Bike Week: Bike Dr. Pop-up

Emma Fensom
City of Swan

As part of Bike Week at the City of Swan, we held a Bike Dr. Pop-up Session for staff to come down during their lunch break and receive bike checks, servicing and advice. We had a wide range of riders; from regular cyclists to those getting back into it (now with kids on board!) and even a couple of electric bikes in the mix. Overall, it was a hugely successful and worthwhile event, we all got a lot out of it. A huge thanks to the Bike Dr. for helping us at Swan feel safe, empowered and confident to ride to work with comfort, ease and style.

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Kylie (Your Move)

Hi Emma, Sounds like a great way to celebrate Bike Week and help people to get back on their bikes! Glad it was a success. You have earned 50 activity points for hosting a Bike Dr Pit-Stop. We think this is such a valuable activity its also available in our shop to purchase with Your Move points.

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