Please note: This example refers to the TravelSmart program, which is now merged with the Your Move program through which we continue to support workplace action.

“We were merging three offices into one and knew that the change in parking would be a key issue for our staff. So we thought ‘let’s get on the front foot and support our people through this change’. TravelSmart offered an easy way to access assistance to help our staff understand their transport options and helped make the transition positive for the team.”

- Karen Watts, General Manager Organisational Development and Change


Capricorn provides business services to automotive service firms. The organisation employed about 130 employees in three workplaces in two suburban locations and decided to consolidate operations in an office within West Perth. Employee commuting was recognised as an important issue in managing the transition to the new office. At the former offices free car parking was available for all staff but a small proportion would have parking at the new workplace.


Measures to promote travel alternatives to employees were identified through a workshop with ‘change champions’ for the relocation project facilitated by TravelSmart. Actions implemented included:

  • Producing a workplace access guide showing public transport and cycle access to the new location
  • Running an orientation activity where staff worked in teams to find public transport stops, shops and other amenities within walking distance of the new workplace
  • Providing staff who would not have car parking at the new site with a SmartRider card and credit for fares (up to $600 over time after the move)
  • Providing end of trip facilities at the new workplace, including secure bicycle store and showers, change rooms and personal lockers
  • Introducing charges for employees with car parking allocated at the new office


  • Employee surveys before and after the relocation found that commuting mode choice shifted from predominantly car (76% commutes solo by car at suburban sites) to public transport (61% after move). Commuting by bicycle and on foot also increased.
  • Most employees indicated that they used the information and support for travel options that was provided around the time of the move. Many staff members used the SmartRider card provided and took part in a public transport information session.
  • A shift in commute mode choice was to be expected given changes in car parking and improved public transport access, however the TravelSmart initiatives implemented by Capricorn arguably amplified mode shift. These were seen by the organisation as important in ‘looking after’ employees through the transition to the new workplace.

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