TripGo is a trip planner that calculates the door to door journey options for easy comparison and then works out how much Co2 each option would use.
You can plan a trip from door to door using public transport, taxi, car, motorcycle, bicycle and walking. This includes combinations, such as taking a taxi or driving to the train station.

This app is a ripper for anyone who lives in the Perth metro area and who uses public transport and wants to see how much carbon they are saving by using public transport or active transport (a bike or your feet). Pretty cool to show your friends & family as a visual way to change the way they look at catching public transport versus their car.

It’s got heaps of features that we keep on discovering, definitely worth checking out. It's the only app that lets you compare and even combine any (really any!) transport mode like train, bus, taxi, ferry, tram, your own or share car & bike, motorcycle or ride share.

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