesday November 22, 9.15am - 1.30pm at 140 William St Perth

Your Move Schools, Workplaces & Local Governments networks are coming together to wrap up the year with some excellent guest speakers.

Department of Transport invites you to:

• Be inspired by professional guest speakers illuminating why your efforts to increase physical activity are so valuable
• Find out how to get your school free Bike Education in 2018
• Learn how to leverage the new website to your advantage
• Influence the next stages of functionality with your feedback
• Connect with friends and Your Move network colleagues over a delicious lunch

Guest speakers featured at the forum will be:

• Nicky Ridgers, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN) at Deakin University. Nicky will be reminding you of the ripple effects of your work and sharing learnings from active travel report cards.
• Graeme Hartnett of Price Waterhouse and Coopers will help us make the case to management for workplace health and wellbeing including the benefits of active travel.
• Tash Butcher from Corporate Bodies International will run us through 5 fun and useful strategies to increase physical activity in the workplace.
We look forward to sharing this packed day of professional development workshops with you.

Reserve your free place now and email an invoice for $400+gst to claim teacher relief - first in best dressed.

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Rachael Mackey
Your Move Schools Team

Celebrating WINS with Tracey Roberts

17 11 Tracey W.jpg (1)

Tracey Wilkinson, P&C President and Your Move Champion at Willeton Primary was jumping for joy when she found out they won the Get Online with Your Move competition.

Willetton PS won a wopping 1,000 points (aka $1,000+ worth of rewards) simply by being the lucky Your Move school drawn out of a hat on Car Free Day 2017. We asked Tracey a few questions to celebrate her leadership and achievements at Willetton Primary.

What made you get Willetton Primary involved with Your Move?
I wanted to learn how to support and encourage our school community to choose active transport options over their cars.

Why do you think it's important to encourage kids to walk, ride or scoot to school?
From personal experience, I know that the more time my children are outside being active the happier and healthier they are. Active children are healthier, happy children learn better; there's really no down-side! It still amazes me that even just a 10 minute walk to school can settle the "hurry-up-we-are-going-to-be-late" morning stress for all of us. I hope that we're establishing habits so our children's first instinct is to walk or ride rather than jump in the car for short trips.

What do you think stops people from walking, riding or scooting to school more often?
Every family's situation is different but many parents drop children at school and then drive straight to work. I'd love to do an experiment to test how much time this saves though! I have a hypothesis that riding to school and then back home before driving to work would take barely more time than maneuvering through the school car park congestion AND see you arrive at your destination a bit happier for the exercise!

What do you think you will 'spend' your 1000 bonus points on?
We'd love to have some dedicated scooter racks at the school and perhaps organise the bike education classes we have been discussing for 2 years now! Willetton Primary assembly item where students ‘walked’ along to "500 miles" by the Proclaimers and Nancy Sinatra’s "These boots are made for walkin".

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara
Your Move Schools Team

Is parental fear a barrier to children walking & cycling to school?


Here's an interesting article about cool article about encouraging children’s independent travel. Research shows that children who are able to play and travel without an adult and those who walk or cycle to school are more likely to meet Australian physical activity guidelines, according to findings from research that investigated the role that parental fear plays in shaping children’s independence and physical activity, the first of its kind in Australia.

The three-year study (2012 to 2015) was initiated and funded by VicHealth and commissioned to La Trobe University and the Parenting Research Centre addressed a gap in evidence, if parental fear is a barrier to children’s independence and getting enough physical activity. Just one in five Australian children is physically active for the recommended one hour each day. It included a survey of more than 2000 parents of children aged nine to 15 from across Victoria.

A practical guide to help parents to support children to safely travel and play outside independently as they grow is also available to download. How to help your kids get around safely on their own offers tips to parents on how to help your child travel safely from dependence to independence.

Read more here

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Emma Jack
Your Move Schools Team

Your Move Schools 2017 End of Year Forum

Theme: Why Getting Active Makes Us Feel So Good

Your Move Schools, Workplaces & Local Governments networks are coming together to wrap up the year with some excellent guest speakers, soon to be announced.

Department of Transport invites you to:

  • Be inspired by professional guest speakers illuminating why your efforts to increase physical activity are so valuable
  • Find out how to get your school free Bike Education in 2018
  • Learn how to leverage the new website to your advantage
  • Influence the next stages of functionality with your feedback
  • Connect with friends and Your Move network colleagues over a delicious lunch

We look forward to sharing this packed day of professional development workshops with you.


Reserve your free place now and email an invoice for $400+gst to claim teacher relief - first in best dressed.

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Kids bike sales fall raising health alarm for Aussie schools

2013Family riding their bikes .jpg

The Cycling Promotion Fund this week reported that sales of children’s bicycles have hit a new low leading to concerns that Australian children are not active enough to ensure their long term health and well-being.

Sales of children’s bicycles reported by the industry fell 22% in the decade to 2017, from 492,000 in 2007-8 to 382,000. These are the lowest figures since 2003-04 when 431,000 children’s bicycles were sold. More details are available in their article pointing to a crisis of physical inactivity. 

In response SBS reported that this raises a health alarm and that “VicHealth Principal Adviser Dr Lyn Roberts says Australian children are some of the most "chauffeured" in the world and this must change.”

Meanwhile The West celebrated a Your Move School bucking the trend: West Leederville Primary.

So congratulations to all of you for being an agent of change in an increasingly inactive and fear driven culture! Your leadership ripples out into the community.

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Jenny Hawkes

New Reward - Student Leadership Polo Shirts!

This story is related to Start a student team

Do you have a fabulous Your Move Student Leadership Team?


Recognise their efforts by supplying them with unique Your Move polo shirts! These breathable polo shirts can be worn for assemblies, event days or anything else Your Move related. These Your Move polo shirts are now available as a reward for just 24 points each in sizes 8, 10 and 12.

Don't forget that Student Leaders can also have their own website login that basically operates in draft mode. This means that you can encourage students to write their own stories within your school's profile and you can then proof read and edit before publishing. If you need assistance in setting them up as Contributors, contact us at

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

Safety School bookings now open!

Safety School.jpg

Interested schools can now book online to visit WA's most exciting outdoor primary school excursion destination; the Constable Care Safety School! The brand-new Safety School uses a combination of scale model buildings, bike paths, fully-functional rail and pedestrian crossings and gaming-style augmented reality to teach children life-saving road safety skills. Best of all, the Safety School is a best-practice simulated-risk environment and all lessons link to the WA School Curriculum.

By taking key road safety messages out of the classroom and onto (safe) streets, this experiential learning opportunity helps keep WA kids safe and it's also a whole lot of fun!

Click here to book now for Term 4

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Trevor (Your Move) Buckenara

A big hello!


Hi everyone!

I just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Trevor Buckenara, (that's me behind Katy), but you can call me Trev. I've recently joined Katy, Emma and Jenny in the fantabulous Your Move Schools team. For the last few years I've been project managing the website roll-out of both this site and the previous one built for the Your Move Wanneroo project. So it's pretty exciting to see our little creation finally coming to life and bursting with inspiring stories and conversations.

I love working in the Your Move team as I've had the privilege to see first hand how it's changed many peoples lives for the better. That's a pretty cool job when your can come to work and do that with a bunch of innovative, creative, passionate, like minded souls like we have here!

Your Move (and TravelSmart before it) has been such innovative programs for many years, but none of it would be possible without all of our amazing and inspiring school, workplace & local government champions.

I'm really looking forward to getting out and meeting as many of you as possible over the next few months and working with you all on the shared goal of getting more kids and parents out of their cars and walking, riding a bike or scooting to school.

(If you haven't seen it before, check out this cute little animation below that describes what we do and how much impact we've all been having for so many years).





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Jenny Hawkes

Sign of the Times!

Schools will soon be receiving activity medallion stickers for 2016 ranging from Bronze through to Double Platinum. This sticker represents the highest level achieved by your school last year and will take pride of place on the first circle of your shiny new Your Move Schools sign!

Once you have your sticker in place, take a photo of your new sign complete with the medallion and your School Champions and share it with us.

Set your school a goal to achieve the next level up in 2017!


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Katy Suan

Walk Safely to School Day - 19 May 2017

Now in its 18th year, National Walk Safely to School Day is an annual celebration event where all primary school aged children are encouraged to walk safely to school. Schools can register at to take part and receive a free promotional kits containing posters, stickers and information.

This term 2 celebration day on the 19th May encourages parents and carers to walk to school and reinforce safe pedestrian behaviour, it promotes the health benefits of walking and inspires a regular walking habit from an early age.

We'd love to see your school's event plans in the lead up to WSTSD and some stories on how you celebrated, who took part and how you will continue to encourage your whole school to walk to school for the trip to school.

Kyilla stills 027.jpg

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Katy Suan

New Your Move tear drop banners!

Are you planning an event day at your school?

We have some bright and colourful tear drop banners that are available for schools to borrow for event days - pictured here at St Augustine Primary School for National Ride 2 School Day this term.

Please get in touch with the Your Move team at least 2 weeks before your event to book a pair of banners so we can organise collection or delivery.

YM St Augs small1 photo permissions provided.jpg
YM St Augs small9 photo permissions provided.jpg

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Katy Suan

National Ride 2 School Day!

It's nearly here! National Ride 2 School Day! What is your school doing to celebrate? National Ride2School Day is the flagship event for the Ride2School program and Bicycle Network. With more than 2,000 schools and 350,000 students taking part each year, it's a day for celebration.

National Ride2School Day is the perfect opportunity for every school community to ditch the car and embrace a healthier start to the day by riding and walking to school. Don't forget that National Ride2School Day is more just a day, it can be done everyday. This video provides some of the great highlights from last year.

The Your Team would love to see your short video clip posted to your profile page - its easy - click on the 'add media' button when you are posting a story, then click on the 'video' icon and either drag a video file across or cut and paste the url link from your YouTube account.

If you get stuck, let us know so we can give you a hand! Happy riding everyone.

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Katy Suan

Let's go by train!

Monday saw a great and epic adventure for two classes of students from St Dominics Primary School, Innaloo. Intrepid travellers from Year 3 and Year 4 met at Stirling Train Station to travel to Fremantle to visit the Maritime Museum and tour the Ovens Submarine! Mr Bovell, Year 4 teacher, had decided to coordinate the trip with Transperth instead of organising a hire bus.

Mr Bovell said that travelling on trains was a great experience for the students - for some of whom it was their first trip on public transport in Perth - and had been about $80 in comparison to about $200 for private bus hire. This meant that the children could go on more excursions throughout the year and no costs were passed on to parents, the P&C kindly funded this trip.

These young commuters travelled with great enthusiasm on two trains their and back, enjoyed walking through the underground, counting down the stations on the network map in the carriages and chatting to other passengers!

The Transperth Education Team who provide 'Get on Board' run a variety of great incursions and excursions that primary schools can access for free that provide great information to inspire confidence in children using our great local public transport network. For more information head to

perth underground.jpg
On a train.jpg

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Bronwyn Neville

NewsFlash - Schools

mum and kids pic.jpg

James Lush to host 'Your Move Unwrapped'

We are pleased to announce that James Lush will be hosting our premier network event on Wednesday April 5 2017. Have you booked your place yet?

The Schools, Workplaces and Local Government program champions will be coming together for a packed day of professional development workshops.

James has been checking out the new website and is looking forward to sharing the day with you all.

James says “I’m passionate about seeing more people cycling and less people driving. Being extremely concerned about our environment and what we’re doing to the planet, I do all I can to encourage cycling and in particular getting our youngsters out on their bikes. All three of my children are big on cycling - the 11 year old twins cycle to school every day and have encouraged many of their friends to do the same. Adding some sort of reward to the mix can only be a good idea.”

Paid Teacher Relief

Your Move is offering $375 in paid teacher relief to assist a limited number of teachers to attend this event. Invoices must be provided before 1 June to

Register for Your Move Unwrapped 


National Ride to School Day

Half the wheels, twice the fun.

Get some gears turning by celebrating National Ride to School Day on Friday March 17. Register with the Bicycle Network and check out our handy special event guide . We look forward to checking out your photos at

Best 1 minute (or under) video wins an Oscar… or… well definitely 50 bonus points to spend in the flash new rewards shop. Be sure to get your annual baseline Hands Up travel survey completed before your Ride to School Day event!

Hands Up Survey

Term 1 Hands up Surveys need to be completed by the Friday 7 April. Check out our new website to register and complete your survey online.

2017 Calendar Planner

We have a new calendar for 2017 which has important dates for events, activities and grants available for download . Email us at if you have issues downloading it.

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Katy Suan

Famous Sharron Loves Bike Week

Famous Sharron has just released her first music clip - the Bike Week song 'Going Round'. We know this is going to be the hit of 2017, just listen and see for yourself!

Famous Sharron or 'Shaz' for short, is very famous for absolutely nothing at all and loves to show off her hot pink outfit whilst cruising the streets on her bike. Shaz will be out and about during Bike Week - check out the calendar at to see what's on offer!

We'd love to see your short video clip (30 to 60 seconds) on what you have been up to during Bike Week at your school, workplace or local community!

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Katy Suan
Your Move Schools Team

New Your Move Stickers for Schools!

The Your Move team here at Department of Transport have been busy getting our creative hats on and updating some of our reward items with great new designs - items like new badges, tattoo's and stickers.

Our office is buzzing with excitement this morning as the first lot of stickers have arrived. We hope you love the three new designs and that your students love them as much as we do!

They'll be available on the online store shortly for you to place your orders - a roll of 250 stickers will be able to be ordered for 20 points.

They are a great reward item to recognise students who are active for their trip to school for event days and as a surprise reward on non event days too. Student leaders standing at school entrances with these little treats will create a buzz and encourage active trips more often.

YM Schools Stickers.JPG

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Emma Jack
Your Move Schools Team 101

Congratulations! You made it into the new website!

Would you like some assistance orientating to the new site and brand? Then bring your tablet or laptop and come visit us at 140 William St Perth on Wednesday February 22 at 1.30pm.

  • Create a School (organisation) profile
  • Upload your latest Hands Up Travel Survey results
  • Write a Story
  • Link your Story to a completed Activity goal
  • Troubleshoot any issues you are having

Register your place here

YOuMOve 101.jpg

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Emma Jack
Your Move Schools Team

Your Move Unwrapped

Your premier TravelSmart network event for 2017 …& all questions answered!

Join Department of Transport in ushering in a new era of active travel change-making and celebrate the new Your Move brand for Workplaces, Schools & Local Government programs.

It will be a great opportunity to:

  • Understand the changes taking place
  • Learn how to leverage the new website to your advantage
  • Identify how your organisation can utilise the Your Move brand

 We look forward to sharing this essential briefing and professional development workshop with you on Wednesday April 5.

 Register for the event here 


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